Joshua Goldberg – Arrested on Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Tomorrow, September eleventh two thousand fifteen marks a fourteen year anniversary of this false flag inside military job. In America at least the propaganda media whores continue to cover up this false flag event perpetrated by the United States government military. On September nine two thousand fifteen an alleged bomb plot was just coincidentally foiled by Federal Bureau of Insurgents also known as Federal Bureau of Investigation, a terror cell to me.

You see there is vast amount of documentation and proof that the Federal Bureau of Insurgency have staged bomb plots and blamed it on a patsy(s) before. Was this another one of these FBI engineered bombings? Joshua Ryne Goldberg, aged twenty whom lived in Orange Park, Florida allegedly planned on bombing a 9/11 memorial in Kansas City, Missouri on September eleventh two thousand fifteen.

He is being charged with “distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction”. A criminal complaint has been filed by the United States Attorney’s Office. This alleged bomb plotter is facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted.

As is proverbial with the Federal Bureau of Insurgency, Joshua Goldberg was being setup I mean dealing with an anonymous FBI agent. He supposedly gave details on creating a pressure cooker bomb made out of nails, metal, and other shrapnel dipped in rat poison. Federal Bureau of Insurgency also pointed out similarities with the alleged Boston Marathon Bombing, in which a pressure cooker bomb was supposedly used.

Many Americans think that that Boston Bombing was also a false flag inside job. Anyways, according to the FBI Joshua Goldberg claimed he helped inspire a May third two thousand fifteen attack on a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest. Joshua Ryne Goldberg has allegedly been arrested by federal authorities.

You can check out The United States Department of Injustice Immediate Release on this alleged patsy I mean bomb plotter. Also, you read this thirty four page Goldberg Criminal Complaint. Was this another staged Federal Bureau of Investigation event blamed on a patsy?

Was this a real bomb plotter? What was his modis operandi? Perhaps this was a staged event used to perpetuate the 9/11 false flag inside job narrative falsy as a real terrorist attack.