Joseph Pemberton – Found Guilty Causing Jennifer Laude’s Demise

A white United States military terrorist by name of Joseph Pemberton was found guilty December one two thousand fifteen of causing Jennifer Laude’s demise. This active duty military marines terrorist, was deployed in the Philippines. He went on a date with Jennifer Laude allegedly transgendered.

These two allegedly attempted fornication when this white military terrorist then murdered Jennifer. However, two prophylactics were found and supposedly used by Joseph Pemberton. Phillipines officials claim that Joseph was a homosexual that willfully fooled around with a transgendered person and murdered them afterwards.

He was sentenced to six to twelve years in a Phillipino court. Also, he was fined one hundred thirty thousand dollars payable to Jennifer Laude’s familia. This white terrorist also has other fines totalling close to five thousand dollars.

Joseph Pemberton was found guilty of homicide instead of murder. In the Phillippines homicide has reduced sentences in comparison to murder. Joseph claimed he and Jennifer became involved in a physical confrontation.

He claimed that he choked Jennifer in self defense. Perhaps a Phillippines judge agreed by convicting him of homicide instead of murder. This white military terrorist will have to serve his remaining prison sentence in the Phillippines.

Joseph did admit to choking Jennifer Laude, but claimed he did not kill her. This white boy claims Jennifer was still alive when he left a hotel room near a military base in Manila, Phillipines. Adding insult to injury this white ISIS member dunked Jennifer’s head into a toilet bowl and then left.

Two of Pemberton’s United States Marine terrorist colleagues testified that Pemberton told them quoted verbatim:

“I think I killed a he/she.”

Some activists in the Phillippines have demanded the United States remove all their military terrorists from this country. The United States has had a military prescense in the Phillippines since nineteen forty six when this terrorist organization claimed that they were no longer colonizing the Phillipines.