Jerry Sandusky – Convicted Child Molestor Has Pension Reinstated

Jerry Sandusky a white child molestor that was convicted of molesting ten children in two thousand twelve had his pension reinstated. After his conviction and sentencing his Pennsylvania state pension was nullified. However, a seven member judge panel over ruled this action in November of two thousand fifteen.

The Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement Board allowed a thirty day appeals grace period to expire. Jerry Sandusky will begin receiving around sixty thousand fake federal reserve notes annually or four thousand nine hundred monthly. Also, he will receive a little over three years back pay including interest.

This white man is serving thirty to sixty years for sodomizing children. This court order stipulated verbatim:

“Simply because Mr. Sandusky ‘worked collaboratively with’ PSU in his capacity as a leader of The Second Mile does not mean that he worked ‘for’ PSU, nor does the fact that the two entities maintained a strong, mutually beneficial relationship,”

David Clohessy whom works with individuals molested and sodomized by priests was quoted as saying in response to Jerry Sandusky receiving his pension payments:

“In our experience, any privilege, honor, award or payment to a convicted child predator usually rubs victims and their loved ones the wrong way,” Clohessy said. “It’s not just the rubbing salt in the wounds, but our biggest fear is some teenager who might pick up the phone and call 911 about their predator or their coach or their minister will instead say, ‘What’s the use?'”

I guess white privilege has its benefits, pun intended, in the system of white terrorism. Never forget that Jerry Sandusky wrote an autobiography “Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story”, in two thousand one well before he himself was bent over and sodomized by the system perhaps metaphorically speaking. Do you think that a child molestor and pedophile would just accidentally use that word “touched” in a book title?