Jeremy Coomes – Columbus Police Gestapo Faces Six Felony Charges

A white Columbus, Indiana police gestapo terrorist faces a total of six felonies. This white hypocrite stole narcotics and drugs from police evidence. He is thirty eight years old and was arrested Wednesday March thirty two thousand sixteen.

He faces a total of six felonies and four misdemeanors:

* Level Three Felony Methamphetamine Possession
* Level Six Felony Methamphetamine Possession
* Level Six Felony Cocaine Possession
* Level Six Felony Narcotic Drug Possession
* Level Five Felony Theft
* Two Counts Class A Misdemeanor Theft
* Class A Misdemeanor Controlled Substance Possession
* Class B Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession
* Level Six Felony Official Misconduct

All of these shenanigans were accomplished while Jeremy was a police terrorist for Columbus, Indiana police. Missing police evidence caused an alleged investigation to begin in October of two thousand fifteen. This white hypocrite thug was a police gestapo from two thousand five until October of two thousand fifteen when he resigned his position as police terrorist.

He was actually a narcotics supervisor from two thousand eleven until his resignation. During this time he stole drugs and narcotics for personal use. Jeremy has since escaped jail I mean been released via posting ten percent of his seventy five thousand dollar bond.

His initial court date is scheduled for May nine two thousand sixteen. Jeremy faces a maximum total of thirty one years in prison for his felony charges. Additionally, he faces three and one half years for his misdemeanor charges.

He used many different tactics to steal these drugs and narcotics. Some he would replace with different substances. Some he would just not replace at all.

Others he would have documentation destroyed and or tampered. Also, this white clown admitted on October ten two thousand fifteen that he is a drug addict. His case number is 03C01-1603-F3-001831 in Bartholomew County Court in Columbus, Indiana.