Jason Dalton – Suspected Perpetrator of Kalamazoo Michigan Fiasco

A forty five year old white man is a suspected perpetrator of murder of six people on February twenty first two thousand sixteen. Around 5:40 PM local time he shot a female multiple times. She survived but is in serious condition.

Around 10:08 PM he murdered a father and son at a car dealership. Then twenty minutes later at a Cracker Barrel he shot four women killing them all. Also, a fourteen year old girl was injured in critical condition.

This white man Jason Dalton worked for Uber. However, allegedly he passed a background check but did not murder any of his clients. As a matter of fact he actually was on the job in between murders.

Uber responded quoted verbatim:

“We are horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We have reached out to the police to help with their investigation in any way that we can.”

Not only did this white man pick up clients before and during these shootings, but he actually picked up clients after murdering six people. I guess business as usual. One of his customers actually posted on their FaceBook profile complaining about his erratic driving.

However, this FaceBook post has since been removed. A 911 emergency call was supposedly placed complaining of Jason Dalton’s driving behavior. He was arrested early Sunday February twenty first two thousand sixteen.

His arraignment and pending charges are supposedly to occur tomorrow, Monday February twenty second two thousand sixteen. This white man was arrested without confrontation and without being capped by police gestapo. Perhaps this is the case because he was a white man.

Police gestapo claim these shootings were not related and random. There is no word on whether or not any of his victims were armed themselves. Allegedly, he shot these people multiple times as quite a few shell casings were found and some reports of over ten shell casings at each scene.