James Williams – Abuse Students at Chaminade High School?

Another possible perverted white man surfaces in AmeriKKKa. This time their is possibly credibile information proving that white boy James Williams abused a minor student, while president at Chaminade High School, in Long Island, New York. Chaminade is an all boys Catholic high school.

James was president of this indoctrination center, until two thousand eleven, when he resigned his perversion, I mean resigned as president. He made a living from nineteen ninety one until two thousand twelve at this school. He was a member of the Society of Mary also known as The Marianist Order, until May thirteen two thousand sixteen.

This order suspended his duties as a priest, amid credible abuse allegations. This white boy has denied these allegations. This order is allegedly investigating further by submitting this to Holy See for final resolution.

The Nassau County district attorney supposedly has been notified. What is interesting to me is that a potential victim declined to pursue legal charges. The Marianist Order did not notify legal authorities until February two thousand fifteen.

However, statue of limitations had expired, two years prior in two thousand thirteen. James Williams is now living in Rome, Italy. He would have faced misdemeanor sexual abuse.

One victim claimed he was sexually abused in two thousand eleven. However, I noticed one major discrepancy. Some reports claim that this student was legally a minor at time of this white perversion.

Other reports claim that this student was a legal adult at time of this white perversion. James Williams became president of this school in nineteen ninety nine. Chaminade High School is alma mater of Collin Finnerty whom was one of three Duke Lacrosse players charged with kidnapping and raping a dancer in two thousand six.

No word on whether or not James Williams will face any legal charges at this time.