Iraq Occupation – Was 2003 Invasion Based on US Military Lies?

United States policy in Iraq and Life in Iraq under United States military occupation talks given by a Dr. Dahlia Wasfi. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi was born in the United States to an American Jewish mother and an Iraqi Moslem father. She lived in Iraq as a child, returning to the United States at age five.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in nineteen ninety seven. Dr. Wasfi has made two trips to Iraq to visit her extended family since a two thousand and three “Shock and Awe” invasion, including a three month stay in Basrah in spring of two thousand six. She has brought her eyewitness account of life under occupation to the United States, Capitol Hill in District of Columbia, Toronto Canada, Vancouver Canada, Madrid Spain in two thousand seven, and the third International Iraq conference in Berlin, Germany, in March two thousand eight.

Her talk in Austin, Texas covered some devastating effects of the nineteen ninety one Gulf War, some economic sanctions, and a two thousand three invasion and occupation. Dahli Wasfi is a peace activist and critic of American military presence in Iraq. Was the United States military intervention in Iraq justified or based off of deceit, lies, distortion of reality, etc.?

Even former puppet United States President George W. Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with some events of September eleven two thousand one and did not have weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Wasfi has spoken out in support of immediate, without conditional withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and a need to end a current occupation of Iraq. She is currently working on a book that has been put on hold.