HIV Infectious Disease – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Myth

“The Infectious Myth” Shattered by David Crowe interview from a now defunct Right To Redress radio show from March 19th, 2009. Rethinking AIDS and Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society President David Crowe joins Steve Allen and Jason Erb for a discussion of compelling evidence that diseases that are said to be infectious have major non-infectious contributors and may have completely non-infectious causes. Is acquired immune deficiency syndrome also known as AIDS a real infectious disease?

Is it more accurately a made up disease with nefarious purposes instead? Do other health issues cause symptoms of an alleged acquired immune deficiency syndrome? These questions and more were discussed between David Crowe, Jason Erb, and Steve Allen.

Steve Allen is the producer of the movie documentary titled HIV equals AIDS Fact or Fraud. Jason Erb also has years of experience with a Rethinking AIDS organization. While by no means am I a medical doctor or expert, I have questioned an authenticity of an alleged acquired immune deficiency syndrome claim by the CDC also known as the Centers for Disease and Control.

While according to my dogmatic subjective perspective, questioning an official AIDS explanation is still quite controversial in society, I think some traction is being made. I no longer worry about contracting aquired immune deficiency syndrome personally myself. However, I do not give out any medical advice pertaining to an alleged contractible AIDS virus.

Perhaps symptoms related to an alleged AIDS virus are real. However, microbiologists like Peter Duesberg are claiming AIDS cannot be spread as a virus like we have been lead to believe by the United States government military. What is even more disconcerting to me perhaps is some of those prescription medications used to treat AIDS like AZT.

Some of those drugs have toxic like effects. Perhaps AIDS is a myth to get people diagnosed with vague symptoms to get people prescribed toxic cocktails instead. If you want to learn more about a possible AIDS myth you might want to watch a free twenty minute preview of Steve Allen’s HIV Equals AIDS Fact or Fraud documentary.