Harlem Park Middle School – White Teacher Calls Students N Word

Another white girl up to no good in the system of white terror. This time an anonymous white female teacher at Harlem Park Middle School, in Baltimore, Maryland, called her black african students niggers. This white female teacher even grabbed one of these students by their hoodie in a hall.

She has since been fired after this incident took place November seventeen thousand sixteen. Erica Esha Deminds a mother of one of these students uploaded a video of this incident to her FaceBook. Initially this video received three million three hundred thousand views.

She has since deleted this video. Another version of this video received over five million views. This white female Al Qaeda member has since been fired.

However, her name has not been released publicly. Harlem Park Elementary Middle School brain white washes four hundred and four black children as of two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen figures. This white woman went off on a violent savage tirade after she felt she lost control of her students.

Below is her communication or lack there of:

“Get out of my class. You’re idiots! You are all getting zeros for not participating.

You are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot. You’re stupid, you’re stupid. Learn something, be a man.”

Baltimore City Schools claims they only fired this white teacher because one of these videos went viral. This white woman was this schools’ second year eighth grade science teacher. She was hired through Baltimore City Teaching Residency program.

Erica’s son Twon filmed this incident without this white girl’s knowledge. I was not able to obtain real legal name of this white female savage at time of this blog post creation.