Hampshire England – Osama Bin Laden Families Private Jet Crashes

A private jet owned by the Bin Laden family crashed yesterday killing four people. Two of those individuals were Osama Bin Laden’s sister and step mother. This jet was registered in Saudi Arabia.

This plane allegedly crashed when trying to land, as it veered off end of the Blackbushe Airport runway in Hampshire, England. This seven million pounds private jet smashed into an automobile auction named British Car Auction. This plane then exploded after impacting the ground.

This was a Brazilian made Embraer Phenom three hundred. Salem Aviation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia owns this jet. One pilot and three passengers are supposedly dead from this crash.

Saudi Arabia’s embassy passed along condolences to the Bin Laden family. This aircraft was allegedly registered to Salem Aviation in nineteen eighty eight. The same year that Osama Bin Laden’s oldest brother Salem also died in a plane crash, in San Antonio, Texas.

Amazingly enough, Osama Bin Laden’s father Mohammed, died in a plane crash in nineteen sixty seven. These are specifications of a Embraer Phenom three hundred jet:

* Lighter jet aircraft manufactured by Brazilian Embraer
* This plane can hold up to eight passengers including cockpit area
* Wingspan of 15.91 meters or 52 feet 2 inches x 15.64 meters or 51 feet 4 inches
* Can reach four hundred fifty three knots
* Can reach maximum altitude of forty five thousand feet or thirteen thousand seven hundred sixteen meters

This jet supposedly clipped a fence and then smashed into parked automobiles before exploding. No individuals on the ground were injured. Some where around fifteen cars were destroyed on impact.

Local government bureaucrats are investigating this incident. According to some locals, this is not first time a plane has veered of this Blackbushe Airport near London, England. This plane met its demise with exact same registration number HZ-IBN, that was used to register Osama Bin Laden’s father’s plane.