Grand 16 Theater – White Man John Houser Trainwreck Movie Shooter

A fifty eight year old white man is suspected of murdering two move goers at a showing of Trainwreck at the Grand 16 Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana today. One witness claims seeing this man open fire around twenty minutes into this movie that began at 7 PM local central time. Allegedly, after murdering two people he committed suicide.

A total of ten people were shot reportedly. Katie Domingue witnessed what she claimed was “an older white man” shooting at people inside this theater. Later, she escaped with her fiancee through an exit door, leaving her shoes and purse behind.

She claims she did not hear him say anything. Seven people are supposedly injured. Also, authorities have yet to release a gun mans name.

This white gunman was a patron and around one hundred total people were at this theater at time of this incidence. Other local area movie theaters were shutdown as a precaution. Clay Henry vice president of operations for Acadian Ambulance claims a total of eight individuals were transported and two total were pronounced dead on arrival including a gun man.

Three people are in critical condition. Explosive devices in a parking lot were searched for. Names of victims have not been released.

There was a huge police presence as video graphed in some YouTube videos. Jim Craft a white Lafayette Police chief claimed there response time was less than a minute. An amazing response time since on average police terrorists response times are more likely at least five to ten minutes and sometimes much greater.

He claims that four officers entered and engaged this white shooter as he was still firing shots. This chief of terrorists I mean chief of police claimed he knew an identity of this white shooter but did not want to affect integrity of an on going investigation. These police goons decided to close another Grande Theater nearby as precautionary.

Louisiana state police and Federal Bureau of Insurgency is white washing I mean assisting this investigation.

UPDATE: July 23, 2015
White suspect has now been identified as John House