From Poverty to Prosperity

From Poverty to Prosperity: A Ghetto Exit Strategy as a Rite of Passage, by Charles J. Jones, M.A. is a book published on December 17, 2012. This two hundred and eighty page trope, transitions from pointing out detailed honest analysis of many black neighborhoods, to possible solutions combating their problems. What made this book intriguing to me was its blunt analysis coupled with logical steps and solutions to economic problems plaguing people of color.

About the Author

Charles J. Jones is an instructor of Advanced English and Research Methods at George Mason University. As well, Jones is a column writer and motivational orator, focusing on numerous anxieties within black society and the education arena. He attended North Carolina Central University where he earned an undergraduate degreee in English Literature and Writing.

Jones continued his educational journey receiving graduate certifications from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Appalachian State University, and graduating with honors with a post graduate degree in English Language Learner from Ashord University in Clinton, Iowa.

Source: Page two hundred and seventy nine 279

From Poverty to Prosperity

Interestingly enough, each chapter ends with a quiz, there by prompting possible contributions and thought analysis from readers. All too often books are filled with detailed analysis of problems plaguing society. Not only does this book quite efficiently provide detailed analysis of economic woes in black neighborhoods, but it provides detailed analysis of possible solutions.

“Jermaine Jones’ superb book is a courageous and visionary work that provides concrete steps to overcome white supremacy. Don’t miss it!” – Cornel West

Solutions are amiss in a system of racism white supremacy for people of color. Charles Jones’ trope is important reading from my perspective, because it can point out problems caused by racism to those readers that did not comprehend them previously. Think that racism is still problematic in your daily life?

Listen to my interview of Charles J. Jones about this book or better yet get your own copy of From Poverty to Prosperity: A Ghetto Exit Strategy as a Rite of Passage.