Free Energy Forum – Perpetual Motion Motor of Magnets Feasible?

Magnetic perpetual motion generation observations by Rene Meijer. Topics discussed included:

The Finsrud gravito magnetic device analyzed. Inspired by Milkovic is investigated rotation by oscillation for building, testing capacity and mechanics of a self running overunity magnet motor system involving gravity. Testing a possibility of a loop with the Milkovic principle of driving a flywheel with a two phase pendulum.

A successful replication of a perpetual motion magnetic pendulum of George Delk, even though in style of Tinselkoala. Johnson/Mylow replication with a disc of seventy centimeters with a plate of zinc on top of non magnetic material, another configuration is tried. ALME magnet motor replication, originally there were projected neodynium magnets and a slider operating on rollers, we managed with what we had to produce a working model.

In a five version of the IPMM, Dave Squires drive is tested. Small demonstration on how to remove properly magnets from loudspeakers. Testing a principle of Hamel’s gravito magnetic generator.

IPMM four perfects a loop concept of magnetic alternation and shows that magnetic over unity is not found with a design like this. Rotation on rotation overunity free energy experiment with IPMM cakra spinner. MAN stands for magnetic alternating non device, a device not running on a material input, which shows further development of an experiment into possible operation of an intelligently pulsed magnet motor.

Perpetual motion is basically defined as motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. Allegedly this is impossible in practice because of friction. Supposedly this violates first and or second law of thermodynamics.

Do you think that creating a perpetual motion machine is feasible? Also, do you think that creating a perpetual motion motor out of magnets is feasible as well??

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