First Hydrogen Car – How do Hydrogen Cars Function?

A key to Stanley Meyer’s water car, gas electrical hydrogen generator, and self sustaining device. Synopsis and analysis by Russ Gries. Part two and three of a three part series.

Russ Gries describes his analysis of Stanley Meyer’s water car. He analyzes some of Stanley Meyer’s water car drawings. Allegedly, Mr. Meyer had built a car fueled and powered by H2O other wise known as water.

These drawings, schematics, plans, etc. are available on the Internet for free as Stanley Meyer did not attempt nor did he patent this technology. Russ Gries was in process of reverse engineering this technology so that he could potentially build himself a water based automobile. This alleged technology has been highly debated among some in a physics community.

There are skeptics that claim free energy devices or even powering a car off of water might be impossible. Stanley Meyer supposedly proved these skeptics wrong before his untimely demise. Supposedly he was offered a large sum of money for schematics of his water based car, which he turned down.

Since Stanley Meyer’s death there has been some speculation that he was poisoned and that the United States government military may have not wanted individuals to obtain his information. Also, there are claims that a fact that he did not go through a patent process with the United States government military hay have lead to them trying to seize his work. It makes since to me at least that these individuals may have wanted to control this technology themselves and perhaps would have frowned upon this being freely available.

Speculations aside, this information is still interesting and could be extremely valuable. If Stanley Meyer’s and now Russ Gries’s assertions have merit, then perhaps this technology would be a threat to powers that be. How do hydrogen cars work?