First Baptist Church – of Sutherland Springs Attack by Devin Kelley

UPDATE: 8/08/2018
Devin Kelley was convicted in 2012 of domestic violence while he was still enrolled as an American military terrorist. While in the United States Air Force, Devin was sentenced. However, the United States military failed to notify the Federal Bureau of Insurgency of his sentencing.

The reason why this is significant is because if they had done so, most likely Devin Kelley would NOT have been able to obtain firearms legally. The United States military admitted they did NOT report his sentencing. There is no doubt in my mind that even had they reported his sentencing, Devin would have still been able to obtain firearms, just not “legally”.

The United States government military, failed to try to rectify this situation. They had six months to try to acknowledge this mistake with some kind of action. Instead they did nothing.

“Despite acknowledging that it failed to protect this community and many others, the government did nothing the past six months to try to right the wrong. So the family had to file a federal lawsuit to ensure that the government is held accountable for its negligence and to make this and other communities safer.”

Jamal Alsaffar Attorney

This Vidal Texas family is now suing the United States government military. Another family with victims from this shooting, the Holcombe family, is also suing the United States government military. The United States government military, a terrorist organization, according to me, now has released records proving some military officials knew Devin Kelley was a danger to society.

“convinced that [Kelley] is dangerous and likely to harm someone if released.”

Major Nathan McLeod-Hughes

Devin Kelley escaped from a mental health facility in New Mexico. This white savage had a history of violence including hitting, kicking, choking, and even threatening his wife Tessa with a gun.

“had threatened to kill both [her] and Air Force Security Forces if [she] ever reported the abuse.”


First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs has received nearly $3 million dollars in donations. However, they were NOT transparent about all this money until recently. Frank Pomeroy claims that this church received $2.91 million dollars.

Less than one million dollars was donated for victim relief. $840,000 being the exact number. However, nobody knew how much money this church received for donations until recently.

Also, none of the money was paid out to any of the victims until recently. Sounds like possible money laundering and or embezzlement to me. Here is an interesting quote from a church member that lost her daughter in this incident:

“The people of the United States poured their hearts out for their victims, and I think it’s a pity it’s taken this long for anybody to receive it.”

Lisa McNulty

Another WHITE terrorist attack took place at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Twenty six church attendees were murdered by a WHITE man by the name of Devin Kelley. There has been a rash of white terrorist attacks in the past few months in America.

Of course the white military media fails to report this as white terrorism and or white on white crime. I found another military connection in the system of white terrorism. You see Devin Kelley is “ex” military and spent time in the Air Force.

This white savage went into a local first baptist church during Sunday service and capped to death twenty six people. Twenty other individuals were injured. The pastor of this church, Frank Pomeroy, lost his fourteen year old daughter to this white savage Devin. Not only is this another act of WHITE terrorism, but guess what?

Devin Kelley was a CHRISTIAN. Christian savagery is nothing new in America as well. However, since America is 70 percent Christian according to some statistics, then of course this will not be labeled CHRISTIAN terrorism or WHITE terrorism for that matter.

This First Baptist Church is going to soon become demolished. This WHITE savage behavior occurred on Sunday November fifth two thousand seventeen. Savagery is nothing new for the United States Military and Devin. You see he assaulted his own wife.

Also, he cracked the skull of his own step son. Also, he may have committed statutory rape when he had sex with a thirteen year old child. What is it with WHITE people and their violent savage behavior?

Also, what is with all these violent savage military terrorists in America? I have noticed a pattern in my blog post reports with American military both male and female committing the most heinous of crimes. Yet these military terrorist scum are placed on a pedestal like gods or goddesses.

This CHRISTIAN WHITE MILITARY terrorist was only sentenced to twelve months in a military prison for bashing his step son’s skull in. He even admitted to this savage behavior. This WHITE savage also used violence against animals.

He received only a misdemeanor for punching his own canine. Thankfully, this WHITE excrement committed suicide, on the day of this shooting. He should have killed himself earlier, it would have saved lives.

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