Ethan Couch – Violates His Probation Which Triggers Manhunt

An eighteen year old white boy has violated his ten year probation and is on the run. An alleged manhunt by both United States Marshalls and the Federal Bureau of Insurgency, is under way. This white boy killed four people and injured two others while driving drunk and under influence of drugs in two thousand thirteen.

Ethan was sixteen years old at time of that incident. However, a Texas judge gave him a leniant sentencing of just ten years probation, no jail time, and therapy at an in patient facility. Perhaps this sentencing which infuriated his victims families and others was fueled because of his obvious lack of color and melanin.

On December eleven two thousand fifteen an arrest warrant was issued for violation of his probation. Nobody knows how long he has been on the run so to speak. His white mother Tonya Couch was reported missing December twenty two thousand fifteen.

However, there are suspicions that his mother is aiding and abetting Ethan. This white boys white father Fred Couch, allegedly owns a Cessna one seventy two model plane but no word on whether or not this plane was used by Ethan and or Tonya. Also, there is a point of contention that Ethan Couch left the United States of disgrace.

A Sheriff terrorist by name of Dee Anderson is quoted as saying:

“We believe she is helping or assisting him but we can’t even prove they are together at this time,”

One condition of Ethan’s probation was not to leave Terrant County, Texas where he presided. Allegedly, this white boy had missed prior meetings with probation officers and even was seen in a video playing a drinking game that involved alcohol. None of these incidents caused him further legal problems.

Finally, on June thirteen two thousand thirteen this white boy stole beer from a local Walmart that ignited the vehicular homicide of four innocent people.