Essays About Racism

Trojan horse Pam, a co-author of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act returns to The Context of White Supremacy. Dr. Frances Welsing has said that self respect is a weapon of mass destruction. We’ll investigate methods black people can use to bolster, repair, and protect their self respect.

We’ll exchange views on that prospect or lack there of, of being validated by other black people. Is seeking validation from black people logical, constructive, and even realistic? Pam is also a webmaster of two counter-racist websites, and

In a system of racism white supremacy, anti-blackness is quite prevalent in all areas of people activity. Treating other black people with respect is perhaps a monumental solution to combatting racism. Whether this is feasible or not is open to debate.

Perhaps this is a case of at least starting that process of self respect, so that it begins to take effect in future generations. Not having self respect maybe leads to abuse of other individuals. By no means am I a psychiatrist, but have some views on mental conditioning.

Essays About Racism

Also, working on ones self image and attitude could lead to combatting racism white supremacy in a productive manner. Working from within might be less dangerous then confronting ferocious racist white people. A revolution is necessary to combat racism white supremacy from my dogmatic subjective perspective.

First of all, I guess one must see racism as a problem. Many non-whites are blind to it or perhaps are confused among other possibilities. Once you see racism for what it might really occur as then value in self respect might make logical sense.

Do you think that racism white supremacy is still prevalent today? If so, do you think that self respect for black people and other non-whites is a possible solution?