ESPN Sports Radio – Host Ryen Russillo Drunk Arrest in Wyoming

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network radio host Ryen Russillo was arrested for trespassing. He was in Wyoming when police were called to a report of an intoxicated naked white man. I could care less about sports and entertainment as these are distractions to me.

However, some of these people whom get cushy jobs, are no better or different than rest of us serfs. He is being charged with criminal entry according to a Teton County Sheriff’s office inmate list. This is a misdemeanor in the state of Wyoming.

This is similar to a criminal trespass charge. Two persons were sleeping in their condo when they heard someone enter. They found Ryen Russillo and asked him to leave.

He refused to leave and thus local sheriff were called. Officials at Entertainment and Sports Programming Network have not responded about this incident. Are they going to fire Ryen after this event?

Allegedly, he did not get breaking and entering felony charges, because supposedly entry door(s) was not locked. Ryen is still in Teton County Sheriff’s custody as of this blog post creation. I could not find how much, if any bail amount information.

Supposedly, if he does not post bond, he will have to face a judge within forty eight hours. He faces a possible seven hundred fifty dollar fine and or up to six months in prison. Ryen has worked as a bread y circuses anchor since two thousand and six with ESPN.

He actually survived recent layoffs from this distraction network. Ryen was found completely naked except his pants around his ankles. He may have been vacationing in Wyoming, as he posted photos from some local area lakes, in recent days.

We shall see if he survives this incident and keeps his job at ESPN, which is recovering from another controversy with Robert Lee. Robert was pulled from broadcasting a college football game because his last name of Lee coincided with the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist fiasco. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network claimed they wanted to avoid potential fallout with the obvious similar “Lee” last name.

UPDATE: August 29 2017

This drunk white man at time of his arrest was only suspended by Entertainmanet and Sports Network Programming suspended for two weeks. I was not able to verify if Ryen was compensated with pay or not, during his suspension. He will return wasting people’s time on September fifth two thousand seventeen.