Esoteric Audio – Just Exactly What is a New World Order All About?

What is Esoteric Agenda. Esoteric Agenda is a two thousand eight documentary film by Ben Stewart, lead singer of the band Hierosonic. This film claims to expose a secret agenda being carried out by a conspiratorial elite bent on establishing a “New World Order” on twenty one of December two thousand twelve, which is said to be an end date of a five thousand one hundred twenty five year long cycle in a Mayan long count calendar.

Just exactly what is a New World Order? Some people claim it is a one world government designed to rule over the entire planet and replace “sovereign” nations. From my perspective there is already a one world government, which is called the United Nations.

Also, when I looked up that term New World in a dictionary, it basically means western hemisphere or North and South America. Is there really an esoteric agenda or hidden agenda at play? Most if not all governments worldwide are tyrannical in nature now.

What difference would their be world wide if there was just one large government oppressing people instead? Would there even be enough resources to carry out this larger conspiracy? Sometimes I wonder if documentaries like this are designed to scare people into accepting and pleading to keep a current system in place.

If you were to scare somebody of an impending problem, could you not just be trying to control them so that they would not try to dismantle a current system? While Esoteric Agenda does bring about some accurate points, I didn’t see or hear to many solutions. Let’s say hypothetically that if such a New World Order were to come into fruition, then what could be done to stop it?

Once in place, what solutions are there to combat it so to speak? There have been quite a few documentaries similar to Esoteric Agenda of late. Interestingly a lot of them have occurred after those events of September eleven two thousand one in Manhattan, New York City.

You can find Esoteric Agenda for free online by performing an Internet search for it.