Erawan Shrine – Bangkok Attacked by Deadly Exploding Bomb

A bomb blast at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, allegedly killed in upwards of eighteen people and injured over one hundred. There is discrepencies whether or not just one bomb was detonated or multiple boms. One premise was that a car bomb was detonated.

Another version of reality is that a planted explosive caused this mayhem. Thais were not only inviduals injured or killed. Allegedly, two Chinese citizens and one Filipino citizen met their demise.

This event took place in heart of Bangkok’s tourism district. This incident being either an accident or intentional, has not yet been determined. Reports of two more bombs being found and diffused were later rejected.

This single bomb explosion took place during rush hour traffic in Bangkok, Thailand. This Erawan Shrine is highly touted by locals. Thailand has been under “official” military rule since last year, two thousand fourteen.

Local police terrorist claim this bomb was made of a pipe wrapped in a cloth. This alleged pipe bomb detonated around seven pm local time. Supposedly, bombings in Thailand are rare.

Most of Thailand is allegedly Buddhist. This Erawan shrine is dedicated to Hindu god Brahma. This Hindu shrine was built in nineteen fifty six.

This pipe bomb was supposedly made from five thousand kilograms of trinitrotoluene and hidden under a park bench. Military and Police from Thailand deny that two other explosive devices were found and diffused. There has been some pushback from Thai people since this terroristic military dictatorship refuses to allow elections until two thousand seventeen at earliest to form a new government.

Also, these military terrorists running Thailand, want to draft a Constitution that would force some type of emergency rule, until a new government is rigged, I mean voted in by local serfs.