Electrical Generator – Stan Meyer’s Electrical Particle Generator

Stanley Meyer’s electrical particle generator high quality photos. These photos were obtained with donations and help. Analysis and synopsis by Russ Gries.

Russ Gries analyzes and discusses dry ice explosion, start of dry ice air barring pulse motor, frozen magnet, shows how a magnet spins like an unbalanced top, how to keep your coil cold, neo pulse motor, pulse motor and water, dry ice electricity conclusion, and how to recycle magnet wire from a transformer. Stanley Meyer gave a speech in nineteen ninety seven in Denver, Colorado.

“We can demonstrate the technology. We can say it’s here but in actuality it will not be Stan Meyers to bring it in. It will be either you or I, the guy down the street, who will come together to bring it in. Otherwise, I do not believe an alternate energy source, whether water fuel cell or other, would ever come in. It’s going to have to be mandated by the people to try to reverse the environmental problems, the environmental damage, that’s actually occurring.” – Stanley Meyer 1997

Mr. Meyer was allegedly working on an electrical particle generator at time of his demise. Allegedly, he was poisoned after refusing a one billion dollar buy out of his physics inventions. Russ Gries has been trying to reinvent Stanley Meyer’s electrical particle generator.

Basically, his electrical particle generator is really a particle accelerator according to Russ Gries. It is supposed to amplify signal power to greater amperage voltage. There are Stanley Meyer’s photographs and plans for this particle generator available out on other Internet sites.

Stanley Meyer also supposedly had built a water fuel based car that solely ran on water.