Eddie Collins – in Florida Standoff Causes Two to Meet Their Demise

Another white boy up to no good in the system of white terror. This time forty two year old Eddie Collins caused himself and one other to meet their demise. This white boy and a woman were involved in a thirty two hour standoff with local Florence, Florida police gestapo.

This white boy barricaded himself in a Super eight motel room with a possible hostage. Although, gestapo claim Eddie Collins and Venita Keen may have been in a relationship. Eddie fired some caps at Special Weapons and Tactics which caused them to return fire.

These police gestapo are not sure if Eddie murdered Venita or that she was killed by Special Weapons and Tactics gun fire. Another man and woman inside this same motel room were injured but did not meet their demise. Room 116 is site of where this affair took place.

Police gestapo terrorists used tear gas on these people to force them out. Soon after Eddie came out firing. This incident transpired because local Laurderdale, Florida sheriff terrorists and United States Marshals Fugitive Task Force, were trying to serve five felony warrants against Eddie Collins.

Those warrants included four charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and one count of firing a missile or weapon into a vehicle or dwelling. Eddie had actually fired shots earlier that morning at these authoritative goons. Also, power was shut off at this Super eight motel after it was evacuated.

Eddie possibly had a total of four hostages with him inside this lone motel room. This white savage finally met his demise when he tried exiting out a back door while firing at gestapo goons. Police gestapo have now filed two attempted murder charges against Eddie, even though he is now dead.