Earthquake Magnitude – 6.1 Hits Off East Coast of Japan

Another major earthqake transpired within twenty four hours of a 7.1 magnitude one in Mexico City yesterday. This time a 6.1 earthquake magnitude hit off the east coast of Japan. There is a discrepancy of where it actually hit.

Some reports claim that this earthquake hit one hundred seventy five miles east of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Other reports claim that it trembled two hundred miles from Fukushima. No tsunami was reported this time around as in two thousand eleven a major tsunami hit Japan.

According to the United States Geological Surver this quake hit one hundred seventy five miles from Kamaishi and two hundred miles from Fukushima. Perhaps that is where the confusion and discrepencies lie. This 6.1 earthquake struck at 2:30AM local time.

Another report claims this earthquake magnitude 6.1 occurred at 2:30 AM local time. Initially, no reports of damage came from Japanese media. No fatalities were reported from this quake.

Although, earthquakes are taken serious in Japan because of their high population density. That earthquake in two thousand eleven killed over fifteen thousand people. Many perished from an ensuing tsunami.

Another report claims that this earthquake magnitude was actually 6.2. There is a lack of information from Japanese media. Maybe that is because their government heavily controls it, I don’t know.

Another 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in New Zealand today. This quake actually hit a small island off the east coast of Japan. According to the United States Geological Survey less than fifty people reported feeling this quake.

I wonder why there are not that many details from Japan’s media? The name of this island is Honshu. The epicenter of this earthquake magnitude 6.1 or 6.2 depends on which source you believe was six miles deep. At least I didn’t include in my report of conspiracists claiming that North Korea had something to do with this natural plate tectonics quake…lol