Don Harris – Maricopa County NAACP Leader Makes Sexist Remark

A local Maricopa County, Arizona white man, whom is president of that counties National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, referred to a local media propagandist as having “nice tits”. He was speaking about a recent incident that transpired at Desert Vista High School, where six white female teen Al Qaeda members spelled out the word nigger in unison on t-shirts. This white obviously horny clown, told Monique Griego, “Nice tits.” when he saw her.

A local propaganda rag captured audio of this white mans remark. This white clown apologized and uttered another expletive “fucking”. He is quoted verbatim apologetically:

“I apologize if anyone was offended. I could have said nothing . . . I’m really fucking sorry. I’m going to slash my wrists,

Better yet, I’m going to throw myself out of a fucking window, except I’m on the first floor . . . I’m one of the best goddamned people in the state.”

This translucent is actually aged seventy seven and a formal lawyer. Don Harris is actually friends with white terrorist sheriff Joseph Arpaio, whom is notoriously racist towards Mexicans in Arizona. Also, this white man brags about giving his law firm so that he could dedicate more time to run into the ground, I mean lead this National Association for Advancement of Colored People satellite office.

Some people in this Maricopa County, Arizona are now requesting that Don Harris resign. Also, people are claiming that Monique Griego is NOT a white person. Don claims that if Maricopa County NAACP board votes to remove him, he will resign.

This organization is having a meeting January twenty eight two thousand sixteen, but no word if they will be voting to remove this white clown. Also, Monique Griego supposedly did not hear this white mans sexist comment. She was actually reporting about that Desert Vista High School incident and may have been busy propagandizing.