Cristobal Colon – Was Christopher Columbus a White Supremacist ?

Columbus’s New World, Cristobal Colon, a Spanish elite posing as an impoverished Italian, discovered that a land he discovered, had been discovered around thirty thousand years prior to his arrival. This New World would never be same again. How one single event could change a course of history for so many people is hard to comprehend.

The New World that was discovered was rich with new opportunities for expansion and trade, but this daunting reality was that to build a new kingdom it would require a work force. Local Native Caribbean peoples were first to suffer enslavement. In fifteen hundred and three, Queen Isabella ruled that only cannibals could be taken as slaves legally, which encouraged Europeans to identify various Native Caribbean groups as cannibals.

However, these people were not suited for plantation life. They were susceptible to European diseases and were not physically adapted to intense demands. The Native American holocaust saw them fall in millions, some like Tano, so called Arawak Indians, were forced into extinction.

Europeans then sold their fellow countrymen into a psuedo form of slavery to fill those ranks of dying Native Caribbean, however they called it indentured servitude. Was Christopher Columbus really a white supremacist in hiding using a fictitious name or at a very least not his birth name? Some scholars even think that Christopher Columbus also known as Cristobal Colon, had a birth name of Salvador Fernandes Zarco and that he was a Portuguese Jew.

Christopher Columbus is touted as a hero and even has a holiday celebrated after him in the United States of America. The country of Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus and thus this possible white supremacist terrorist is celebrated in South America as well. Was Christopher Columbus a racist white supremacist terrorist?