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Want to keep my broadcast network commercial free? Contribute to invest in the Reality UnKnown network. If you would like to donate your time or services instead of fake federal reserve notes, paper check, or ones and zeros in a computer database, then please contact me.

Reality UnKnown will always be commercial free and you will be able to listen to my most recent broadcast without a fee. However, if you would like to help me build my Internet network then feel free to contribute your time, food, etc. My time and labor is my most valuable resource, so you can invest in Reality UnKnown to help subsidize my one person revolution.

Also, in remaining as transparent as possible I have listed my Reality UnKnown financials online. Get a monthly snapshot of my expenses and revenues for my broadcast. You can now help support my broadcast by contributing items from my Reality UnKnown wish list.

Also, if you contribute $20 twenty fake federal reserve notes or more via PayPal below, I will create a new Reality UnKnown broadcast archived as an .mp3 podcast and try to find out what the real reality of that news, event, report, situation, etc is. Want to know my broadcast financials before you contribute? So what will you get for $20 federal reserve notes you ask?

* Personalized thank you email
* A complete broadcast tailored to your topic(s) of choice
* Two hours or more of my analysis of topic(s) at hand
* You decide what I cover and report on my broadcast

You can contribute via the contact form below or via my RealityUnKnown You do NOT need a PayPal account with either method.

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Having troubles with this contribution form? You can contribute via my RealityUnKnown instead. You do NOT need a PayPal account.

Thank you for all your contributions and support.

Aaron J. Berg

Want to host your own Internet radio show? Reality UnKnown is looking for individual radio hosts that support being free, peaceful, and prosperous. Apply now and broadcast your voice for FREE.

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