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This is Aaron, founder of this website and the Reality UnKnown radio network. I no longer invite other individuals to appear on my podcast(s). I do NOT censor any material on my podcast(s).

Please do NOT follow me if you are looking for a leader. If you are a REAL person it would be awesome for you to start your own Internet radio broadcast, video broadcast, web site, blog, and or become active in your own city, hamlet, town, etc. Notice to People with color: feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or site corrections.

Please use my information request system to submit a video report request. I reserve the right to NOT facilitate your video request, if I do NOT think it is a productive use of my time. Submitting an obsessive amount of video requests, wasting my time, will require me to block you permanently from accessing my website.

Notice to WHITE people:

You are wasting my time even attempting to contact me. ALL death threats become public blog and video reports. ALL comments that include ad hominem ie. name calling are immediately deleted.

Thank you for your feedback and thank you for listening and watching.



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