Colorado Springs – Planned Parenthood Scene of Police Incident

On November twenty seven two thousand fifteen an incident allegedly transpired at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At time of this blog post creation, the white media claims that this is an active situation, with a gunman still not apprehended. Supposedly, nine individuals including four police terrorists have been injured.

Six people have allegedly been transported to Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three more individuals were transported to Memorial Hospital. Police terrorists claim that one suspect has fired upon officers.

A Planned Parenthood building was evacuated. A fifth police terrorist may have been injured. However, a police terrorist in chief Lieutenant Catherine Buckley could not completely substantiate this information.

Also, she claimed that a male suspect has been erroneously named on the Internet. This alleged lone wolf gunman is still in a Planned Parenthood building. A local King Soopers is possibly under lock down.

According to police, if people are safe near this planned parenthood building, then they should remain there. El Paso County Sheriff, Colorado Springs police gestapo, Federal Bureau of Insurgency, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Colorado Bureau of Insurgents are assisting in this incident. Police are not in contact with an alleged gunman.

Also, supposedly police are trying to evacuate individuals that might still be in a Planned Parenthood building. Police claim that this lone wolf brought devices with him. Allegedly, police were first called at 11:38 AM local Mountain time.

Supposedly, this lone gun man has a long gun similar to a rifle. Also, allegedly police claim that he brought bags into this Planned Parenthood building. This Planned Parenthood is located at:

3480 Centennial Boulevard
Colorado Springs CO 80907

This business was open for usual customers. Multiple witnesses inside this building claim they heard gun fire. Colorado Springs police claim they were having difficulties getting officers to an alleged shooting area.

Centennial Boulevard between Garden of the Gods Road and Fillmore Street is closed.