Citadel Mall – Fiasco Causes Two Injuries in Colorado Springs

Another alleged mall shooting, in the system of white terror, transpired at the Citadel Mall, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This time allegedly a lone wolf gunman capped and injured two individuals. A male and female were shot near a Hooters Restaurant inside this mall.

These injuries are supposedly not life threatening. One person has been detained by police terrorists. These local Colorado Springs police gestapo goons claim they are looking for a white four door sedan.

Capitalistic whores were not allowed to leave this mall and a Special Weapons Attack Team is supposedly releasing these serfs as they see fit. Other serfs known as familia are allowed to pick up their members at a Babies Are Us parking as soon as police terrorists release them. According to some witnesses one parking lot has been locked down at this Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This alleged shooting incident occurred around 7PM local Mountain time. Police terrorists claim they think this was a possible drive by shooting even though they don’t know if these gun shots occurred outside or inside this capitalistic brothel. Another report claims that yet again two groups of individuals were having a dispute at this public shopping venue.

Both alleged victims have been taken to a not disclosed hospital. One alleged witness posted this comment on reddit quoted verbatim using tamotsu_eiji screen name:

My kids and I were going down the escalator by Hooters. We heard the shot down the hall as I was reaching the bottom. I saw broken glass and people starting hauling ass running away.

A teenager looked up at us and told us to run. We turned around and ran up the escalator then all the way to the food court and waited for a moment. Security starting running and telling people to lock down their stores.

We hustled in to a store as they were shutting their gates to keep as safe as possible. The food court exit doors were flooded and I didn’t want to get caught in the mix. We waited there until things seemed to calm down.

The store employees finally opened the gate and we started to walk to the exit. People started running again and stores went on lock down a second time. We heard screams and people saying to run.

We high tailed it out to our car to get home safely and as quickly as possible. I would say there are at least 15 police cars, 3 fire trucks, and a few ambulances by the Hooters entrance where we were at. At home, shaken up a bit and listening to the police scanner.

Be safe out there!!