Christopher Cantwell – White Supremacist Fugitive Apprehended

Another white person has been arrested, after the Charlottesville, Virginia klan rally. This rally took place earlier in August of two thousand seventeen. One person was murdered and multiple people were injured.

Christopher Cantwell, a known white supremacist terrorist, turned himself in to interestingly enough Lynchburg gestapo on August twenty third two thousand fourteen. He was facing multiple felonies for his participation in a violent klan rally, I mean free speech rally. University of Virginia gestapo filed two counts of Illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases and one count of malicous bodily injury by means of any caustic substance or agent or use of any explosive or fire.

He will be transported to Charlottesville. He was denied bail. This white boy appeared in a YouTube video crying and whining about his felony warrants. Also, he was featured in a Vice documentary pertaining to the alt right’s free speech rally in charlottesville that was mired with white violence.

An Albemarle County General District Court said that Christopher could still request a bond hearing once he obtains legal counsel. Christopher sprayed counter protestors in the face. His next court appearance is scheduled for October twelve two thousand seventeen.

I was able to verify that he is in custody at Albemarle Charlottesville regional jail. This white terrorist hosts the Radical Agenda radio show. Christopher considers himself a libertarian. I have noticed a pattern of quite a few libertarian white supremacists.

Stephen Colbert has actually featured Christopher on his television program once. Also, he is allied with another white terrorist, Richard Spencer. His father has connections to the United States Federal Government.

His father was an air traffic controller, which can be verified in an online National Air Traffic Controllers Association database. Christopher is another long line of violent Christians. He was raised a Catholic.