Phillip High Bear – Met His Demise by CRST Gestapo For Being Drunk

Thirty Three year old Phillip High Bear was murdered by Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal police terrorists September fsixteen two thousand fifteen. Initially, he was arrested for being intoxicated. CRST gestapo placed him in a cell to sober up.

However, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Lieutenant Chad Olson, found Phillip suffering from respitory distress. He was then transported to Indian Health Service hospital in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Phillips’ mother, Paula, was quoted as saying:

“He said when they brought him in he was unresponsive. The doctor said he worked and worked on him but was not able to revive him. He was all beat up.

They (CRST police) picked on him all the time. They beat him up twice before. He had long beautiful hair and he said, ‘Mom I want to cut my hair so they will stop pulling my hair.’”

Witnesses claim Phillip was drug on his stomach and maced when initially arrested by these goon thugs. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, a known domestic terrorist group in their own right and Bureau of Indian Affairs Internal Affairs are investigating. He leaves one daughter and son behind.

According to my intelligence gathering Chad Olson is a white man that denies Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal police beat Phillip to death. Phillip was aged thirty three years old at time of his demise. Also, when found dead he was handcuffed, hog tied, and had been maced.

According to James Swan, leader of the United Urban Warrior Society, jail inmates were quoted as saying:

“Leave him alone! Leave him alone!” and police gestapo responded with “Shut the fucK up or we’ll do the same to you!” Supposedly police terrorists were not suspended until after the Federal Bureau of Insurgencies cover up I mean investigation.

Robert Kuefler – Lived With Two Corpses For More Than One Year

A fifty nine year old white man was found living with two dead bodies for over a year. Robert Kuefler was arrested for suspicion of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. He was arrested and is now in Ramsey County Jail.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota police gestapo were responding to a report from a neighbor claiming that there was no activity at a house of 4700 block of Sandra Lane. They found one dead body on a main floor. Also, they found another dead body on a lower level.

Robert has not been formally charged with any of these deaths. Police gestapo claim these two individuals died from natural causes. This residence was home of his twin brother Richard Kuefler and his mother Evelyn Kuefler.

Robert admits both deceased persons were his brother and mother. He claims that he didn’t report their deaths because it was “too difficult”. He was arrested because he may have been processing payments that were attributed to his brother and mother.

Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s claim it may be weeks until they found out exact cause of these deaths. In interim they think these were natural deaths. Robert’s father Fenwick Kuefler had died in two thousand eleven.

These two brothers then moved into this house with their mother. Kay Anderson a neighbor was quoted as saying:

“Slowly, I saw them bring one body out and then I watched and I saw them go back in the house with the empty gurney so I knew then that there was another one in there.”

Robert Kuefler was not formally charged with any legal crimes.

Chris Craig – Former UTEP Athlete Threatens Utah Elementary School

A white boy that was a former University of Texas El Paso basketball player, threatened to bomb Eagle Valley elementary school. Utah County Sheriff gestapo have placed him under custody. However, they have yet to confirm that he is a suspect involved with this threat. Chris had emailed a local propaganda rag, the El Paso Times.

“Evacuate the kids and no one will get hurt. Will call 911 with a threat of an explosive and drive onto my 9yr olds elementary school, Eagle Valley Elementary, with a True Explosive. Was born into this world under the slave name of Christopher Craig.

Currently, I am known as The Radical Islamic Jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr. My reason for writing Today is because of my pending arrest and hunger strike which begins when I press send on this Discourse of Truth. In 2 hours, call Eagle Mountain PD in Eagle Mountain, UT if you think I am bluffing.

Ask them. Racism is the reason for my hunger strike, to take this conversation deeper, to The Truth, Core, and roots.”

This temporary internment camp also known as an elementary school was evacuated. Chris allegedly entered this school with a mask on and started making threats verbally. Kyla Moulton, a neighbor, broadcasted this incident live on Facebook.

She lives right across street from this school. Utah County Sheriff gestapo sent in a military tank along with Special Weapons And Tactics goons. A man wearing green clothing kept walking around this school.

No shots were fired at this man while Kyla was filming. Perhaps because police and sheriff gestapo knew he was a white man. Fifty minutes and fifty seven seconds of video coverage and not one shot was fired.

Also, this man was allowed to move freely and was never approached. Chris was actually basketball coach of Midland College from two thousand eleven to two thousand thirteen.

Kraigen Grooms – Live Streams Rape of Toddler & Faces No Jail Time

Another white boy up to no good in his rigged hood. This time nineteen year old white savage Kraigen Grooms raped a two year old girl. He even live streamed this incident over the Internet.

Another man watched and recorded this barbaric deed. Also, Kraigen even plead guilty to this event and yet still did not receive any time in jail nor prison. Kraigen goes by the last name of Simmers as well.

Initially, he received a ten year sentence for one count of Engaging in a Lascivious Act with a Child. However, a judge decided to suspend all ten years and placed this white animal on five years supervised probation. Kraigen must register as a sex offender for rest of his life.

Local police gestapo found video taped evidence of this baby being raped. Kraigen was seventeen years old in two thousand thirteen when this occurred. Also, he was planning on raping a three year old boy.

Judge Randy Degeest, a white man, and terrorist to me, decided not require jail and or prison time. This incident becomes even more white washed. The family of his victim, a two year old girl, did not want Kraigen to get sentenced to any jail or prison time.

This event transpired in Ottumwa, Iowa. A petition has been created to have legal terrorist Judge Randy Degeest removed. This white baby raper only spent some time in a Juvenile detention center and county jail.

His trial was actually delayed for two years. Kraigen initially received a cash only bond of one hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes. He obtained a public defender as legal counsel.

At time of his initial arrest, he lived at 515 South Lillian Street in Ottumwa, Iowa. According to my intelligence gathering, his victim was most likely a little baby that was NOT white.

Rose Medical Center – in Denver Placed Under Lockdown

Another facility in AmeriKKKa placed under lockdown today September sixteen two thousand sixteen. This time Rose Medical Center, in Denver, Colorado, was placed under lockdown around 3 PM local Mountain time. Denver police gestapo are claiming an individual with a gun was seen near this hospital.

Other reports claim gun shots were heard. Julie Hogan a spokeswoman for Rose Medical Center claims nobody was hurt or shot. All traffic into this hospital has been diverted. Other reports claim that this is an active shooter incident.

However, Denver police gestapo has not confirmed that anyone has been shot. Also, no confirmations of even gun fire errupting. Denver police gestapo terrorists completed a walk through since 3 PM and found no evidence of any kind of a shooting incident.

All employees and patients in this hospital have been held captive er I mean sheltered in place. A white boy in his mid thirties weighing around one hundred thirty pounds, wearing a flannel shirt and hat is a possible suspect. Denver police gestapo claim first call of shots fired occurred around 4 PM.

Another hospital spokeswoman Deborah Pollhill claims this hospital has been placed under “code silver” which means active shooter to white people. Also, the Veterans Affairs building next to Rose Medical Center has been placed under lockdown. Another report claims this hospital campus was placed under lockdown at 4 PM local Mountain time instead of 3 PM.

Denver police gestapo are still pulling off this psyops I mean investigating this incident at time of this blog post creation. However, police gestapo did claim that multiple people called in to report shots being fired. Also, Denver police gestapo even searched rooftop of this hospital.

Rhonda Pasek & James Acord – Overdose on Heroin in Front of Child

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. Another case of white behaviour in Ohio. This time fifty year old Rhonda Pasek and her forty seven year old boyfriend James Acord, overdosed on Heroin in front of her four year old grandson.

These two white clowns were arrested on September seven two thousand sixteen, in East Liverpool, Ohio. Rhonda is facing charges of endangering children, not wearing a seatbelt, and public intoxication. She received a court summons for tomorrow September fifteen two thousand sixteen.

James is facing charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and endangering children. Amazingly, enough this white boy pleaded no contest and is now serving three hundred sixty days in jail. Instead of being summarily executed or immediately arrested, these two white people were actually taken to East Liverpool City hospital.

They were both given several injections of Narcan, which is used to reverse an opiate overdose. Another report claims this white boy will only spend one hundred eighty days in jail and paid off a four hundred seventy five dollar fine.

Also, his drivers license has been suspended for three years. The white mother of this four year old boy, Reva McCullough lost custody of this child years ago because of drug possession. Rhonda received custody just six weeks prior to this incident.

Neither of these two white people have been charged with felony possession of Heroin as of time of this blog post creation. A sample of heroin was taken to a lab belonging to James. No drug charges have been slapped on these two translucents.

East Liverpool, Ohio police gestapo decided to post a picture of these two, including that four year old child on Facebook. Another white boy Devon Pasek, father of this white child is allegedly a local drug dealer. Devon was patted down during a drug bust and East Liverpool gestapo found large sums of money in rubber bands.

He was never charged for drug dealing.

Shawn Grate – Abducts Female and Three Meet Their Demise in Ohio

Another white man up to no good in his rigged hood, also known as the system of white terrorism. This time forty year old Shawn Grate has been arrested for abducting an Ohio female. However, he is also being held on suspicions of three murders.

Shawn confessed to Ashland, Ohio police gestapo that he murdered multiple females in Richland County, Ohio. Stacey Stanley, aged forty three, disappeared near a BP service station this past Thursday, when her automobile suffered a flat tire. Her uncle Ron is quoted as saying:

“This nice guy stopped to help her and lured her somewhere and who knows what happened,”

Stacey’s son Curtis claims he found her abandoned vehicle and notified police gestapo. However, Ashland, Ohio police gestapo terrorists did not investigate further. Her son is suspicious that she is one of Shawn Grate’s murder victims.

Another female was approached by this white boy in a laundry facility. Stephanie Rocker is quoted as saying:

“He asked her to come over to the house. She said ‘no,’ and he said , ‘well, could I walk you home with your basket.'”

Another female named Elizabeth Griffith, has been reported missing as well. This female, Tracey Young, that had escaped this white savage was not reported missing. Also, this white boy has confessed to three total murders.

This white boy has a history of violent crimes, dating back to nineteen ninety four. He has been charged and or incarcerated for abduction, assault, aggravated menacing, and domestic violence. Veronica Stanley a cousin of a possible victim, claims she and familia started investigating this affair, before Ashland police gestapo terrorists did.

This white boy lived in an abandoned house. Ashland police gestapo were warned of him. However, it was possible victims familia that actually pounded on his door which led to his arrest.

As of this blog post creation, Shawn Grate has not been formally charged with any other crimes besides one abduction charge.

Michigan State Gymnastics – Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Another white man up to no good in America. This time fifty seven year old white man Dr. Larry Nassar faces one criminal complaint and one civil lawsuit. Two former female United States Gymnasts are claiming he sexually assaulted them.

They were both teen girls at time of these assaults. One gymnast is thirty one year old Rachael Denhollander. She filed a criminal complaint with Michigan State University police gestapo.

She claims this white pervert sexually assaulted her six times when she was his patient. He fingered her with one finger and thumb both vaginally and anally. Larry then unhooked her bra and rubbed her mammaries.

Rachael claims that he performed these actions with her mother in same room. This complaint was filed in August of two thousand sixteen. Another former United States Gymnast and even Olympic medal winner has filed a lawsuit in California.

However, her name has remained anonymous as she even filed this suit under fictitious name of “Jane Doe”, in Sacramento County Superior Court on September eight two thousand sixteen. She alleges this white pervert fondled her genitalia, mammaries, and other parts of her persons. This law suit also claims harassment and violence were used by Larry.

This anonymous female claims that this behaviour occurred while she was twelve to eighteen years old. Larry Nassar worked for USA Gymnastics from nineteen eight six until September two thousand fifteen. He was a team USA medical staff member.

Larry the pervert has not been charged with any crimes as of time of this blog post creation. Also, he is currently employeed by Michigan State Universities gymnastics team. These sexual molestations occurred in nineteen nineties and two thousands.

This white clown has been suspended from “clinical and patient duties”. Also, he works at Twistars Gymnastics Club USA in Michigan.

Kody Lott – Gunned Down Both Lauren Landavazo and Makayla Smith

Another white boy up to no good in the system of white terrorism. This time white savage Kody Lott capped both Lauren Landavazo and Makayla Smith. Lauren met her demise, while Makayla survived.

This is a black and white duality as Lauren was a white girl and Makayla is a black female. Rumors spread that possibly this white terrorist capped these two girls because this white girl Lauren was friends with Makayla. Police gestapo terrorists, from Wichita Falls, Texas, deny this was race related.

These two girls were walking home from a temporary internment camp also known as a middle school, when this white boy shot them with a rifle. He was driving in a sport utility vehicle. This transpired this past Friday September second two thousand sixteen.

However, Kody was not arrested until Sunday September four two thousand sixteen. Kody faces murder and aggravated assault charges. A four million dollar bail bond has been set.

Police gestapo claim Kody admitted to shooting both victims. Wichita Falls police have not found a motive and yet deny this is race related.

“There has been a recent report show up on social media and other websites that makes references to the shooting. The statement claims that it was committed by a white supremacist who targeted the victims due to their race and friendship.” The WFPD wants to strongly refute that claim.

There has been no evidence found to indicate such a motive.”

This white terrorist capped these two teen girls around 3:30 PM local time. These two girls attended McNeil Middle School. Multiple witnesses including middle school students saw this affair transpire.

Kody Lott was actually arrested for a gun charge not related to this event, at a nearby shopping mall. He was initially arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon, before confessing to his proverbial white behaviour.

Paul LePage – Claims Blacks & Hispanics Are 90% of Drug Dealers

A white terrorist, at least to me, Maine Governor Paul LePage claims that blacks and hispanics in Maine are ninety percent of all drug dealing in that dump of a state. In context he claimed that ninety percent of all arrestees in that state that were arrested were either black or hispanic.

Also, he claims this percentage is based upon a three ring binder he keeps with pictures of arrestees. He claimed most of these alleged drug dealers with color originated from Waterbury, Connecticut, Bronx, and Brooklyn New York. Paul made this comment in response to a business owner stipulating that he was hesitant on owning a company in Maine.

This white ISIS member claims that people with color are bringing heroine into his state. However, heroine is a drug that is used mostly by white people historically. As is proverbial in the system of white terrorism, this white man denies all wrong doing and denies he is a racist.

This white man was quoted verbatim in response to another Maine law maker, Drew Gattine, who took offense to this recent statement:

“I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist. You cocksucker, I want to talk to you. I want you to prove that I’m a racist.

I’ve spent my life helping black people and, you little son of a bitch socialist cocksucker, I want you to record this and make it public because I am after you. Thank you.”

Paul had left this message on Drew Gattine’s voicemail. This white terrorist is a Donald “Chump” Trump supporter. Paul even challenged this other bureaocrat to a physical confrontation:

“I would point it right between his eyes, because he is a snot-nosed little runt and he has not done a damn thing since he’s been in the Legislature to help move the state forward,”