Art Education Major – Teacher Jessie Goline Sex Assault Charge

Another white woman up to no good in her rigged hood. This time another white female teacher is facing charges related to statutory rape. Jessie Goline whom is twenty five years old is accused of performing sexual acts with four teen age boys.

She was an art education major teacher for both East Poinsett County School District and Marked Tree School District. She lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas with her husband. She cheated on her husband with multiple teen boys.

This is another pattern I have noticed with white women, they have a proclivity to cheat on their predominantly white husbands. Does Mary Letourneau, Debra Lafave, Carrie McCandless, etc. ring a bell, pun intended? This list of almost exclusively white females raping children grows on a daily basis.

I don’t know what it is with these white women. Many of them are often married. Jessie along with those three afore mentioned examples were all married at time of their behaviour. Also, this teacher that actually faces one count of first degree sexual assault.

She has on record admitted to fucking these teen boys. As a matter of fact she allegedly fucked two of these teen boys in the same day at her residence. Another interesting fact is that she is a Christian and used to write on her facebook about her Christiandom.

“bible study with these two is always lovely ? especially when we get to sit outside, eat delicious food & wonder why James 2:24 is worded that way ? #Lutheran I’m thankful for you both!”

Jessie Goline

Many christians are hypocrites and actual child rapists. Her Facebook profile has since been deleted since some serfs started commenting on her profile. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen perhaps.

This all came to light, this past April, as a parent at one of these schools threatened bodily harm to this white female hoochie. She was arrested on September twenty two thousand seventeen. She only had to cover a five thousand dollar bond and of course was let out of jail to prey, pun intended, on other boys perhaps.

She faces her next court hearing on October thirty one two thousand seventeen. She faces ten to forty years or life in prison for this felony charge. I doubt she will actually serve any jail time.

I could certainly be wrong, but when studying these white women and their rape cases, many of them never serve time in prison. Although Mary Letourneau, did serve some time in prison for raping a twelve year old NOT white child. However, Debra Lafave did NOT serve any prison time.

Many of these white cheating statutory rapists, actually just get sentenced to probation. When reading into this incident, pun intended, it could be that she may have fucked three of those teen students, but they were over the age of consent. However, white people have rules when you are in a position of authority as a teacher, that your not supposed to fuck your victims I mean, students.

We shall see how this white affair, pun intended plays out.

Most Watched Cable News Network – MSNBC Lawrence O Donnell Tirade

I could not resist writing this blog post. Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation anchor Lawrence O’ Donnell went on a fucking tirade recently. This studio coverage of him cussing like a sailor and yelling at his own coworkers has gone viral.

This alleged leaked video first appeared on Mediate. I am a bit suspicious of this leak, because since this was in studio camera video footage, why was it leaked at all? Anyways, his cussing does not fucking offend me one bit.

However, if this is natural organic video footage, then to me this is an excellent insight into the fucking fake world of television. These media whore propagandists like Lawrence O Donnell to me are no different then the rest of us serfs. Adding insult to injury a lot of these media whores are members of secret societies, military intelligence families, non governmental organizations, etc.

Also, most of the high profile television anchors like Lawrence are millionaires. Lawrence I guess was working on creating video clips for his lousy show The Last Word. MicroSlop National Bullshit Corporate propaganda is obviously left wing liberal media.

However, I don’t choose sides in the stupid duality called left versus right politics. Faux Pas News also known as Fox News Channel to me puts out just as much garbage. You see I don’t fucking watch television and that includes cable television.

“A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry,”

Lawrence O’Donnell

This telepromptor reader is actually an occasional actor and producer for Hollyweird. Lawrence is also a former writer with one book made into a film. Quite the fucking biography for an upity angry loose canon white man, with his membership benefits in the good ol white boys club.

This clown has government military connections in the form of mostly assisting Senator Daniel Moynihan. He has also written scripts for television shows like The West Wing. I am not actually sure why these video out takes were leaked?

Maybe some of his victims of his abusive shenanigans had enough? I would think that if these video clips were indeed leaked without approval, wouldn’t somebody get fired? Maybe they risked their lousy careers working for a lousy media whore propagandist considered as the most watched cable news network in America according to some statistics.

A quick search shows Faux Pas News and MicroSlop National Bullshit Corporation one and two. Not that I fucking care about garbage television. Not that I care about the lunatic left versus right dualistic paradigm.

However, I did find it amusing and interesting watching another fake ass American show their true lack of color. This clown earns allegedly four million dollars per annum to read off of a telepromptor and yell expletives at people.

United States Military – Opens First Military Base In Israel

Two terrorist organizations, the United States military and Israel government military have agreed to allow the United States military to build and open their first base inside of Israel’s border. This Army military base started operation today September eighteen two thousand seventeen. Several dozen American military terrorists will call this base home for now.

This is America’s first official military base on Israeli soil.

“For the first time, the flag of the United States, our most important partner, is deployed inside an IDF base. This expresses more than anything the long-standing partnership and the strategic commitment between the countries and the armies.”

Israel’s military as the savages that they are continue to strengthen their air defense system. They even admit that their increase in air defense systems coincided with allowing another terrorist organization, the United States military to open an army base on their own soil. These two nation states worked on this joint military base for two years.

This military base is located in southern Israel. The american military savages will operate their own equipment and not Israel’s. This is a mute point to me because anyone that has studied these two terror cells, knows that the United States gives anywhere from six to nine billion dollars in aid each year.

Also, the United States military gives free military armament to Israel. Israeli officials would not comment on whether or not these American savages would participate in combat operations. These two incestious kissing cousins have been working on a missile defense system called Iron Dome together.

They both claim that their reason behind this paranoia is their enemy Iran. Hypocrisy in nothing new with military dictatorships. What these two terrorist cells fail to tell you, is that they continue to use offensive measures against nation states like Palestine.

The United States Military of course helped fund the Iron Dome missile defense system, that in two thousand eleven became active. At the same time they continue to fearmonger about other government military nation states building similar systems in an attempt to defend themselves from terrorists like the two militaries that comprises the United States and Israel.

St Louis Police – Department Officer Jason Stockley Acquitted

A white police gestapo terrorist has been acquitted of murder. That is nothing new in the system of white terrorism. This time Jason Stockley was acquitted of the murder of Anthony Smith.

This decision was based off the sole decision from another government terrorist, judge Timothy Wilson. You see this was not a jury trial decision. This white savage Jason was initially charged of first degree murder and criminal action.

I am not surprised he was found NOT guilty. However, I am surprised he was charged with first degree murder to begin with. Anthony was murdered in two thousand eleven after a high speed pursuit by afore mentioned gestapo thug.

Protestors showed up immediately after this verdict in St. Louis, Missouri. Around twelve protestors were arrested. Wells Fargo, Stifel, and Nestle Purina Petcare sent thousands of serfs home after these protests grew Friday morning September fifteen two thousand seventeen. Traffic was rerouted from this protest area and around 5:30 PM this peaceful assembly was no longer deemed peaceful by gestapo as they shut this protest down.

“I think the verdict is disgusting,” said Smith, who is black. “I’m proud of these people protesting. If you look like me, then you feel like there is no other way to express yourself in the face of this kind of verdict.

Time and time again, African-American men are killed by police and nobody is held accountable.”

Judge Wilson released a thirty page document explaining why he decided to protect this violent savage white man Jason Stockley. This to me is another case where white people make up rules as they go along. This judge Timothy Wilson is also white.

Another government terrorist, Governor Eric Greitens actually activated the National Guard for this white washing verdict. Although allegedly the National Guard were not highly visible. How many fucking times do you hear the National Guard being actively deployed when some WHITE person is awaiting a potential controversial verdict?

Jason decided to waive his right to a jury trial and hence the reason why the corrupt crooked criminal white judge ruled instead. Although in my opinion this aspect would not have changed much as it is very rare that a white police gestapo terrorist is ever held accountable and found guilty. The thirty page St. Louis Police Department legal document is available on the Internet for you to barf over I mean read.

Cal Berkeley Campus – Braces Against Riots at Ben Shapiro Speech

Here we go again in the system of mental illness. Tonight Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak at Cal Berkeley Campus, about all things, leftist violence. You see Ben plays the right side of the left versus right duality.

This campus is under heightened security amidst earlier incidents of violence at this campus in two thousand seventeen. Ben has titled his speech “Fighting Campus Thuggery”. This clown is actually going into enemy territory so to speak and will being criticizing antifa.

I don’t choose sides between the left and right or center for that matter. I just find the title alone of his speech to possibly be intentional to stir the pot again. This Cal Berkeley Campus has allegedly spent six hundred thousand dollars on security alone for this affair, pun intended.

Will this white man stir the pot enough to cause a riot, that is the question in my mind. Ben is a former Breitbart editor. He currently writes for

Surrounding buildings will be closed and a large perimeter will be created around the hall where this clown will speak at 7PM local time. As a matter of fact some local businesses have decided to close early to avoid any possible violence. Antifa, in my opinion won the last brawl in San Francisco.

Will the conservative libertarian republican hippy white supremacists avenge that loss and settle the score? We shall see as this garbage left versus right duality has played out like a hockey game this year. The Berkeley Young Repugnants and Young America’s Foundation is hosting this event.

This event is free but requires identification. Also, it will be live streamed. Generally, at these speeches the fisticuffs don’t occur inside but outside these speaking venues.

Also, many times the violence seems to escalate before an event or speech begins. We shall see what transpires this time. Finally, I have noticed a pattern between these left versus right clashes.

Most violence has been perpetrated by WHITE people against WHITE people. Will this trend continue tonight at this Cal Berkeley Campus? I assume if this trend continues that the white media will remain silent about this obvious fact.

Freeman High School – Classmate Caleb Sharpe Shooting Rampage

Another white person up to no good in their rigged hood. This time a teenage boy, Caleb Sharpe, capped four of his own classmates at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington. He actually had two weapons on him.

An Armalite Rifle 15 and handgun this September thirteen two thousand seventeen. This event was first reported around 10:30 AM local time at the Freeman High School in Rockford Washington. Some local police gestapo are speculating that Caleb may have been a victim of bullying.

One report claims that there was a second shooter. One person died with three others getting wounded in this affair. Caleb is a sophomore attending this brain white washing temporary internment camp.

He has a YouTube channel where he uses the name Mongo Walker. According to some statistics, white males account for seventy percent of all public mass shootings in America. Add another one to this list, as allegedly Caleb murdered his own “best friend” Sam Strahan.

What a fucking way to treat your bestest friend. Although, supposedly Sam tried to intervene and this cost him his life.

Today that student came to school, armed. He entered the school and proceeded to take his weapons out. He attempted to fire one weapon and it jammed.

He went to his next weapon and a student walked up to him, engaged him and that student was shot.

This white boy is currently at the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center. The three wounded victims are in stable condition after being taken to Providence Sacred Medical Center. He shot three females, perhaps he is misogynist as well or a victim of feminism.

Amazingly enough, the day before this shooting on September twelve two thousand seventeen, this school held a lockdown drill. What are the chances of that happening. Also, today’s classes were actually delayed as according to one student, Cory Therman, this shooting took place just after the school bell rang.

One report claims that this shooting transpired shortly after 10 AM local time. Other nearby schools were placed under lockdown even though this shooting only lasted around a minute. It was actually a school custodian that tackled this white savage and detained him until gestapo arrived.

As of the time of this blog post creation, his Youtube channel was closed. His Google + account was removed as well. His FaceBook account is still accessible.

Country Music Songwriters – Katie Quackenbush Shoots Homeless Man

Another incident of mental illness in the system of mental illness perhaps. This time a possible white female to me shot twice a homeless man. This shooting occurred in Nashville, Tennessee.

Twenty six year old Katie Quackenbush shot fifty four year old Gerald Melton twice. He is still recovering at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His injuries were life threatening.

This white female savage I guess became involved in an argument with Gerald. He was sleeping and awoke to her loud music and fumes from her Porsche sport utility vehicle. Allegedly, he asked her to leave so that he could sleep.

Kind of a strange request from somebody that lives on the streets. I am not judging just reporting what supposedly occurred. Katie took exception to this request and began a verbal argument with this homeless man.

Katie and Gerald supposedly were yelling at each other. When this man continued to argue with her, she shot him twice in his abdomen. Don’t you just love how these violent savage Americans interact with each other.

Katie Quackenbush is actually an aspring country music singer. Also, her father is a high profile lawyer based out of San Antonio, Texas. Katie is being charged with attempted murder.

This shooting occurred August twenty six two thousand seventeen at 901 19th Avenue South by music row, in Nashville Tennessee. She is being held on twenty five thousand dollars bond, which really isn’t that much for attempted murder. Katie drove away in her Porsche and fled after capping this man twice.

Gerald Melton is also white. This is another case of white on white crime, that of course the white media refuses to acknowledge. A possible witness was in the Porsche sport utility vehicle’s passenger seat.

That person is anonymous and has not been charged legally yet. Gerald who goes by the name Doug is also a musician. Her breads y circuses name is Katie Layne.

Her twitter account has since been taken down after she was arrested. She worked for Sanford Rose Associates, as a recruiter in Texas according to her Linkedin profile. She posted bail and is facing her first court appearance in October two thousand seventeen.

Seattle Mayor – Ed Murray Resigns After 5th Sex Abuse Claim

Another white man up to no good in his rigged hood. I have written about this pervert translucent, Ed Murray before. Ed Murray is openly homosexual, which does not bother me.

However, he now has five claims of sexual abuse on his doorstep. I don’t know what the problem is with these perverted white men and women in authoritative positions, no pun intended. One of his own cousins has now claimed Ed sexually abused him decades prior.

Pervert Murray resigned his post, as a paper and pen terrorist, also known as a bureaucratic mayor. Tomorrow this pathetic white man is officially resigning. He was planning on seeking a second term as he denied these multiple sexual abuse claims.

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business.”

Ed Murray is actually a leftist Democrat politician, not that I care about the right versus left political duality. One solution would be to eradicate all governments in America. That way there would be less sodomy occurring.

His own cousin, Joseph Dyer claims Ed sexually abused him. All of his victims are men, which makes sense since he is homosexual. Delvonn Heckard, sued this pervert earlier this April after he claims Ed paid him for sex, while Delvonn was just a teenager.

Another man Jeff Simpson claims Ed sexually molested him when this now soon to become former mayor was his foster parent. This allegation was claimed way back in two thousand eight. However, media whore propagandists at the Seattle Times refused to report on this because they claim this information could not be verified.

Actually, a child welfare investigator actually found this allegation true in the nineteen eighties. This level corrupt crooked criminality is nothing new for authority figures in America. Joseph was only thirteen when Ed molested him multiple times over a one year period.

“There would be times when I would fake sleeping because I didn’t want him touching me.”

Ed Murray worked at a Catholic group home at this time. He was never charged because this group home decided to allow Ed to leave rather than seek legal charges. Christianity has an age old custom of child abuse, not just exclusive to Catholicism.

This Seattle Mayor has never been charged legally for his sexual perversions perpetrated against boys. We shall see how this white perverts potential legal problems play out. Perhaps he is another Jerry Sandusky and or Jimmy Savile.

I wonder how many other government military political perverts are molesting children as we speak?

Seattle Seahawks Update – on Police Threatening Michael Bennett

Another incident where by police gestapo in America threaten a person with color. I don’t really care about breads and circuses. However, no person to me is immune to the system of white terrorism.

This time another National Football League player speaks out about racist society in America. Michael Bennett claims that a Las Vegas police department gestapo member terrorist threatened to cap him in the head. He claims this occurred last month in August of two thousand seventeen.

Michael claims he was in Las Vegas Nevada when he and a crowd of people heard gunshots. A few minutes later police gestapo showed up and as the terrorists that they are, pointed their weapons at him.

“Like many of the people in the area I ran away from the sound, looking for safety. Las Vegas police officers singled me out and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I would not be surprised nor would I doubt that this occurred. Michael had ran away from those gun shots. A police gestapo terrorist allegedly told him to get on the ground and stipulated he would “blow my fucking head off” if he moved.

Another gestapo terrorist assisted by jamming his knee in Michael’s back, making it difficult for him to breathe. Also, these violent savages tightened his handcuffs so tight, that some of his fingers went numb. Michael was released after sitting in a terrorist mobile and his identity verified.

Interestingly enough Michael has choose not to stand for the American Nazi national anthem, during National Footbal Leage games, like the currently unemployed Colin Kaepernick. Michael has obtained legal counsel and is working on a possible civil rights lawsuit. A short video has been released on the Internet showing parts of his arrest.

It was obvious to me one police terrorist had a handgun in his right hand. Another terrorist was handcuffing Michael. As of the time of this blog post creation, I was not able to find out any names of these savage police.

University of Utah Health Care – Nurse Alex Wubbels False Arrest

The system of white terrorism steam rolls ahead. This time another white on white confrontation took place, in Utah. A University of Utah Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels was falsely arrested by a white Salt Lake City police gestapo terrorist named Jeff L. Payne.

This female was white as well. This gestapo goon Jeff was allegedly investigating a car accident. Part of his supposed investigation was to demand a blood sample from a sedated patient.

However, this is not legal for a police jack booted thug to just demand a blood sample from a hospital patient. I have talked about and written about at great lengths, on how white people will when necessary make shit up as they go along. Here to me is another excellent example.

This nurse stood her ground so to speak. This hospital’s policy with regards to blood sample requests falls under three basics. They do NOT release any blood samples to anyone unless:

* Patient is under arrest
* Patient consent
* Police search warrant signed by a judge

This police gestapo demanded that Alex release a blood sample to him as part of his alleged “investigation”. She kept declining his illegal request to no avail. She even soliceted approval from other hospital management.

This white terrorist, Jeff L. Payne, then began to threaten her with arrest. Threatening an arrest on a person to get what you want out of them might be another illegal tactic that this gestapo scum used. Abusing your status as an authority figure comes to mind.

Anyways, eventually this white man arrested this white woman in a rough manner that was caught on video. Two to three other white male hospital staff tried to diffuse this situation and talk some sense to the wild white savage Jeff. He preceded with the false arrest and even claimed that this nurse was interfering with his investigation.

Why was this police gestapo so obsessed with obtaining a blood sample without going through the proverbial white rules? Perhaps he was trying to access evidence first, to try to cover something up? Who knows I don’t know.

“If I don’t get to get the blood, I’m taking her to jail. I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow. That’s my only two choices.”

Lame apologies from two bureaucrats, Salt Lake City mayor Jackie Biskupski, and police gestapo chief Mike Brown. By the way similar tactics were used in Nazi Germany by their police goons. This gestapo terrorist has since been placed on administrative leave.

Another police gestapo member was placed on administrative leave after this kidnapping. I am not defending this white woman, but merily reporting. To me it is very possible that these two goons are still receiving compensation as we speak.

A driver fleeing from police died and that is why this police goon was investigating this particular patient. This patient was involved in a vehicle accident caused by the fleeing driver. Many americans die needlessly running from police terrorists in America each year.

To me the system of white terrorism is all about control. Lives could be saved by police not getting involved in dangerous high speed pursuits. To me there is no reason to pursue a suspect at such high speed, while endangering other citizens as long as that individual did not hurt or kill anyone.

I often wonder if these white people running this system ever use any logic? This white woman Alex, was never actually officially arrested. She was detained and placed in handcuffs for around twenty minutes.

In other words she was kidnapped by a stranger with a weapon. There are at least two different videos of this incident. One from Jeff the police terrorist’s body cam.

A second police terrorist body cam video footage. Perhaps this was two white people butting heads authoritatively. Who knows I don’t know, but this is very useful video footage for people with color to view.