White People – MTV to Air Jose Antonio Vargas Documentary Series

MTV is going to air Jose Antonio Vargas’s documentary series titled “White People” on July twenty second, 2015. This documentary is supposedly going to follow five white students and question their “white privilege” in society. Already, Mr. Vargas is being demonized by people that I assume classify, identify and label as white on the Internet.

Dislikes compared to likes are five to one on this official trailer’s YouTube video, at time of this blog post creation. As is proverbial with white people to me, they are on the offensive on the Internet about this documentary. How dare you analyze, criticize, and view white people cynically, critically, and analytically.

While I don’t watch television myself, I am a little surprised this documentary series will be aired. Perhaps this will become white washed, who knows. Jose Antonio Vargas is not a documented immigrant, living in America.

He has not been deported as of yet, but claims daily he gets at least questioning or calling for his deportation, via social networking. He is not legal to the white man but he proclaims he is not leaving anytime soon. Jose is a Pulitzer prize winning writer.

Interestingly enough he was born in the Philippines. It will be interesting to see the white lash he gets from white people in America and perhaps planet wide. I’m also interested to see if ratings plummet or not on MTV during airing of this series.

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Pinellas County Florida – White Bureaucrat: BBQ Smoke is Illegal

A white Pinellas County Florida bureaucrat by name of Joe Graham was out code enforcing over what he alleges is illegal barbecue smoke out on a public street. What is interesting to me is that white people would label this individual as black. He claims nobody in forty years has complained about barbecue smoke spilling out into that street.

Also, he pointed out that one of his neighbors had cooked out recently and nobody had complained. This white man is a local environmentalist from a local terror cell, Pinellas County, Florida government. A local fire department and police terror cell have also been called complaining of this outrageous barbecue connoisseur.

This person with color points out a second time that all his other neighbors that barbecue have not been harassed or had complaints filed against them. It could be that they are all white. Although I don’t know exact demographic data for that neighborhood.

This man also points out that police and fire have visited him multiple times prior. A white environmentalist points out that he showed up just to verify whether or not any barbecue smoke had slipped out onto a street. This person with color did add that this same neighbor across this street, complains each and every time he barbecue’s to a fire department and police terrorists.

Also, he claims that he calls into fire and police departments and they tell him to go right on polluting translucent neighbors I mean barbecuing. This white bureaucratic terrorist uses the word “fair” and also claims that a “rule” may have been broken. Earlier in this exchange he volunteered to read a “law” verbatim.

This white man said that he would write up a report, file it, and send it to other government terrorists. Also, this white man stipulated that this property owner could grill to his hearts desire, as long as smoke does not drift off into a street. This white man claims he saw smoke “leaving your property”.

Joe Graham
Environmental Specialist 1
Air Compliance
509 East Avenue South
Suite 138
Clearwater, Florida 33756

Hulk Hogan – Fired by World Wrestling Entertainment Over Racism

Hulk Hogan whose real name is Terry Bollea, has been fired by World Wrestling Entertainment over leaked transcripts, exposing one of his racist rants. These transcripts are sealed in Pinellas County, Florida, but possibly two tabloids were able to obtain them. Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan referred to black people as “fucking niggers”.

At one point he even admitted he is a racist by exclaiming “I am a racist, to a point”. Allegedly, these racist rants are due to his daughter Brooke’s relationship with a black billionaire. Below are some further quotes:

“I don’t know if Brooke was fucking the black guy’s son,”

“I mean, I don’t have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, fucking niggers. But then when it comes to nice people and shit, and whatever…”

“I mean, I’d rather if she was going to fuck some nigger, I’d rather have her marry an eight foot tall nigger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player!”

“I guess we’re all a little racist. Fucking nigger.”

Nobody knows how these publications were able to obtain these alleged sealed documents. Apparently, World Wrestling Entertainment took these comments seriously and released a statement claiming they terminated their contract with Terry Bollea. Hulk Hogan denies he was terminated saying that he resigned from WWE yesterday.

Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollea apologized too little too late today. World Wrestling Entertainment has already begun to remove him from their website. He has been removed from a WWE hall of shame I mean hall of fame page.

All of his merchandise has been removed from WWEShop.com.

Grand 16 Theater – White Man John Houser Trainwreck Movie Shooter

A fifty eight year old white man is suspected of murdering two move goers at a showing of Trainwreck at the Grand 16 Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana today. One witness claims seeing this man open fire around twenty minutes into this movie that began at 7 PM local central time. Allegedly, after murdering two people he committed suicide.

A total of ten people were shot reportedly. Katie Domingue witnessed what she claimed was “an older white man” shooting at people inside this theater. Later, she escaped with her fiancee through an exit door, leaving her shoes and purse behind.

She claims she did not hear him say anything. Seven people are supposedly injured. Also, authorities have yet to release a gun mans name.

This white gunman was a patron and around one hundred total people were at this theater at time of this incidence. Other local area movie theaters were shutdown as a precaution. Clay Henry vice president of operations for Acadian Ambulance claims a total of eight individuals were transported and two total were pronounced dead on arrival including a gun man.

Three people are in critical condition. Explosive devices in a parking lot were searched for. Names of victims have not been released.

There was a huge police presence as video graphed in some YouTube videos. Jim Craft a white Lafayette Police chief claimed there response time was less than a minute. An amazing response time since on average police terrorists response times are more likely at least five to ten minutes and sometimes much greater.

He claims that four officers entered and engaged this white shooter as he was still firing shots. This chief of terrorists I mean chief of police claimed he knew an identity of this white shooter but did not want to affect integrity of an on going investigation. These police goons decided to close another Grande Theater nearby as precautionary.

Louisiana state police and Federal Bureau of Insurgency is white washing I mean assisting this investigation.

UPDATE: July 23, 2015
White suspect has now been identified as John House

Stewart Parnell – White Man Sells Salmonella Laden Peanut Butter

Federal bureaucrats are urging that white man Stewart Parnell receive a life long prison sentence today. Stewart Parnell, former Peanut Corporation of America President, knowingly allowed peanut butter to become sold that was tested for salmonella. Nine people died from this salmonella laden peanut butter.

His peanuts that he knew were tainted with salmonella also made over seven hundred people sick. He was convicted in September of two thousand fourteen and is just now being sentenced. A jury found this white food criminal, guilty of seventy one counts including conspiracy, obstructing justice, wire fraud, as well as other crimes relating to this salmonella outbreak that he created in two thousand eight.

A federal judge won’t dish out a sentence until September 21, 2015. Allegedly, this is first ever food poisoning case in an American court. This white man was never charged with murder or intentionally making people sick.

He knew those peanuts were infected with salmonella. Stewart Parnell has claimed he ate some of this peanut butter and even served some to his own family. Perhaps he was lying or trying to off his own family?

Peanut Corporation of America used falsified safety reports, in order to sell salmonella tainted peanuts to companies such as Kellogg’s. His brother Michael Parnell was also convicted but for less charges. Ken Hodges, Stewart Parnell’s lawyer calls a possible life in prison sentence “That recommendation is truly absurd”.

The fact this white man murdered nine people and injured over seven hundred but did not get charged for murder or is facing a death penalty to me is absurd. Perhaps this outcome is because he is white. We shall see how long he is sentenced for in September.

Sandra Bland – Texas Police Terrorists Release Full Arrest Video

Texas State Police terrorists released a full dash cam video, documenting police terrorist Brian Encinia’s arrest of Sandra Bland. This fifty two minutes and thirteen second video is allegedly a full version of this incident. Brian Encinia pulled her over because she changed lanes without using a turn signal.

However, this incident turned violent as he eventually tased her. She was then arrested and died in the custody of Texas State terrorists. You see Brian Encinia is a white man and Sandra Bland is what white people would label black.

Also, Sandra Bland was video recording this traffic stop with her phone. Brian Encinia took exception to this and told her to put her phone on her car. Soon after this police terrorist, escalated this situation into violence.

Originally, Texas State Police claimed she committed suicide while in jail. Now there is an on going murder investigation. As is proverbial in white people’s system, the corrupt Federal Bureau of Insurgency is investigating this possible white homicide.

This rookie terrorist I mean police officer was quite a distance away from her, but quickly closed as he broke speed limits. Sandra Bland is a local Black Lives Matter activist. Brian Encinia broke traffic stop and courtesy protocols.

This murder investigation may lead to a grand jury. An original autopsy listed her death as suicide by hanging. However, coroner’s offices in America have lied about autopsy reports in past circumstances.

Brian Encinia of course has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Mary Gatter – White Planned Parenthood Female Sells Baby Parts

Another video surfaced today from The Center For Medical Progress, whom secretly video recorded a white woman selling baby parts. This white woman’s name is Mary Gatter and she is Planned Parenthood’s Medical Directors’ Council President. This video has received over three hundred and seventy eight thousand views.

Last week Deborah Nucatola, a white woman as well, was busted selling baby parts for Planned Parenthood. Mary Gatter is quoted as saying “…PPFA, our parent body, is on board with tissue donation, but we have to ask for a waiver to do it, and we have to lay out for them what our program’s gonna be like”. She claims that there was compensation for this service.

At one point she even stipulates that patients don’t receive any compensation. Mary Gatter claimed she would accept seventy five dollars per specimen. She event told a “potential buyer” that she would have accepted $50 per specimen.

This possible buyer was a women playing a part of a potential buyer, for The Center For Medical Progress. This Planned Parenthood Council President even asked how many months old these specimens would suffice. Also, she discusses in vague terms about using a “less crunchy” technique, in order to get tissue specimens that are more intact for her customer.

She then discusses a necessity for a contract and waiver. When continuing with her discussion about compensation, she jokes about wanting a Lamborghini. Sales or purchase of human fetal tissue is a felony in the United States.

Another white woman appeared in this video, but I was not able to find out her name. She had very little to say and only appeared on camera towards end of this eight minute and twenty four second YouTube video. Cecile Richards, a white woman as well, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America denied that this company profits from tissue donations.

Soap Lake – White Gestapo Police Caught Driving Unmarked Vehicles

Two white Soap Lake gestapo also known as police were caught white handed driving in vehicles not marked. It is illegal for police, in Washington state to drive in vehicles that are not parked as police cruisers when conducting police terrorism I mean police business. One officer of police terrorism is named Ryan Cox.

A white man named Gavin Seim video graphed this incident. He is a local activist in Soap Lake area whom has caught police in corrupt actions prior to this event. When he questioned one of these white police goons, he literally drove off.

Finally, Gavin confronted him at Soap Lake police terrorist headquarters. As is proverbial with police terrorists, he denied any wrong doing. At one point he wouldn’t let Gavin Seim into an office area claiming it was private.

This is ridiculous as police departments are public property paid for by public tax proceeds. Another white police gestapo pulled up at police headquarters in a vehicle not marked for police use. This video footage was uploaded to YouTube on July seventeen two thousand fifteen and has over eighty thousand views.

This incident actually transpired last year and a few months after this altercation, Soap Lake police started marking those vehicles. However, according to Gavin they are still illegal because lettering on the police vehicles does not contrast to make them easy to recognize. For now lettering on these vehicles is hard to see.

Towards an end of this video two younger white males confront him. Some people think they might be police informants, local drug informants, friends, or related to one of these police gestapo. One of these young white boys said “Fuck the Constitution” when Gavin Seim pointed out how corrupt America has become.

Patrick Rushing – White Mayor Wants Barack & Michelle Obama Hanged

A white mayor of Airway Heights, Washington named Patrick Rushing, whom is “ex” military has suggested that both President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle should be hanged. This is nothing new for this possible white terrorist. He has made around seventy five racist comments towards people with color on his Facebook account.

This white man has admitted publicly to referring to Barack Obama as “monkey man” and Michelle Obama as “gorilla face”. However, this translucent has refused to resign as mayor. These comments have led Airway Heights city council to request his resignation.

As a matter of fact they are having a council meeting at 5:30 PM local time today to allegedly vote on sanctions that might include his removal. This white clown is compensated two thousand fake federal reserve notes per month to run this small suburb near Spokane, Washington into the ground. Also, he has attacked homosexuals, and immigrants.

Patrick Rushing is a Christian. In context, this possible hooded KKK member said that both Barack and Michelle Obama should “hang for treason”. Sanctions being threatened by a local city council include limiting his involvement on board and commissions.

White man Patrick Rushing claims he refuses to resign his position as mayor over these admitted racist remarks because then that would make him a racist which he denies being. Allegedly, this white clown is fighting cancer. Perhaps he will succumb to this problem as natural Karma.

You can check out a slew of Patrick Rushing’s Facebook posts screen captured.

Ku Klux Klan – White Supremacists Confronted by People With Color

Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina, which is a white terrorist group to me, held a confederate flag rally yesterday. This group scheduled this rally because of a removal of a confederate flag from South Carolina capitol grounds a week prior. Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina expected around two hundred white Klan to appear.

Witnesses claim a much smaller number, perhaps fifty to one hundred appeared. These Klan were not the only terrorists at this rally. A large contingent of police and sheriff terrorists were on hand.

Five individuals were arrested at this affair, pun intended. One was arrested for “suspicion” of disorderly conduct. Two individuals arrested for assault and two others for breaching peace.

I was not able to obtain detailed information about these arrests. I was curious of number of people with color or lack there of that were arrested. Allegedly, seven people were treated for injuries by medics.

According to witnesses, a crowd of two thousand people actually attended this event. Most of them were protesters and law enforcement. There were some physical skirmishes and scuffles.

One white man was forced to drop his knife by a gun wielding white police or sheriff. Another white man was seen apprehended on the ground forcefully by both police and sheriff. One “black” male was seen hitting a Klan member with a confederate vest in his head.

Supposedly, this caused cheers from some crowd members. A white confederate flag supporter even was photographed stomping on an Israeli flag. These festivities were ended one hour prematurely as law enforcement exclaimed “in the interest of Public Safety”.

Black Educators for Justice scheduled a counter protest and anticipated three hundred members to attend. No word on how many of their members attended. Thankfully, no people with color were killed at this gala affair, last pun intended.