Iraq Occupation – Was 2003 Invasion Based on US Military Lies?

United States policy in Iraq and Life in Iraq under United States military occupation talks given by a Dr. Dahlia Wasfi. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi was born in the United States to an American Jewish mother and an Iraqi Moslem father. She lived in Iraq as a child, returning to the United States at age five.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in nineteen ninety seven. Dr. Wasfi has made two trips to Iraq to visit her extended family since a two thousand and three “Shock and Awe” invasion, including a three month stay in Basrah in spring of two thousand six. She has brought her eyewitness account of life under occupation to the United States, Capitol Hill in District of Columbia, Toronto Canada, Vancouver Canada, Madrid Spain in two thousand seven, and the third International Iraq conference in Berlin, Germany, in March two thousand eight.

Her talk in Austin, Texas covered some devastating effects of the nineteen ninety one Gulf War, some economic sanctions, and a two thousand three invasion and occupation. Dahli Wasfi is a peace activist and critic of American military presence in Iraq. Was the United States military intervention in Iraq justified or based off of deceit, lies, distortion of reality, etc.?

Even former puppet United States President George W. Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with some events of September eleven two thousand one and did not have weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Wasfi has spoken out in support of immediate, without conditional withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and a need to end a current occupation of Iraq. She is currently working on a book that has been put on hold.

White Phosphorus – is Another World Really Possible in Iraq?

Another World is Possible in Iraq. Not often heard are some voices of peace cried out from people who’s lives are destroyed by occupying forces. Those who are intent on creating divides among people of the world use bigotry, and prejudice, as guises to justify their inhumane actions while embezzling resources.

Occupier occupied is a collection of studies documenting dissenting voices from a generation of people deeply affected by injustices levied by weak men, far removed from their victims. These studies dispel some occupiers propaganda which suggests that these people are all terrorists and gives back a microphone to a collection of voices never heard, only sanitized. Fallujah White Phosphorus.

Fallujah, Iraq. This documentary shows that weapons of mass destruction were used by George W. Bush and the American government military against a country unable to feed itself, who is desperately trying to survive against insurmountable odds, yet in violation to international law, the American gunslinger George W. Bush lashes out with perhaps a most atrocious weapon of mass destruction any one human could suffer. This documentary provides evidence that if put before a jury, George W. Bush would be convicted to a death penalty in his own country!

Was white phosphorus used on Iraqi civilians during an invasion of Iraq by the United States military in 2003 and beyond? White phosphorus is a colorless, white, or yellow waxy solid with a garlic like odor. It does not occur naturally, but is manufactured from phosphate rocks.

White phosphorus reacts rapidly with oxygen, easily catching fire at temperatures ten to fifteen degrees above room temperature. White phosphorus is used by the United States military in various types of ammunition, and to produce smoke for concealing troop movements and identifying targets. There have been many allegations of white phosphorus use in Iraq.

Do you think it is possible white phosphorus was used on Iraqi’s during an American invasion?

Zeitgeist – Is This Movement a Communist Socialist False Positive?

Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate root causes of some pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other establishment notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part. This work advocates a new social system which is updated to present knowledge, highly influenced by a life long work of Jacque Fresco, whom is “ex” military and the Venus Project.

Zeitgeist films were produced and directed by Peter Joseph Merola. These films covered some events of September eleven two thousand one, United States federal reserve system, religion, etc. One key solution is a resource based economy, which is a big part of the Venus Project.

Zeitgeist heavily criticizes a current system of government, military, politics, formal law, etc. Peter Joseph Merola released the first Zeitgeist documentary film in two thousand seven. Conspiracies such as September eleven two thousand one, federal reserve banking system, religion used as a control mechanism, etc. are covered in this film.

Not like other film documentaries that point out perhaps obvious flaws with a current human system, Zeitgeist actually discusses potential solutions to these problems.

This film series starting with Zeitgeist the film, Zeitgeist Addendum, and ending with Zeitgeist Moving Forward is a trilogy. Peter Joseph Merola was going to make a fourth film entitled Zeitgeist Beyond the Pale, but he later decided to end this film series as a trilogy. This trilogy has had millions of views on the Internet as all three films are available for free.

A Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project later cut ties, after some controversy and a decision made that both organizations would remain individual in nature. Also, Gregory Wantz, former radio host of Zradio an officially sanctioned Zeitgeist movement, was recorded possibly threatening someone’s life. Is Zeitgeist movement just another false positive communist socialist movement?

Israel and Palestine Peace – Is This Really Genetic Cleansing?

Tiger by The Tail video film documentary. Placing an Israeli Palestine conflict in a context as seen from the United Nations and in general the worlds perspective, in contrast to the United States government and the Israeli governments own conflicted perspective. This documentary highlights questionable arguments and propaganda used by the United States and Israeli governments, who justify actions of stealing Palestine land.

It shows clearly an extent of land and inevitably destructed lives which has been a result of this holocaust. Great destruction resulting in an extensive loss of life. Is genocide occurring in Palestine?

The media outlets in The United States and Israel will make you believe other wise. What doesn’t get reported very much if at all in both a fore mentioned nation states, is the amount of death and destruction occurring in Palestine. Not only does the United States and Israel not report about possible genocide occurring in Palestine, but often times it paints Palestinians as terrorists.

Whom are the real terrorists in this scenario? Palestine doesn’t have much of a military or government for that matter when compared to perhaps monolithic monsters Israel and the United States. The United States gives around six to nine billion annual military aid to Israel from my understanding.

This does not account for items that are basically free or not accounted for in terms of currency. Is what is taking place in Palestine genetic cleansing? Is it perhaps racism white supremacy?

Is it solely a land grab? Some of these questions are asked and answered in this documentary. If anything this documentary at least tries to view this conflict from a different perspective.

Albeit this perspective is contrary to what propaganda is being used in the Israel and United States media.

Sherry Jackson – Real Victim of Racism White Supremacy Terrorism?

Breaking the Invisible Shackles of the IRS by Sherry Peel Jackson, a certified fraud examiner and ex IRS agent. She Challenges all citizens to demand answers from Congress about legality of Federal income taxes and the Federal Reserve. Sherry claims that as an ex IRS agent, she was never able to find anywhere in an official Internal Revenue Service code, where it made paying income tax mandatory.

She was charged in two thousand seven and sentenced to a misdemeanor willful failure to file a federal income tax return. She spent thirty six months overall in prison from two thousand eight to two thousand eleven. Also, she had home detention and probation after her prison release.

Was Sherry Peel Jackson a scapegoat after she started to expose a possible income tax fraud? There have been other tax protesters and whistle blowers ie. Joe Banister, Larken Rose, etc. whom have not been charged and or imprisoned for exposing a possible income tax fraud. Since Sherry Peel Jackson is a “black” female, was it perhaps racism as well?

You can listen to her talk about her “show me the law” campaign that landed her in prison on Youtube. It is interesting that Amendment sixteen of the United States CONstitution, allows the United States federal government to tax citizens income. The sixteenth amendment was ratified coincidentally in nineteen thirteen, a same year that a current federal reserve was conceived.

There have been many people that have claimed a sixteenth amendment was never properly ratified by two thirds vote by members of Congress and or two thirds vote by state legislatures. Another argument is that income tax is not CONstitutional to begin with. If you think that there is no Internal Revenue Service code requiring United States citizens to pay income tax, then you might want to check out Sherry Peel Jackson’s official blog.

Ripple Effect – Were an Alleged London 7/7 Attack an Inside Job?

7/7 Ripple Effect which covers an “alleged” terrorist attacks on July seven two thousand five in London, England.

Dear Viewer,

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day. Regarding July seven two thousand five terrorist attacks in London, let us look at some facts, and what we were told, and compare them. Then, using Ockhams Razor and common sense, let us see what conclusions are to be drawn, so we can all understand what most likely really did happen that day.

Were those “alleged” terrorist attacks in London on July seven two thousand five an inside job? 7/7 Ripple Effect is about an hour long documentary which questions an “official” version of this event. It is interesting that an official version blames four muslims for this so called terrorist attack.

Where have we heard brown people being blamed for an alleged terrorist attack before? Oh that’s right, those events of September eleven two thousand one which were blamed on nineteen brown terrorists with box cutters. There were some strange occurrences with that London incident.

For one thing, allegedly a bus route where so called terrorists perpetrated their crime, was never in operation until July seven two thousand five. Also, a security excercise exclusively for “terrorist” acts just happened to occur at same time as this alleged “terrorist” attack. Was this security exercise really staged so that this attack could be a false flag inside job?

Scheduling security drills during a false flag can cause confusion and can aid in an inside job scenario. Also, it is claimed that explosives used in this alleged terrorist attack were pre planted. A number thirty bus, which didn’t exist before is a huge white flag, at least to my dogmatic subjective perspective.

There are other strange occurrences that are covered in this fifty six minute 7/7 Ripple Effect documentary. This documentary is easily available on the Internet by performing a google search or looking on video sharing sites like

False Flag – Were Events of September 11, 2001 Inside Military Job?

I was joined in a discussion about some events of September eleven, two thousand one also known as 911. Was 911 an inside job? If so, who, why, and how were these alleged terrorist attacks perpetrated?

Controlled opposition was another lengthy subject matter. Different types and examples of just what controlled opposition are, was discussed. Different theories into what controlled opposition is exactly designed to perform was spoken about.

False flag terrorism, such as 911 was also brought up as a topic of discussion. Examples of prior false flag attacks, besides September eleven, two thousand one was articulated. Definitions and procedures of false flag attacks was talked about.

Black operations was a newly discussed subject. This was defined and examples of whom and how these operations are carried out were given. Is it just only military that carry out black operations or are there other entities on this planet that carry them out?

Government mind control came up as a topic of discussion. Does government agencies use mind control to subjugate citizens? Is MK ultra a hoax or is it just one of many government sponsored mind control projects?

A common theme on these initial broadcasts has been a global enslavement system. Does a world wide global enslavement system really exist? What does this system really look like and how is it structured?

Reverting back to a topic of false flag attacks that government military carry out. This topic is not widely known. Basically, it is an ends to justify means for government military to carry out other activities or agendas.

An analogy I like to use is one of arson. If I burned my own residence down and then claimed arson in order to recoup some insurance money. Some people have been known to murder somebody they know in order to gain insurance money, but blame it on somebody else obviously.

Slavery Economics – Are Large Corporations Wage Slave Entities?

I discussed some events of September eleven, two thousand one in New York City extensively. Twin towers tumbling down was talked about per usual as an inside job. Exactly how those towers were really destroyed was a big issue.

Another topic spoken about was controlled opposition. Definitions of what controlled opposition ideology were bantered about. As in previous broadcasts, examples of controlled opposition and tactics they used was reiterated.

Corporate slavery came up as a discussion piece quite frequently. Are corporations really more nefarious than profit generators? Do large corporations function as wage slave entities?

Another theme discussed at length was government control. Is government’s sole purpose to control and regulate? A possibility that government is used as an oppressive control mechanism, among other roles, was chatted about.

Taxation as a method of slavery was glossed over as well. Is taxation just another form of forced upon servitude? Also, do your tax dollars really go towards services that government purports to provide?

Mainstream media propaganda was another focal point that was widely discussed. Does media function as truth tellers or more succinctly propaganda artists, solely to shape the way humans think? Also, whom actually run media outlets in America such as military rather then corporations was dissected.

Medical and pharmaceutical dangers was a common theme during this discussion. Does medical industrial complex really have best interest of their patients at heart? Also, whether or not pharmaceutical products actually are harmful rather than helpful was articulated.

What started off on a discussion of a global enslavement system segwayed into numerous other topics. Is there a global system of slavery on this Planet? If so, who is responsible for setting up a system used to oppress certain people?

Are economic systems like capitalism just a way to control and enslave people? Is capitalism really about freedom but more succinctly slavery? Working for a living and trying to keep enough food on my table as well as a roof over my head I don’t think is an accident and is designed to control me.

Cultural Racism – Is Racism Inherited at Birth or is it Learned?

I was joined in a discussion of race and racism. We went over how we thought that played out in the global enslavement system. Is racism inherited at birth or is it a learning process?

Also, we discussed how maybe racism is a divide and conquer tactic used by global enslavers. My guest gave some examples in society of overt racism. We discussed how some events of September eleventh two thousand and one in New York City could have been racially motivated.

From my perspective some events of September 11, 2001 having to deal with the twin towers coming down had nothing to do with nineteen brown terrorists with box cutters, but more succinctly that it was an inside white supremacy military job. Powerful racist white people used this false flag terrorist attack in order to continue or escalate their agenda of terrorizing black and brown people worldwide as well as continuing to colonize non-white areas of planet Earth.

War as a racist agenda was also talked about. Are many so called wars in last half a century or so, based on race? A current war on terror was critiqued as possibly racist.

Yet again from my perspective many so called wars in past fifty to one hundred years have been racist and are actually invasions. Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa, Argentina, Palestine, etc. are examples of black and brown areas of this planet being attacked by individuals that classify and identify as white. White on white wars or invasions have become rare in past fifty years.

A term white supremacy was chatted about. Does white supremacy only occur in America or is it a world wide phenomenon? Are global enslavers actually white supremacists’ whom are trying to control and dictate the entire world?

911 Attacks – Are Land of Free and Home of Brave Absurd Slogans?

I was joined in an interesting chat about some events of September 11, 2001 in New York City. Was 911 indeed an inside job like many theories out there purport it to have been? We talked about how exactly we thought that both twin towers on September eleven two thousand one came down.

Another discussion talked about was what a thesis of controlled opposition is defined as. Are there really agents, cointelpro, provaceuters, etc. in society controlling opposition to government agendas, taxation, military, etc.? A list of individuals allegedly falling under definitions of controlled opposition were discussed.

Fear mongering was another topic of discussion. Does media, military, government, etc. use fear mongering tactics to get people to go along with their agendas? Fear mongering can be perhaps used in multiple ways for multiple reasons.

A global enslavement system was talked about as well. Many facets of this alleged global enslavement system was articulated. Are Americans really as free as they might think they are?

Is “the land of the free” and “home of the brave” absurd slogans? The United States government military loves to propagandize how free America is in contrast to other nations. Well when studying these other abstract nations, it has come quite clear that this notion of freedom in America is a distortion of reality.

America is just as oppressive as other nations on this planet. I do not see much differences in this part of the planet than in other areas that have a government military running things. America to me is one of the most corrupt nation states on Earth if not the most corrupt political entity.

American schools, history books, experts, government officials, media, etc. keep spewing off this absurd notion. Meanwhile more and more laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, etc. are created to keep Americans controlled and enslaved.