London Bombings – Were July 7 2005 Bombings a False Flag Attack?

Ludicrous Diversion

On seventh of July two thousand five, London was hit by a series of explosions. You probably think you know what happened that day. But you don’t.

The police have, from an onset of their investigation, chose to withhold from a public almost every bit of evidence they claim to have and have probably lied about several aspects of those London Bombings. A mainstream news has wilfully spread false, non substantiated and not verifiable information, while choosing to completely ignore numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in an official story. The British government has finally presented us with their official narrative concerning this event.

Within hours it was shown to contain numerous errors, a fact since admitted by the British Home Secretary John Reid. They have continuously rejected calls for a full, independent public inquiry. Tony Blair himself described such an inquiry as a ludicrous diversion.

What don’t they want us to find out? There was just coincidentally a terror drill being performed at same time these alleged explosions took place. Also, bus number thirty that these alleged explosions took place on was not a bus route in operation until July seventh two thousand five.

There was very little closed caption television footage released by the United Kingdom government after this alleged terrorist attack. This attack was blamed on Al-Qaida and more specifically four British muslim males. There was no closed caption television footage proving these muslim men perpetrated this event.

Only evidence was some photos of some of these men, but never any photos or video with definitive proof. With such a lack of evidence the British government continued to claim these suspects were the perpetrators. Were July seventh two thousand five bombings a false flag attack?

If you think this is possible you might want to listen to Ludicrous Diversion available on popular video sharing sites.

Natural Capitalism – Can Abolishing Capitalism Create Prosperity?

Natural capitalism is perhaps an oxymoron or maybe a more accurate definition of what could transpire. Currently, capitalism to me is not creating prosperity but actually causing poverty. Could abolishing a current capitalistic system actually create real prosperity?

Using money and passing around pieces of paper not only is a waste of time but actually is a control mechanism. Certain people on planet Earth have most of these pieces of paper. Other persons on this planet have very little money and barely survive.

One problem perhaps is finding a system to replace capitalism. There are ideas like a resource based economy where money wouldn’t me used. Going back to bartering and trading is also talked about by some people.

Then there is what I consider not necessary fear mongering about what could happen if capitalism was no longer used. To me it could be advantageous if people had more choices. Some humans could barter, some could trade, and some could still use money.

Having choices could further alleviate any potential problems of just pulling a capitalistic rug so to speak. If multiple economic systems functioned at once, then maybe there would be less and less problems, until finally most problems would disappear. One other issue I see is people even embracing a new or newer systems.

Perhaps humans are so used to capitalism that they cannot envision any other way of providing for themselves. Certainly there is a more natural way of humans prospering? Capitalism to me is too corrupt and manufactures poverty.

It seems as if there are only a few individuals that are truly prospering where as a great majority are mired in despair and poverty. Perhaps even noticing a problem with capitalism is a revolutionary thought at this point. Eventually, maybe more humans will realize how dangerous capitalism has been.

Can abolishing capitalism create prosperity?

Pentagon Fed – Did Plane Really Hit United States Pentagon on 911?

The Pentacon

A documentary with ground breaking witness interviews proving an official events of September eleventh two thousand one story false. There are many aspects of September eleventh two thousand one, but this movie focuses specifically on events as they happened at the United States Pentagon. These first hand eyewitness accounts were obtained by Citizen Investigation Team in a persistent effort to find a truth in light of a myriad of questions.

We contacted as many of some previously published eyewitnesses we could obtain contact information for, and we canvassed those neighborhoods of Arlington Virginia on foot in a quest to find previously not known witnesses. Our goal was to establish a final flight path of a plane before it reached the United States Pentagon as seen by some eyewitnesses. Results are devastating as we now know for sure that a plane can not be what damaged the Pentagon.

We first present a smoking gun version featuring quadruple corroborated testimony showing beyond a reasonable doubt that a plane flew on north side of a CITGO gas station completely contradicting the government military official story. This simple fact makes it impossible for a plane to have toppled light poles and to damage that building as outlined in a “Building Performance Report” by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Do you think it was not possible for a plane to crash into the United States military Pentagon and more specifically a north side of a CITGO gas station?

If no plane hit the United States Pentagon then what did? Was it a possible like some people have speculated or even a planted explosive or explosive(s)? Did a plane really hit the United States Pentagon on September eleventh two thousand and one?

Afghanistan Casualties – 911 Inside Job Pretext For an Invasion?

Afghan Massacre

Afghan Massacre: the convoy of death tells of a horrific forced journey under taken by thousands of prisoners who surrendered to America’s Afghanistan allies after a siege of Konduz. Bundled into containers, lucky ones were shot within minutes. Rest suffered an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, clawing at some skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds.

Up to three thousand now lie buried in a mass grave, but this was NOT a simple matter of Afghans killing each other.

The Jewish Anarchists

The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists traces a history of a Yiddish anarchist newspaper publishing its final issue. This story is mostly told by this newspaper’s now elderly, but decidedly unbowed staff. This is a story of one of a largest radical movements among Jewish immigrant workers in both nineteenth and twentieth centuries and conditions that led them to band together.

These elderly anarchists reflect on their lives spent fighting for a less centralized government, workers’ rights and above all, justice for all. In doing so, strong social bonds were formed while authorities, including managers, police and the United States government military put psychological and physical pressure on them. Is the United States American military committing genocide?

This question has a plausible yes when you consider some events of September eleventh in downtown Manhattan, New York were an inside job. Perhaps this false flag of perhaps epic proportions was used as a pretext to invade Afghanistan. Not just Afganistand, but Iraq and possible future areas of the planet, in a false “war on terror”.

Battle of Fallujah – Are United States Military Real Terrorists?

Falluja April 2004 (English)

Falluja is a city that became a symbol of Iraqi resistance to a United States government military occupation in April two thousand four, when the United States military launched a major assault involving thousands of troops on a mostly Sunni city. In a one month long siege, around seven hundred thirty people were killed, and some two thousand eight hundred wounded.

Ten days after, in early May two thousand four, Toshikuni Doi, a freelance journalist, visited Falluja with a camcorder to discover what had actually happened inside that besieged city. A number of that city’s residents, men and women, spoke to him. What turned that “city of mosques” into a “city of resistance”?

How did United States troops carry out their attack on this city? What was an impact on this city’s residents? What was it like there during those fights?

And what was a human cost? “Falluja, April Two Thousand Four, is a fifty five minute pure documentary film with no additional music or effects, shows what a military operation means to a city and its people. A battle of Fallujah, Iraq was perhaps completely white washed in America’s propaganda media.

Was this attack justified or was it really more succinctly terrorism perpetrated by the United States government military against innocent people? Another possible misconception is that some how any Iraqi’s that opposed this invasion were automatically labeled insurgents. Were they really insurgents or really freedom fighters protecting themselves from the real terrorists in this scenario?

A battle of Fallujah is just one possible terrorist act perpetrated by the United States government military among many. Do you think it is possible that the United States government military are real terrorists worldwide?

Twin Towers 9 11 – Were Remote Controlled Drones Used on 911?

Continuous pieces 911 is a September eleventh two thousand one investigative documentary. Including witnesses, photographers, and videographers as well as various experts and guests to show what did and did not happen on that day! Also, this video documentary exposes some disinformation and offers a conclusion that could clear up many questions concerning some events of September eleventh two thousand one.

Jeffrey Hill created and produced this film documentary about some events on September eleventh two thousand one that took place at twin towers in downtown Manhattan, New York. Not like some September eleventh documentaries, Mr. Hill tried contacting and interviewing alleged witnesses to this false flag inside job. This documentary questions any validity that normal commercial jet planes were used to crash into both twin towers and basically states they could have been remote controlled drone like aircraft.

The United States government military has manufactured remote controlled planes prior to September eleventh two thousand one. There are archived video footage available even as far back as nineteen eighties, of remote controlled planes. Mr. Hill was a no planer until he concluded that planes were used on twin towers but that they were not normal commercial airliners.

Could those planes allegedly used on September eleven two thousand one been able to travel at five hundred miles an hour? Could an aluminum commercial air plane literally puncture through steel and concrete? Wouldn’t those aluminum planes have folded or been crumpled and fell down to earth rather then leaving holes in those steel and concrete buildings?

These questions plus many more are answered with possible other scenarios in this documentary film. What did some witnesses really see on September eleven two thousand one?

Falluja – Were Iraqi Insurgents Actually Freedom Fighters?

Falluja April Two Thousand Four (Arabic)

Falluja a city that became a symbol of Iraqi resistance to a United States occupation in April of two thousand four, when the United States launched a major assault involving thousands of troops on a mostly Sunni city. In a one month long siege, around seven hundred and thirty people were killed, and some two thousand eight hundred wounded. Ten days after, in early May two thousand four, Toshikuni Doi, a freelance journalist, visited Falluja with a camcorder to discover what had actually happened inside that besieged city.

A number of some of that city’s residents, men and women, spoke to him. What turned that “city of mosques” into a “city of resistance”? How did United States troops carry out their attack on this city?

What was an impact on this city’s residents? What was it like there during those fights? And what was a human cost?

Falluja April Two Thousand Four, is a fifty five minute pure documentary film with no additional music or effects, shows what a military operation means to a city and its people. Ever since the United States government military invaded Falluja, those locals that opposed those troops have been labeled insurgents. Is this an accurate label or is it more propaganda by the United States military.

Perhaps is it really more accurate to label Iraqi’s opposed to the United States military invasion as freedom fighters instead? You can’t help but wonder, if after forcefully invading Fallujah, Iraq, that the United States propaganda machine would label their victims in a wrong manner purposefully.

Depleted Uranium – Did United States Military Use This on Iraq?

Lifting the Hood

November two thousand five as a “hooded man” in some infamous Abu Ghraib pictures, Haj Ali became an icon of everything that was wrong with a United States occupation. He tells his story and we hear from other prisoners. “They stretched my hands in this position and attached the wires to them”, states Haj Ali.

“It felt like my eyes were popping out. I couldn’t stand it”. He spent three months being physically and psychologically tortured at Abu Ghraib.

Interrogators wanted him to use his knowledge as a community leader to inform on other people. “They said ‘give us the name of anyone you hate and we’ll see it as co-operation and help you'”. In a nearby cell, army general Abu Maan was also being interrogated.

“They stripped me and took photos of me in degrading positions”, he recalls. Both men are angry that only junior officers have been disciplined for some abuse that went on at Abu Ghraib. Ilham al-Jumaili’s husband Munadel was tortured to death there.

It’s his corpse that Sabrina Harman was photographed gloating over. “We didn’t expect America to take Munadel and never return him”, she laments. Victims of Abu Ghraib remain haunted by their experiences.

In some words of Haj Ali “Only one thing has changed. The cameras have now disappeared the abuse still continues”.

Depleted Uranium

June nineteen ninety nine some effects of fallout from depleted uranium shells used in a first Gulf War is a matter of controversy. What is a reality of depleted uranium pollution in Iraq? In some hospitals of Basra, doctors are speaking of a crime against humanity.

Flicking through his casebook from last four years, Doctor Abdul Karin shows pictures of babies born without skin, with over sized heads and with noses where a mouth should be. Doctors here firmly point a finger of blame at Allies’ use of depleted uranium shells during a Gulf War. Over a million rounds of this weapon were fired during a short and decisive round of bombing.

Favored for its armor piercing qualities, a depleted uranium bomb penetrates its target with intense radioactive heat, incinerating its victims. “It’s …a flash, bang sort of toaster,” describes nuclear consultant John Range. Once detonated, depleted uranium particles remain radioactive for four thousand million years.

Irradiated particles travel on some wind polluting water, soil and entering a food chain.

Sadr City

October two thousand seven a rare look at life inside Iraq’s most notorious slum. Sadr City, Baghdad, has become a breeding ground for radicalism. Many of its three million citizens depend on Muqtada al-Sadr for support.

“We are a republic of widows and orphans”, one school teacher explains. “The mosques don’t have enough coffins to hold funerals”. Some inhabitants of Sadr City want only one thing for a future: stability.

For them, United States troops are associated with death. Since a beginning of a surge, United States troops have raided Sadr City almost every night.

War in Iraq – Did United States Military Murder Innocent Iraqi’s?

Caught in the Crossfire, Fallujah the Real Story, and Wrongful Death

Caught in the Crossfire Iraq

In November 2004, the city of Fallujah was a major battleground in an Iraq invasion. Fallujah has now been declared pacified and a battle of Fallujah has been declared a victory by the American administration. Caught in this Crossfire is an eyewitness account from only independent journalists that lived with some people of Fallujah since that battle.

Independent filmmakers Mark Manning and Rana Al-Aiouby traveled to Fallujah, not embedded, to live with some refugees and experience life from their point of view, returning with them to their destroyed city after that siege. They experienced military checkpoints, witnessed devastation of thousands of homes, shops and mosques, and documented that siege as recounted by those who survived inside that city during a battle. Some people of Fallujah asked them to tell their story to the world; they are fulfilling that request with a release of Caught in the Crossfire.

Shot from November two thousand four to April two thousand five inside the city of Fallujah, Caught in the Crossfire details conditions experienced by civilians as they endured violent clashes and consequences of an Iraq war and became refugees outside eyes and care of an international community. A joint production of Iraqi and American filmmakers with a budget of less than $7000, Caught in the Crossfire was filmed entirely not embedded, outside protection or influence of military or corporate media, in order to capture a unique and honest perspective of some civilians themselves. By detailing what is actually happened to civilians in combat zones, this film shows why many people in Iraq have lost faith in stated American policy goals and why America has lost some hearts and minds of some Iraqi people.

Fallujah The Real Story

January two thousand five, two months after the United States launched its biggest ever assault on Fallujah, what exactly happened inside that city has, until now, remained a mystery. Now, for a first time, Guardian films reveals a true story. It was billed as a resounding military success.

Over one thousand two hundred insurgents were meant to have been killed and another two thousand trapped inside Fallujah. But now this version of events is being challenged. Far from being crushed, rebels claim they left that city in an organised withdrawal.

“It was a tactical move,” explains insurgent leader Alazaim Abuthe. “The fighters decided to redeploy to Amiriya”. Before they left, fighters booby trapped many bodies.

People are too scared to move them so those corpses lie rotting all over this city. Rabid dogs feed off them and then attack returning residents. Far from stabilising Iraq in preparation for this month’s election, an assault on Fallujah has fanned a flames of civil war.

Today Fallujans are too busy trying to stay alive in freezing refugee camps to worry about ballot papers that haven’t arrived for an election they have no intention of voting in. As one resident comments, “We’re not interested in this sort of democracy”.

Wrongful Death

August two thousand seven, no one knows how many civilians have been killed “accidentally” by United States troops in Iraq. This moving report examines several wrongful deaths in Kirkuk. Karzan’s seventy five year old uncle was shot eighty six times after he failed to slow down at a checkpoint. Local police chief, General Qadir, believe soldiers often panic and shoot to kill, instead of; “firing more warning shots”.

Relatives left behind feel particular bitter that no one is held accountable for these mistaken deaths. “The Americans have done nothing and my family’s lives have been ruined”, laments one woman. Do you think the United States military murdered innocent Iraqi’s?

Palestine – is Another World Really Possible in Palestine?

Another world is possible in Palestine as well as Fort Hood resistance against deployment of third armored cavalry regiment to Iraq. Not often heard are some voices of peace cried out from some people who’s lives are destroyed by occupying forces. Those who are intent on creating divides among some people of the world use bigotry, and prejudice, as guises to justify their inhumane actions while embezzling resources.

Occupier Occupied is a collection of studies documenting some dissenting voices from a generation of people deeply affected by injustices levied by weak men, far removed from their victims. These studies dispel some occupiers propaganda which suggests these people are all terrorists and gives back a microphone to a collection of voices never heard, only sanitized. Five peace activists successfully blockaded six buses carrying Fort Hood Soldiers deploying to Iraq outside Fort Hood’s Clarke gate this morning at around four a.m.

While those activists took a width of Clarke Road and slowed buses to a halt, police made no arrests, but instead beat some activists out of those streets using automatic weapons and police dogs so deploying soldiers could proceed. Among those blockading were three veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and one military spouse. An action, organized by a group calling themselves “Fort Hood Disobeys,” was aimed at preventing a deployment of the third armored cavalry regiment soldiers to what some veterans termed an illegal and immoral occupation.

While standing in a street, activists held banners reading “Occupation is a Crime” and “Please Don’t Make a Same Mistake we Did Resist Now”. From the Texas highway one ninety overpass, additional supporters attempted to hang larger banners that read, “Tell the Brass: ‘KISS MY ASS’ Your family needs you more” “Sick of Fighting Your Wars” and “Colonel Allen [Third Armored Cavalry Regiment commander]: Do not deploy wounded Soldiers”. This latest deployment comes less than two weeks after President Barack Obama announced a second end to combat operations in Iraq.

Fort hood disobeys organizer’s denounced this as a lie, and pointed to a deployment of the third Armored Cavalry Regiment, a combat regiment, to Iraq as clear proof. They have stated they will continue to organize direct action in a Fort Hood community to oppose wars as long as troops continue to deploy.