Institutional Racism – Does Racism White Supremacy System Exist?

Frances Cress Welsing states that a system is practiced by the global white minority, on both conscious and unconscious levels, to ensure their genetic survival by any means necessary. According to Cress Welsing, this system attacks people of color, particularly people of African descent, in nine major areas of people’s activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. Cress Welsing believes that it is imperative that people of color, especially people of African descent, understand how this system of white supremacy works in order to dismantle it and bring true justice to planet Earth.

Frances Cress Welsing wrote The Isis Papers: the Keys to the Colors in nineteen ninety one. This collection of essays written by Dr. Welsing over an eighteen year period following a presentation and publication of “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism White Supremacy” which was a theoretical statement, a psychogenetic theory and world outlook on an origin and meaning of the global white supremacy system. This theory summarizes and clarifies experiences of non white peoples on a planet dominated by people who classify themselves as “white” and who are a minority of the world’s people.

Dr. Welsing made a cameo appearance in a movie documentary five hundred years later. She also has her own Welsing Institute appropriately named, in which she discusses a system of racism white supremacy. She has received both rave reviews and tough criticism for her two written works about a global system of racism white supremacy.

To me this system is quite convoluted and complex which perhaps cannot be succinctly understood in just an afternoon or fort night for that matter. Do you think there is a system of racism white supremacy practiced both not consciously and consciously both those individuals that classify and identify as “white”?

Racism in Advertising – You Think Racism White Supremacy Exists?

This is second half of a Welsing Institute meeting that took place in Washington District of Columbia in year two thousand one. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was a speaker. She is noted for her “Cress Theory of Color Confrontation”, which explores a practice of white supremacy.

She is an author of The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors published in nineteen ninety one. Dr. Welsing has appeared in the movie documentary five hundred years later. Frances Cress Welsing is a certified psychiatrist.

Her white supremacist theory basically states that individuals that classify as white practice racism towards people of color consciously or not consciously. Her premise is that white people are in fear of white genetic annihilation. Dr. Welsing also discusses why she thinks white people are genetically recessive.

Another interesting point she makes is that color, especially black, trumps white or pale skin in nature. Are white people genetically defective ancestors of albino mutants? Allegedly, pale skinned people on planet Earth are a minority in comparison to persons of color.

If people of color are a majority on Earth, why is it that many white people refer to people of color as minorities? This as well as many other interesting questions are asked by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing at her Welsing Institute discussion. She makes interesting observations with regards to symbols and symbolism that those individuals that classify as “white” use in their daily lives.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has appeared on many radio shows and even made a few television appearances. Her overall premise has been controversial to say a least from a “white” community. Tim Wise an alleged anti-racist himself critically referred to her Cress color theory as pseudo scientific bullshit.

Do you think that racism white supremacy exists today?

Psychology of Racism – Racism White Supremacy Mentally Abusive?

Frances Cress Welsing discusses racism white supremacy and black mental health. She is a Washington, District of Columbia based psychiatrist and race theorist. Frances Cress Welsing wrote her nineteen seventy essay The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism White Supremacy.

Dr. Welsing has interned at Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois from nineteen sixty two to nineteen sixty three; a resident in general psychiatry at Saint Elizabeth Hospital, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty three to nineteen sixty six; as a fellowship in child psychiatry at Children’s Hospital, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty six to nineteen sixty eight; as an assistant professor of pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty eight to nineteen seventy five; staff physician at District of Columbia Government, Department of Human Services, from nineteen sixty seven to nineteen ninety one, clinical director of Hillcrest Children’s Center, from nineteen seventy five to nineteen seventy six, and of the Paul Robeson School for Growth and Development, North Community Mental Health Center, from nineteen seventy six to nineteen ninety; has had a private practice of psychiatry, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty seven to present; as well as being an author.

With her psychiatry background she has extensively written about and discussed black mental health or lack there of. At times Dr. Welsing postulates that perhaps no black person is mentally healthy under a system of racism white supremacy. After year after year of psychological abuse perpetrated by those individuals that classify and identify as white, perhaps this is accurate.

With that being said that does not necessarily mean people of color cannot attempt to strive for some mental health and or therapy. Do you think perhaps racism white supremacy is perhaps mentally abusive?

Cristobal Colon – Was Christopher Columbus a White Supremacist ?

Columbus’s New World, Cristobal Colon, a Spanish elite posing as an impoverished Italian, discovered that a land he discovered, had been discovered around thirty thousand years prior to his arrival. This New World would never be same again. How one single event could change a course of history for so many people is hard to comprehend.

The New World that was discovered was rich with new opportunities for expansion and trade, but this daunting reality was that to build a new kingdom it would require a work force. Local Native Caribbean peoples were first to suffer enslavement. In fifteen hundred and three, Queen Isabella ruled that only cannibals could be taken as slaves legally, which encouraged Europeans to identify various Native Caribbean groups as cannibals.

However, these people were not suited for plantation life. They were susceptible to European diseases and were not physically adapted to intense demands. The Native American holocaust saw them fall in millions, some like Tano, so called Arawak Indians, were forced into extinction.

Europeans then sold their fellow countrymen into a psuedo form of slavery to fill those ranks of dying Native Caribbean, however they called it indentured servitude. Was Christopher Columbus really a white supremacist in hiding using a fictitious name or at a very least not his birth name? Some scholars even think that Christopher Columbus also known as Cristobal Colon, had a birth name of Salvador Fernandes Zarco and that he was a Portuguese Jew.

Christopher Columbus is touted as a hero and even has a holiday celebrated after him in the United States of America. The country of Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus and thus this possible white supremacist terrorist is celebrated in South America as well. Was Christopher Columbus a racist white supremacist terrorist?

Transportation Security Administration – Does TSA Abuse People?

The Transportation Security Administration was formed on November nineteen two thousand one as a part of the Department of Transportation. This department was later moved under the Department of Homeland Security. Interestingly enough Nazi Germany also had a Homeland Security called Schutzstaffel.

The Transportation Security Administration was also coincidentally created a few months after some events of September eleventh two thousand one. To me it is inherently obvious that those events were a false flag inside job, therefore there is no necessity for any further security departments. This Transportation Security Administration has come under quite a bit of criticism in recent years as now countless stories of abuse perpetrated by this department’s agents has surfaced.

Just coincidentally on Christmas day of two thousand and nine an alleged Nigerian boarded a plane with a bomb in all places his underwear. Within six months to a year full body scanners began being installed in major airports across the United States of America. Even soon after these scanners were being implemented stories of sexual abuse were being spread.

People whom declined going through these intrusive body scanners could agree to a pat down. Some Transportation Security Administration agents started to sexually fondle and down right molest passengers all under a false guise that they were merily following orders and patting down their victims I mean fellow airline passengers. To me whether you go through a body scanner or allow another person to pat you down, you are being violated of your dignity, natural rights, freedom, etc. under a false guise of terrorism.

Another abusive tactic that has surfaced is that Transportation Security Administration agents claim that airline passengers are not allowed to film body scanners and or pat downs. This is false since the Transportation Security Administration’s own policy allows cameras in airline waiting areas. Some passengers that have tried to film these proceedings have even been assaulted.

Does Transportation Security Administration abuse people?

Zionists – Occupying Palestine With Israeli Armed Forces?

The Zionist Story

The Zionist Story, an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is a story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish state. Ronen successfully combines archival footage with commentary from himself and others. “I have recently finished an independent documentary, The Zionist Story, in which I aim to present not just a history of an Israeli Palestinian conflict, but also a core reason for it: a Zionist ideology, its goals, past and present, and its firm grip not only on Israeli society, but also, increasingly, on a perception of Middle East issues in Western democracies.

These concepts have already been demonstrated in this excellent Occupation One Hundred One documentary made by Abdallah Omeish and Sufyan Omeish, but in my documentary I approach this subject from a perspective of an Israeli, ex-reserve soldier and someone who has spent his entire life in a shadow of Zionism. I hope you can find a moment to watch The Zionist Story and, if you like it, please feel free to share it with others.

As both this documentary and this archived footage used, are for educational purposes only, this film can be freely distributed. I have made this documentary entirely by myself, with virtually no budget, although doing my best to achieve high professional standard, and I hope that this ‘home-spun’ production will be of interest to viewers.” – Ronen Berelovich.

What exactly is occurring during an Israeli Palestinian conflict? Is it really an occupation by Israeli armed forces? Are Palestinians some real culprits instead?

Perhaps it is not necessarily what you are being told in media outlets world wide. Are you curious about listening to an alternative perspective with real life knowledge?

Occupation of Palestine – Perpetrated by White Supremacy Zionism?

The Zionist Occupation of Palestine

Abdullah al Andalusi of Muslim Debate Initiative, conducts a talk on a subject of the Zionist occupation of Palestine, its history, motives and recent events. This is followed by an interesting and lively questions and answers session. This talk was hosted by a students union society.

This event took place on May seventh, two thousand nine at the Latymer High School and sixth form college in London, England. An audience consisted of students from European and Jewish backgrounds. Mr. Andalusi discusses his view point that an occupation by Israel of Palestine is due in large part because of a Zionist movement.

Abdullah al Andalusi is an Islamic activist, thinker, international speaker and debater. Also, he co-founded the Muslim Debate Initiative in two thousand nine. Mr. Andalusi’s premise is basically that Israel is a colonizing force in Palestine.

He sees Israeli troops as being aggressors and Palestinians as victims. He claims they have a right to defend themselves from foreign invaders. A current Zionist movement dates back allegedly to late nineteenth century or eighteen hundreds.

Some scholars claim this movement dates back to an even earlier eight teen seventy time frame. Is a current Zionist movement legitimate or are they perpetrating not necessary death and violence? Many Zionists claim they deserve to return to their alleged ancient homeland called Israel.

The current state of Israel was created in nineteen forty eight. Was a creation of Israel justified or an act of war? Israel continues to literally kick Palestinians out of their homes and homeland.

Do you think that an occupation of Palestine is because of Zionism? Do you think this is justified or not?

IRS Audit – American Income Tax One of The Biggest Frauds Ever?

How to Keep One Hundred Percent of Your Earnings

Marc Lucas brings us interviews and speeches of noted attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, jurists, and experts who reveal an illegal enforcement of our income tax laws by the Internal Revenue Service and an not constitutional nature of the Federal Reserve system. Many Americans are led to believe they absolutely must pay income tax. This might be a myth where by it is actually businesses that actually are required to pay income tax and not ordinary citizens.

Also, if you live with in the United States of America, you are not required to pay income taxes. If you lived outside the United States part time then you might be required to pay income taxes on earned income while on foreign soil. Basically, the Internal Revenue service has committed a fraudulent hoax to Americans, with regards to income tax.

The 861 Evidence

A disturbing expose of the United States income tax system. Sub chapter N, Section eight sixty one, as well as over eighty years of prior law, proves that contrary to what American public has been led to believe, the income tax is not a direct tax on incomes but an indirect tax imposed only on those engaged in international commerce. The United States income tax is imposed on taxable income of individuals, not all income.

This law itself shows over and over again that in order to have taxable income, this income must be derived from international commerce and or trade. What is most difficult to see is what is not there. Domestically earned incomes of Americans, most incomes, are not shown as taxable, because they are never mentioned and never have been. This is missing from this law, proving that the United States federal government has managed to achieve one of a biggest frauds in recorded history.

Income Tax Information – Must Americans Really Pay Income Tax?

Theft by Deception: Deciphering the Federal Income Tax

For decades, millions of Americans have given the United States federal government a large percentage of their hard earned money, without ever questioning their tax bill (an actual written law that imposes this tax). From a beginning, due to strict constitutional limits on their power, Congress imposed a very limited income tax, applicable only to those engaged in foreign and international commerce. That tax was then, and continues being, grossly misrepresented to an American public so successfully that today it is common knowledge that income of most Americans is subject to this tax, even though an entire history of written law proves otherwise.

A product of years of exhaustive research and development, Theft by Deception clearly shows how a current Federal Income Tax law and its legislative history never intended to tax an average American’s domestically earned income. Combining three D animations with a methodical, step by step approach, Theft by Deception will unravel this complicated tax law to reveal a very limited nature of federal income tax. This evidence paints a clear picture that agents of the United States government orchestrated, executed, and then attempted to cover up one of most monumental financial frauds in history.

A sixteenth amendment to United States CONstitution was allegedly fraudulently passed and not enough states properly ratified it. Also, supposedly a Federal income tax in America is voluntarily as supposedly their is no law, statute, etc. requiring citizens pay tax on their income tax. Theft by deception covers these two points in greater detail plus some other arguments against Americans being forced to pay tax on their income.

Do you think that United States Federal income tax is possibly another form of slavery? Do you think it is possible you are not required to pay tax on your income as an American citizen?

Anti War Demonstration – Which Side of Military Terror Are You on?

In Bed With a Mosquito

A documentary short by Sarah Frank. Music by Noisola and Mary Timony. Betty Brassell has spent nearly every day of her retirement, rain or shine, protesting in some streets of New York City, her walker currently emblazoned with “Arrest Cheney”.

But when an injury sidelines her from a busy schedule of protests and vigils, Betty, seventy eight, is home bound and finds herself wondering how much longer she will be able to take it to those streets. “In Bed with a Mosquito” is an intimate portrait of activism and aging in New York City.

Lee’s Life For Lies

This Release is based on personal information found on a flash memory device belonging to specialist Lee Kendell Tucker (United States Marine 590-80-5469), captured after him being wasted during an ambush on his vehicle. Lee him self was an anti war activist, proving that many United States soldiers serving in Iraq are against this war and they have no reason to fight and die.

Which Side Are You on?

A life of a social activist is one of peace, pain, and protest. Through trials and tribulations of fighting for what they believe in, a community of passionate and highly motivated individuals emerges. Elaine Brower is no stranger to this community of social protesters.

Her involvement in an anti war movement grew rapidly in two thousand three. Now, she joins thousands of people in a fight against war, with one person in mind, her son. This is a documentary produced by Rowan University students from November two thousand seven to May two thousand eight.