Oath of Enlistment – Why Armed Oath Keepers Allowed in Ferguson?

Why did some white armed Oath Keepers show up to a continuous Ferguson, Missouri protest, today Tuesday August eleven two thousand fifteen? Missouri allows concealed and carry permit owners to openly carry approved weapons. However, Oath Keepers were not a welcomed addition to these ongoing protests by both police and protesters.

According to their website, Oath Keepers is “a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders, whom fulfill an oath allegedly all military and police are supposed to take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Supposedly, early Tuesday morning several white men were seen carrying semiautomatic weapons around same time that another person with color was shot by police terrorists. One white man claimed he and other Oath Keepers were at that protest to protect writers for Alex Jones InfoWhores.com I mean InfoWars.com.

InfoWhores I mean InfoWars has denied this assertion that they hired Oath Keepers to protect them. People at InfoWars denied they are affiliated with Oath Keepers. This white Oath Keeper named John tried to justify his and other member’s existence at this protest, claiming they were highly trained.

Police terrorist in Chief, John Belmar of St. Louis County, called this group’s presence “unnecessary and inflammatory.” Some people with color questioned validity of this Oath Keepers group, whom were openly armed and wearing para military clothing. I have always questioned a validity of this group as they are made up mostly of current and former police and military terrorists.

Oath Keepers was created of course by a white “ex” military terrorist named Stewart Rhodes. This clown has ties to CONgressman Ron Paul, whom is white and “ex” military as well. Both Ron Paul and Oath Keepers are hypocritical in nature to me, since under the white mans CONstitution you are not supposed to have standing armies in America.

Slender Man – Two 13 Year Old Girls Tried as Adults in Stabbing

Two thirteen year old white girls, will become tried as adults, for allegedly murdering one of their friends, in two thousand fourteen. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier whom was twelve at time of this incident, lured a friend for a night time birthday party. These two from Wisconsin then stabbed this friend a total of nineteen times.

These two white girls then left their friend to die out in middle of a wooded area. Both of these clowns are charged with first degree intentional homicide. These two translucent face up to sixty five years in prison.

They both appeared at an arraignment hearing today, where charges were filed against them. As is per usual in a system of white terror, one of their attorney’s is requesting white girl Morgan Geyser receive a mental evaluation. These two white girls blamed this murder on a mythical character “Slender Man”.

Their victim actually survived and supposedly tracked down a bicyclist as they were bleeding profusely. Allegedly, Morgan Geyser admitted to this attempted murder but had no empathy or remorse for her victim. Translucent Morgan is quoted as telling a detective:

“it was weird that I didn’t feel remorse.”

Morgan Geyser lived at 1434 Big Bend Road, Unit K, in Waukesha, Wisconsin according to court records. A Waukesha County Judge by name of Michael Bohren ruled that she is not mentally competent enough to stand trial, perhaps because she has pale skin. Her partner in crime Anissa Weier was just twelve years old when she agreed to this attempted murder plot.

She along with Morgan are being held on five hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes bail. Anissa also blamed this savagery on a mythical “Slender Man” character. Neither of these two clowns had legal counsel present when they were interviewed by detectives.

Bernie Sanders Socialist – Upstaged by Some People With Color

Bernie Sanders, an admitted communist socialist Senator from Vermont, was upstaged at a rally in Seattle, Washington over this past weekend. Allegedly, twelve thousand commies I mean communist I mean socialist supporters attended a political rally for this white man. You see this clown is running for President, as a Democrat for the two thousand and sixteen rigged election I mean electoral college scam I mean popular vote election.

This act of public defiance by some black lives matter activists occurred more specifically succinctly at West Lake Park. Communist socialist Bernie Sanders was about to put on a white dog and pony show, when individuals from a local chapter of black lives matter intervened. They verbally berated another white man for a few minutes, before they took control of a lectern and microphone.

Eventually, Bernie Sanders took a seat so to speak. He allowed these activists Marissa Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford to perform perhaps an impromptu rally of their own. They even had a four and a half minute moment of silence for Michael Brown, whom was murdered by white terrorist Darren Wilson.

These activists took center stage for another fifteen minutes or so. Finally, socialist white man Bernie Sanders retreated into this audience and spoke with his comrades. No police terrorists intervened.

Security or lack there of did not intervene either. Bernie Sanders never did speak at this rally. However, some white people had their panties in a bunch over this upstaged affair, pun intended.

Rarely do people with color get to upstage white people, especially in public. Especially, in front of thousands of possible white Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, terrorists. Perhaps this is fore shadowing for when people cause all white people from this continent called Norteamerica to retreat back to Europe, who knows, I don’t know.

Kathleen Kane – Pennsylvania Attorney General Faces Felony Charge

Pennsylvania’s top lawyer Kathleen Kane was arraigned today and is facing a total of eight charges. One of them is felony perjury. This white Pennsylvania corrupt Attorney General allegedly leaked grand jury documentation to a propaganda rag also known as the Philadelphia Daily news.

This possible legal terrorist refuses to resign her position a midst these charges. She did not enter a plea during a short arraignment hearing in front of another judge. Instead of becoming transparent this white woman became translucent and slipped out a side door to avoid any questions.

Kathleen Kane has a preliminary hearing scheduled for August twenty four two thousand and fifteen. Another possible corrupt judge, Magistrate District Judge Cathleen Kelly Rebar is presiding over this case, in the system of white terrorism. Kathleen Kane’s not secured bond was set at a paltry ten thousand fake federal reserve notes.

Allegedly, this white woman leaked secret grand jury information via an operative to a local newspaper, in order to exact revenge towards a prosecutor she claims made her character look questionable. Also, aids were spying on office employees even during a grand jury investigation into her corruption. Supposedly, she lied under oath about her shenanigans hence her felony perjury charge.

Another possible corrupt white person is also involved in this affair, pun intended. A white man Patrick Reese, a former Dunmore, Pennsylvania police chief, accessed secret grand jury information. Supposedly, he accessed office computers that stored emails received by legal employees.

Forty nine year old Kathleen Kane is facing one count of perjury, one count of false swearing, three counts of obstructing administration law, and four counts of official oppression in connection with a fore mentioned grand jury leaks.

FBI Alert Lies About Threats Toward Military Families in Colorado

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which is a terrorist organization to me, released an alert on Tuesday August four two thousand fifteen, claiming some military families in Colorado and Wyoming, were receiving threats from Middle Eastern men. This was quickly contradicted on Thursday August six two thousand fifteen, when this same terror cell, claimed that an investigation performed found “No Credible Threats” towards military families by middle eastern men. This alphabet soup agency first alerted all law enforcement agencies in both Colorado and Wyoming, to look out for suspicious Middle Eastern men that had been approaching United States military families.

This is obvious perjury because an outcome of their investigation found no such activity two days later. This original alert claimed these men approached residents at their homes and tried to obtain information by intimidation. However, the Denver FBI division released a statement that they had not found any instances of any threats to any military families in Colorado and Wyoming by alleged Middle Eastern men.

What is also interesting is that I was not able to find any mention of these alerts of threats on the FBI.gov website. Neither under their news section or press releases. Perhaps they release some of this bullshit propaganda through militarized media instead.

This is nothing new, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency has a historical track record of lying or at a very least flip flopping on their alerts. A local media whore outlet sourced SIR document number SIR-00018733294 as basis for Federal Bureau of Insurgency concluding that their were “No Credible Threats”. However, I was able to find this document from a website PublicIntelligence.net.

This is an unclassified document that was actually allegedly released on July second two thousand fifteen. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency did not release an alert through what I consider the United States government military media until August four two thousand fifteen and yet two days later they did not find any credible threats. Perhaps the Federal Bureau of Insurgent terrorists knew all along that these threats did not exist but decided to release this alert for propaganda purposes?

Rohnert Park Police – Police Terrorist Pulls Gun on Videographer

A white Rohnert Park Police terrorist pulled out his gun on a male whom was video recording this police thug possibly stalking him. This white gestapo sat in his terrorist mobile for a few moments before taking photographs of this man filming him. Soon after he removed himself from this police cruiser and then immediately pulled out his police issued weapon.

This police terrorist did not identify himself, nor did he claim that this white male whom was video taping him, was detained or under arrest. Also, this white police gestapo thug pulled out his gun without provocation. A five minute video of this altercation is trending of sorts on YouTube receiving over fifty six thousand views at time of this blog post creation.

This white on white confrontation resulted in this white Rohnert Park Police terrorist finally backing off after a white cameraman told him to put his weapon away. Also, he distanced himself and even went behind what I think was a boat and trailer. This cameraman claimed that this Rohnert police had been harassing him and his family recently.

Perhaps, this terrorist cell also known as Rohnert Park Police department sent out a goon to try to intimidate him, I don’t know. Let me reiterate that this white police terrorist never identified himself, never said this cameraman was a suspect, detained, under arrest, etc. and pulled out his gun when no crime was committed. What is interesting is that this white gestapo asked this cameraman

“are you some kind of Constitutionalist?”

The City of Rohnert Park Police & Fire official FaceBook page has been riddled with criticism of this incident. There have been accusation that comment on this page soon after this incident were removed. If these comments were deleted intentionally then that is illegal.

This terrorist organization has refused to comment on this incident and claims they will once a rigged investigation I mean proper inquiry is made. Also, the name of this white police terrorist whom pulled a gun like a thug, has not been publicly identified.

Hattiesburg Mississippi – Shots Fired at Jade Helm 15 Soldiers

As I am sure you are well aware of, the United States government military, a terrorist organization to me, will have ongoing military training this summer inside American borders, also known as Jade Helm 15. Today, some reports of shots being fired at some of these training terrorists. These events allegedly partook at Camp Shelby, in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Camp Shelby is a military post for current future terrorists to train on how to murder people and maybe even animals. Multiple media whore outlets have reported multiple shooters but proclaim nobody was injured. Two white men allegedly fired shots at some of these Jade Helm 15 soldiers.

These white men allegedly exclaimed “broken arrow” as they took shots at terrorists in training, from a Ford Ranger pickup truck. It is such a shame that they had missed. This military training center is vast with around one hundred thirty four thousand acres or five hundred twenty five square kilometers.

United States Special Forces Command confirmed that Camp Shelby is part of Jade Helm 15 training. Amazingly enough, a red Ford Ranger pickup truck with “BROKEN ARROW” detailed on this vehicles windshield was recovered. This vehicle was allegedly found at 600 block of Old Augusta Road.

Supposedly, broken arrow is terrorist speak for

when a unit or camp is overrun.

Interestingly enough the United States Government military has not referred to this as any kind of act of terrorism. Perhaps because these alleged suspects were white.

This military camp is currently hosting around four thousand six hundred military terrorists. Perhaps this is a psychological operations or false flag inside job as part of Jade Helm 15 training. Who knows I was not present to observe these alleged shots fired at military training at Camp Shelby. Two individuals that were driving that Ford Ranger truck have not been charged with any crimes nor were they arrested.

Sabrina Corgatelli – Woman Boasts About Killing Animals For Sport

Amid the Walter Palmer controversy, another possible white person took to social media and started boasting, bragging, gloating over her murders of animals for sport. This woman named Sabrina Corgatelli, is an Idaho State University accountant from McCammon in Idaho. Even after a famed Cecil African lion was murdered by white man Walter Palmer, this female reacted to people criticizing her own actions, with pomp and circumstance.

She routinely murders animals for fees around ten thousand fake federal reserve notes. Adding insult to injury she posts photos of her and these dead animals. Nothing like hugging a rotting corpse while taking photos with a possible fake smile.

One of her responses to criticism was “to all the haters, stay tuned, your gonna have so much more to be pissed about”. Also, this woman is a Christian. I guess she forgot one of those ten commandments, though shall not kill, unless it is a harmless passive Giraffe.

Allegedly, she has been paying Old Days Safari, for these bloody rampages. Most of these animals are murdered for prices from two thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. However, hunting Giraffes is legal in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has placed on hold killing lions, leopards and elephants, amidst the Walter Palmer affair, pun intended. This woman even boasted about getting out of a speeding ticket charge, when racing to a bear hunt. She has been on a wild rampage as of late since this serial murderer of animals at least to me is still in Africa on a violent safari.

No word on whether or not this possible animal terrorist is facing any legal problems.

Ken Paxton – White Texas Attorney General Securities Fraud Indict

Another white man up to no good in white people’s rigged hood perhaps. Fifty two year old Ken Paxton, a current Attorney General of the state of Texas, faces two counts of securities fraud and one count of failing to register with Texas state securities regulators. These are all felony charges he faces.

Allegedly, this white man lied to investors and milked them of six hundred thousand dollars. Ken Paxton seems so sure of himself he is scene smirking during his police mug shot. Perhaps he knows something we don’t like his charges will become white washed?

He is a current Repugnant I mean Republican and is a Tea party member. Those charges he faces could land him in prison for life. He went through a dog and pony show with police and later bonded out of jail.

Ken Paxton’s father is “ex” military. Amazing how military connections seem to creep up in America. Anyways, this white man allegedly failed to notify his investors, that he received one hundred thousand shares of Servergy as compensation.

Also, he failed to disclose to his clients that he used personal money to invest in this Servergy company. These are against the white mans rules when it comes to securities exchange. Ken Paxton failed to register as an investment adviser for Servergy.

Last May of two thousand and fourteen, he was fined one thousand dollars and reprimanded for this. Also, he might be part of investor fraud with a company called Mowery Capital Management. There is another investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission of a Dallas area company with his name on a federal court document tied to that company.

Free Community College – is Oregon Free College Act Really Free?

Oregon became second state in this racist dump called America, to offer “free” community college education. Oregon’s legislature passed Senate Bill 81 which offers this program starting July first two thousand and sixteen. This program has many rules and procedures one must follow.

Actually this education is not free because at a minimum fifty dollars must be paid by students per term. Also, there are so many rules involved I could see many students possibly being dropped by this program. Nothing in America is ever free, there is almost always some scam or catch or price pun intended to pay.

A white woman governor Kate Brown signed this into Oregon law on July seventeen two thousand and fifteen. You must become an Oregon resident for at least twelve months prior to applying for this “free” education. Also, a person must either obtain a high school diploma or General Education Diploma.

That student must have obtained a 2.5 high school grade point average or higher or acquired an equivalent academic ability hence obtaining a General Education Diploma. A yearly Free Application for Federal Student Aid must be completed and submitted. Each student must maintain a 2.5 grade point average each term they are enrolled.

Total amount of grant money for this Oregon free brain white washing program perhaps, is ten million dollars per year. Individuals whom have completed ninety hours or more at another institution are not eligible. There are more restrictions put in place.

I just highlighted a few that I thought could possibly leave out a lot of students. There is a Higher Education Coordinating Commission assigned to monitor student acceptance, productivity, etc. This to me is a typical government lie and scam.

On surface it may seem like “free” education, but to me at least in reality once reading actual legislation is has many expenses and not necessarily monetary ones.