Daniel Holtzclaw – Oklahoma City Police Savage Found Guilty

A possibly white Oklahoma City police terrorist named Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty by ironically an all white jury. Daniel was facing thirty sixy total counts of burglary, stalking, indecent exposure, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and rape. He was found guilty of eighteen total counts.

This all white jury deliberated for more than forty hours over a four day span. Holtzclaw’s father is white and mother is Japanese. Allegedly, he is labeled Asian or Pacific Islander in court records.

He was initially accused of sexually assaulting and or raping thirteen victims. All but one of his alleged victims was what white people would label “black”. Eight white men and four white women comprised this “fair” jury pun intended.

When studying demographics of Oklahoma City, it comes no surprise to me at least, that in predominantly neighborhoods with color an all white jury was still formulated. However, for whatever reason these translucents decided to deliberate eighteen guilty verdicts. Daniel was allegedly fired as a police terrorist in two thousand fourteen amid these allegations.

This clown is facing two hundred sixty three total years of sentencing. He is supposed to become sentenced on January twenty one two thousand sixteen. This all white jury found him guilty for eight of thirteen possible victims.

They deliberated guilty verdicts for four counts of first degree rape, one count of second degree rape, six counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible sodomy and three counts of procuring lewd acts. He was facing possible life sentences for first degreee rape charges, but this white jury chose to give him thirty year sentences instead. This possible Freemasonic Fraternal Order of Police terrorist attacked women with color with ages ranging from seventeen to a fifty plus year old grandmother.

No word yet if white people will some how try to rig and over turn this outcome on or before January twenty one two thousand sixteen.

Juan Hernandez – Saw 3 Military Men Leave Inland Regional Center

On December second two thousand fifteen, Juan Hernandez claims he saw three white men wearing military fatigues, leaving the Inland Regional Center. Juan claims he saw them taking off quickly after hearing a lot of gun fire. He was interviewed by a local media propaganda whore outlet National Bull Crap I mean National Broadcasting Systems 41 WMGT News.

Juan is quoted verbatim from that interview:

“Where I was at right here, we seen uh there was three white men in uh umm military fatigues umm taking off.”


“It sounded like a gun range, just shots going off like crazy.”

This witness testimony corroborates Sally AbdelMageed’s witness testimony of also seeing three white military men spraying a plethora of bullets inside the Inland Regional Center. Not surprisingly, Juan’s witness testimony of seeing three white males was not included on WMGT News article, pertaining to this San Bernardino possible false flag inside job. However, as of time of this blog post creation, Juan Hernandez’s interview is still accessible at 41NBC.com.

These two narratives could possibly destroy the white media’s official narrative of two people with color, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik perpetrating this incident. Syed and Tashfeen supposedly met their demise later that day. Initially, police were searching for three white men in a black sport utility vehicle.

Juan Hernandez was also interviewed by a local American Bull Crap affiliate known as American Broadcasting Systems ABC seven eyewitness news. In that interview also still available at abc7.com, he did not mention military men being white. He claimed he saw one passenger wearing military fatigues in a black sport utility vehicle.

I’m not sure if these interviews were taken out of context, meaning these video clips were abbreviated versions of longer interviews. One is less than a minute and other video clip is less than three minutes.

Sally AbdelMageed – Saw 3 Military Men Cause Inland Center Fiasco

Sally AbdelMageed was interviewed by Columbia Bull Shit news also known as Columbia Broadcasting System in reference to that fiasco on December second two thousand fifteen. Sally claimed that she witnessed three white military terrorists perpetrate those mass killings at Inland Regional Center in San Barnardino, California. If this is a correct version of reality concerning that incident, then this destroys white people’s narrative in their system of white terrorism.

Sally is quoted verbatim as saying during this interview with Scott Pelley, a white man media whore propagandist:

“three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles and one of them opened up the door to building three and he opens up the door to building three and he starts to spray, shoot all over into the room. I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on (mask) and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat (mask) and long sleeve shirt black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo. I just saw three dressed exactly the same.

their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall”

Also, her witness testimony also corroborates to a certain extent Juan Hernandez’s witness of what he claims was three white men running away from Inland Regional Center after hearing massive amounts of gun shots. His version of reality will be a forth coming blog post and video presentation. Both of these narratives shatter an official white military media summation of this incident.

Sally was interviewed via telephone and worked at Inland Regional Center when she claims she saw these three white men enter that building. At 12:14 Pacific time she claimed and exclaimed on her FaceBook page that she was safe.

Ralph Peters – Military Savage Calls Barack Obama a Total Pussy

The system of white terrorism continued today December seven two thousand fifteen, when a white “ex” military terrorist savage Ralph Peters referred to President Barack Obama as a “total pussy”. What is perplexing to me is perhaps not this white mans inferiority complex, I mean language is that allegedly live television has a seven second delay. Yet this white mans articulation was obviously not censored.

Ralph Peters served in the United States Military more specifically succinctly as a wild animal white savage terrorist in the Army from nineteen seventy six to nineteen eighty eight. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonol in nineteen eighty eight. This white man may have murdered some people with color while in the military or as a civilian.

You see this white military terrorist has had a habitual history of angry violent rhetoric on media propaganda whore outlets similar to Faux Pas News also known as FOX News. This is not first time nor last time that this white man has and will errupt in horrifica anger on television. He was suspended for two weeks as a military propagandist from Faux Pas News.

In context Ralph Peters was quoted as saying:

“We want you to react, do something. You’re afraid,” he continued. “I mean, this guy is such a total pussy, it’s stunning, and you know, we want — we the people, the American people who he does not know in any intimate sort of manner, we want action.”


“We want action against the Islamic State and then — then when the president is telling us he’s going to destroy ISIS, this is a president who has done more harm to American police departments than he has done to Islamic State.”

No word on whether this white man has ever obtained any pussy, pun intended, I mean love from his three historical wives.

San Bernardino – 14 People Meet Demise at Inland Regional Center

Another public shooting incident allegedly occurred today December second two thousand fifteen. This time supposedly fourteen people met their demise at a party taking place at Inland Regional Center, in San Bernardino, California. Instead of a lone wolf gunman, this time three people were suspected of committing this act.

One male and one female shooters met their demise by police terrorists. Another shooting suspect was allegedly detained. This event supposedly transpired at eleven AM Pacific time.

All three suspects allegedly were wearing body armor. Two law enforcement terrorists claim that one of these shooters was named Syed Farook. Fourteen people supposedly met their demise, while another seventeen were injured.

San Bernardino police terrorists claim that an explosive device was possibly found. However, their police chief claims that this device was actually a pipe bomb. None of these alleged victims have been identified pending their relatives being notified first.

Inland Regional Center is a local development disability medical venue. The San Bernardino Special Weapons Attack Team was training nearby and is a reason they were able to respond so quickly. This is not first time that active training drills were transpiring at same time as an alleged public incident where people met their demise.

Lieutenant Richard Lawhead told a local media propaganda whore outlet that these SWAT team terrorists were already suited up and “ready to roll,”. A possible witness, Dorothy Vong, whom works at this Inland Regional Center may have corroborated this active live drill by stating that she assumed it was a drill. She claims every month or so, an active live drill is performed.

She supposedly texted her husband Mark, “drill started” exactly around eleven AM Pacific time. She even allegedly took video of this active shooting drill. Finally, she texted her husband “Well it’s real”.

Joseph Pemberton – Found Guilty Causing Jennifer Laude’s Demise

A white United States military terrorist by name of Joseph Pemberton was found guilty December one two thousand fifteen of causing Jennifer Laude’s demise. This active duty military marines terrorist, was deployed in the Philippines. He went on a date with Jennifer Laude allegedly transgendered.

These two allegedly attempted fornication when this white military terrorist then murdered Jennifer. However, two prophylactics were found and supposedly used by Joseph Pemberton. Phillipines officials claim that Joseph was a homosexual that willfully fooled around with a transgendered person and murdered them afterwards.

He was sentenced to six to twelve years in a Phillipino court. Also, he was fined one hundred thirty thousand dollars payable to Jennifer Laude’s familia. This white terrorist also has other fines totalling close to five thousand dollars.

Joseph Pemberton was found guilty of homicide instead of murder. In the Phillippines homicide has reduced sentences in comparison to murder. Joseph claimed he and Jennifer became involved in a physical confrontation.

He claimed that he choked Jennifer in self defense. Perhaps a Phillippines judge agreed by convicting him of homicide instead of murder. This white military terrorist will have to serve his remaining prison sentence in the Phillippines.

Joseph did admit to choking Jennifer Laude, but claimed he did not kill her. This white boy claims Jennifer was still alive when he left a hotel room near a military base in Manila, Phillipines. Adding insult to injury this white ISIS member dunked Jennifer’s head into a toilet bowl and then left.

Two of Pemberton’s United States Marine terrorist colleagues testified that Pemberton told them quoted verbatim:

“I think I killed a he/she.”

Some activists in the Phillippines have demanded the United States remove all their military terrorists from this country. The United States has had a military prescense in the Phillippines since nineteen forty six when this terrorist organization claimed that they were no longer colonizing the Phillipines.

University of Chicago – Closed Due to Threat Made by UIC Student

On Sunday November twenty nine, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency, warned the University of Chicago that they had received on online threat by an anonymous individual. Federal Bureau of Insurgency claims that threats of violence were to transpire at ten AM local time at “the campus quad”.

Of course nothing transpired on this campus. Federal Bureau of Insurgency claims they have arrested one individual student from University of Illinois Chicago. Charges are supposedly pending at this time.

At time of this blog post creation, that individual that was supposedly arrested, has not been named by media propaganda whore outlets. All staff with exception of medical staff were asked to not gravitate towards the University of Chicago campus on Monday November thirty two thousand fifteen. There are some reports that this maybe in response to Laquan McDonald’s murder by a white police terrorist Jason Van Dyke.

Supposedly, sixteen white men were to meet their demise in revenge for the demise of Laquan McDonald, whom is a person with color. This is an excerpt quoted verbatim of this alleged threate:

“This is my only warning. At 10AM Monday morning, I’m going to the campus quad of the University of Chicago. I will be armed with an M-4 carbine and two desert eagles, all fully loaded. I will execute approximately 16 white male students and or staff, which is the same number of time McDonald was killed,”

In context allegedly Laquan was shot sixteen times. Individuals that lived on campus were asked to remain indoors at all times today, in essence another lockdown in America, amid possible fear mongering. Armed police terrorists, with their weapons visibler, were deployed to “protect and serve” this campus today.

No word on whether or not Police or Federal Bureau of Insurgency were the ones that perpetrated this online threat.

Colorado Springs – Planned Parenthood Scene of Police Incident

On November twenty seven two thousand fifteen an incident allegedly transpired at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At time of this blog post creation, the white media claims that this is an active situation, with a gunman still not apprehended. Supposedly, nine individuals including four police terrorists have been injured.

Six people have allegedly been transported to Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three more individuals were transported to Memorial Hospital. Police terrorists claim that one suspect has fired upon officers.

A Planned Parenthood building was evacuated. A fifth police terrorist may have been injured. However, a police terrorist in chief Lieutenant Catherine Buckley could not completely substantiate this information.

Also, she claimed that a male suspect has been erroneously named on the Internet. This alleged lone wolf gunman is still in a Planned Parenthood building. A local King Soopers is possibly under lock down.

According to police, if people are safe near this planned parenthood building, then they should remain there. El Paso County Sheriff, Colorado Springs police gestapo, Federal Bureau of Insurgency, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Colorado Bureau of Insurgents are assisting in this incident. Police are not in contact with an alleged gunman.

Also, supposedly police are trying to evacuate individuals that might still be in a Planned Parenthood building. Police claim that this lone wolf brought devices with him. Allegedly, police were first called at 11:38 AM local Mountain time.

Supposedly, this lone gun man has a long gun similar to a rifle. Also, allegedly police claim that he brought bags into this Planned Parenthood building. This Planned Parenthood is located at:

3480 Centennial Boulevard
Colorado Springs CO 80907

This business was open for usual customers. Multiple witnesses inside this building claim they heard gun fire. Colorado Springs police claim they were having difficulties getting officers to an alleged shooting area.

Centennial Boulevard between Garden of the Gods Road and Fillmore Street is closed.

United States Military Academy – Bans Pillow Fights Between Cadets

On November twenty two thousand fifteen a an organization that harbors future military terrorists, also known as West Point, decided to ban “Unprofessional Spirit Events”. An August twenty two thousand fifteen pillow fight, among cadets, caused more than two dozen injuries supposedly. The United States Military Academy decided to ban pillow fights as well as “Unprofessional Spirit Events” for a foreseeable future.

These events must be sanctioned by military personnel. A military terrorist named Colonel Karl Meyer, Ph.D is quoted as saying:

“The pillow fight is not an officially sanctioned event (and is) not based on any recorded tradition,”

Cadets may face disciplinary action if they

“have been a part of in initiating, coordinating or taking part in the event in any capacity.”

An investigation was allegedly performed after thirty future military savages from West Point were injured in a large scale pillow fight. Twenty Four of these clowns actually received concussions. The United States Army denied that these injuries were caused by hard metallic objects placed into pillows initially.

However, military police identified one cadet that injured and individual with a hard object inside a pillow case. Doctors whom treated these violent savages denied they noticed any injuries conducive with hard and or metal objects.

“stated explicitly that the injuries…were not consistent with having been struck by hard objects like helmets, lock boxes, flashlights or other objects…rumored to have been in the pillow cases,


“Many injuries were the result of Cadets having been hit by elbows or other body parts during the scuffle of the pillow fight or from simply falling or being knocked to the ground,”


“Cadets had been struck by hard objects, they would have expected to see fractures, hematomas or lacerations.”

Allegedly, cadets involved in these savage actions might face actions by The United States Military Action. Perhaps this institution of violence and future murderers could be abolished instead.

Was Russian Warplane Really Downed by Turkey?

That abstract nation state of Turkey alleges that their military was left with no choice but to shoot down a Russian jet, that invaded Turkey’s airspace, today November twenty four two thousand fifteen. Vladimir Putin and Russia claim that actually one of their fighter jets was shot down over Syria. However, Turkey and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which to me is another terrorist organization, claims otherwise.

The white Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization is quoted as saying pertaining to this incident:

“The Allied assessments we have got from several Allies during the day are consistent with information we have been provided with from Turkey. So the information we have from other Allies is consistent with what we have got from Turkey.”

Allegedly, Russia has violated Turkey’s airspace previously in their white supremacist bombing campaigns in Syria. Vladimir Putin a former Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti director verified a validity of a Russian jet being shot down by Turkey’s military. However, Vladimir disputes exactly where this jet was downed.

He claims this warplane was nullified four kilometers inside Syria’s border. Vladimir Putin when on to accuse Turkey of “backstabbing” Russia and also of financing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Israeli Secret Intelligence Service to some. Allegedly, one of two total Russian pilots met their demise.

Supposedly, their is video of both a Russian jet fighter getting shot down and one deceased Russian pilot. Allegedly, North Atlantic Treaty Organization hosted an impromptu secret I mean emergency meeting concerning this affair, pun intended. Turkey is allied with the terrorist organization known as the United States government military and twenty seven other white encaves I mean enclaves.

Russia allegedly has been invading airspace of other “sovereign” nation states in Europe during this invasion of Syria and even in past recent years. However, North Atlantic Treaty Organization has a common goal of terrorizing people with color in Syria, I mean fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant with Russia.