Nick Hogan – Tukwila Police Gestapo Federal Grand Jury Indictment

UPDATE: 7/25/2018

Nick Hogan was sentenced to only 9 months in prison. He faced the ridiculous charge of depriving a man of his civil rights. Why the fuck was he NOT charged with attempted murder?

Oh that is right, maybe because his victim was a man with color. United States district Judge John C. Coughenour issued this pathetic sentencing. Actually, I am surprised Nick was indicted at all and that he received any type of sentence.

This judge is a white man according to my intelligence gathering. Nick Hogan was 36 years old at the time of his guilty plea. He agreed to NOT seek employment in white terrorism, I mean law enforcement for 15 years.

I would NOT be surprised if he breaks this agreement. He is NOT supposed to work as a police officer or security officer anywhere until 2032. I bet he is foaming at the mouth just waiting for his chance to terrorize people with color again.

He was employed by two crime syndicates known as the Tukwila and Snoqualmie Washington police gestapo. I am NOT certain whether or NOT this agreement refers just to the state of Washington or the entire United States. This was a Federal grand jury after all.

However, white people cannot wait to circumvent their own rules. Nick the white terrorist Hogan pepper sprayed a man with color while he was restrained in a hospital. You must always be cautious around WHITE people.

This white terrorist attack could have ended this individuals life. Do you think that white people fucking care? Absolutely NOT they do not care.

A 9 month sentence to me proves that white people collectively continue to perpetrate their violent savage behavior without any acknowledgement or accountability. His victim had already been handcuffed and restrained. Supposedly he told Nick he was going to sue him.

This enraged this white savage and he proceeded to attack his victim with pepper spray. Initially, Nick was facing a felony charge and up to 10 years in federal prison. Obviously, he received a light sentence, pun intended.

Nick is not allowed to gain employment where a gun is necessary. I do NOT know if he is NOT allowed to possess any types of weapons or not. This white savage was sued twice before for his proverbial white behavior.

A white police terrorist, finally faces a federal grand jury indictment. Thirty five year old white boy Nick Hogan, faces one count of excessive use of force. His victim is of course a person with color.

Nick Hogan has terrorized people with color before and been fired from more than one police terrorist organization. This white Al Qaeda member faces up to ten years in prison and two hundred fifty thousand fake federal reserve notes in fines. Currently, he is employed as a police goon terrorist with Snoqualmie Police Department.

A grand jury indicted this white scum, after a two thousand eleven incident, while he was employed with Tukwila police department gestapo. His current employer placed him on paid administrative leave. This white piece of shit is the first police terrorist to receive federal charges in western Washington state in eight years.

Nick has been sued twice since two thousand nine for using excessive white force. This cost Tukwila police gestapo four hundred twenty five thousand fake federal reserve notes. In two thousand twelve, this white boy was excused of his duties, as a domestic terrorist, from afore mentioned gestapo unit.

This white trash even admitted he intentionally used his knee against one of his victims three times. Nick broke the elbow of one of his other victims. As a matter of fact, this white cretin from hell is was the most violent savage on record while working for that terrorist Tukwila organization.

He even broke the leg of one of his victims during a scuffle at a party. One of these white terrorist incidents was recorded on video at Harborview hospital. That victim was person referenced in this latest grand jury indictment.

This white savage is not only an animalistic barbarian but he also fucked one of his colleagues’ wife.

James Williams – Abuse Students at Chaminade High School?

Another possible perverted white man surfaces in AmeriKKKa. This time their is possibly credibile information proving that white boy James Williams abused a minor student, while president at Chaminade High School, in Long Island, New York. Chaminade is an all boys Catholic high school.

James was president of this indoctrination center, until two thousand eleven, when he resigned his perversion, I mean resigned as president. He made a living from nineteen ninety one until two thousand twelve at this school. He was a member of the Society of Mary also known as The Marianist Order, until May thirteen two thousand sixteen.

This order suspended his duties as a priest, amid credible abuse allegations. This white boy has denied these allegations. This order is allegedly investigating further by submitting this to Holy See for final resolution.

The Nassau County district attorney supposedly has been notified. What is interesting to me is that a potential victim declined to pursue legal charges. The Marianist Order did not notify legal authorities until February two thousand fifteen.

However, statue of limitations had expired, two years prior in two thousand thirteen. James Williams is now living in Rome, Italy. He would have faced misdemeanor sexual abuse.

One victim claimed he was sexually abused in two thousand eleven. However, I noticed one major discrepancy. Some reports claim that this student was legally a minor at time of this white perversion.

Other reports claim that this student was a legal adult at time of this white perversion. James Williams became president of this school in nineteen ninety nine. Chaminade High School is alma mater of Collin Finnerty whom was one of three Duke Lacrosse players charged with kidnapping and raping a dancer in two thousand six.

No word on whether or not James Williams will face any legal charges at this time.

Arthur Peekel – of Phillips Exeter Academy Faces Several Charges

Another white man faces charges of child abuse. This time Arthur Peekel faces two misdemeanor counts of sexual assault. He sexually assaulted a white boy named Lawrence Jenkens way back in nineteen seventy three.

Lawrence was just fourteen years old. This white genetic defect, Arthur, quietly left this New Hamsphire prepatory school and moved to Chicago, Illinios. This white boy accused this nasty white man of sexual abuse, but obviously was never formally charged until two thousand sixteen.

Ironically, this white man won the nineteen ninety one nineteen ninety two, Illinois teacher of the year award for sodomy, I mean education. This white man now lives in Palatine, Illinois. He was released on a twenty five thousand fake federal reserve personal recognizance bail.

He was required to release his passport, sign a extradition waiver, and given a cease and desist contact with minors order. Arthur’s arraignment is scheduled for July five two thousand sixteen. This white pervert was quoted as saying:

“I invited [Jenkens] and another student to stay with me. I’m just sorry that I put him and another boy in a situation where they could have imagined something happened,”

White boy Lawrence alleges in nineteen seventy three that Arthur reached under bed covers, fondling this boy, and used this fourteen year olds hand to masterbate himself. This white boy was quoted verbatim concerning this incident:

“I was pretending I was asleep. I didn’t know what the hell to do,” Jenkens said. “I didn’t know where to run. I thought he was going to kill me.”

School officials way back in nineteen seventy three were notified. Also, appropriate parents were notified and yet this white man never faced legal ramifications. Statue of limitations would have expired twenty two years after this incident.

However, since Arthur moved to Illinois, this officially stopped this legal clock. Arthur faces up to two total years in prison and maximum fines of four thousand fake federal reserve notes.

Kyle Bessemer – Faces Multiple Charges After Whole Foods Fiasco

A twenty nine year old white man has been finally arrested and formally charged, after he sprayed some suspicious liquids, at an Ann Arbor, Michigan Whole Foods. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency on May five two thousand sixteen, arrested and charged a white boy Kyle Bessemer with poisoning food, drink, medicine, and water supply as well as two counts of poisoning food, drink, medicine, and water supply, causing property damage.

This possible white ISIS member admitted to basically spraying rat poison on food at this Whole Foods market. Each of his four felonies are punishable by up to fifteen to twenty years in prison. Also, Kyle admitted to spraying poisons on food at two other Michigan grocery stores.

This white boy sprayed a mixture of Tomcat mouse poison, water, and hand sanitizer that included some alcohol. He sprayed this chemical concoction at these grocery stores:

* Whole Foods Market at 990 West Eisenhower Parkway
* Meijer at 3145 Ann Arbor-Saline Road
* Plum Market at 375 North Maple Road

Not surprisingly this white cretin from hell was given a two hundred fifty thousand dollar cash bond. If he posted this cash bond then he would have been placed under house arrest. Kyle may have poisoned food at twelve to thirteen other stores.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency are still trying to cover this up, I mean investigating and claim they may file additional charges. As is proverbial in the system of white terrorism, this white boy is claiming he is mentally ill. His premise is that he thought someone was trying to poisone him.

WBFF – Baltimore Fox Affiliate Fiasco Ends With Suspect Detained

Another shooting incident in white people’s white colony. This time a white man was shot three times outside of WBFF Fox television affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland. This white man, wearing an animal costume, stormed into this television station, demanding they investigate a government conspiracy.

Media propagandists at this Fox affiliate told him to just drop off an alleged USB flash drive he had on his persons. However, he took exception to this and instead demanded access to more secure areas of this propaganda outfit. After being denied access he threatened to bomb this building.

Allegedly, a security guard and this white man exchanged discourse for forty five minutes. Ministry of propoganda I mean FOX 45 news director Mike Tomko was quoted verbatim:

“Someone came into the front of the building and they apparently said that they had some information they wanted to get on the air. I came down at one point not knowing the person was in the lobby, near the vestibule area. He talked to me and was wearing what appears to be a full body white panda suit, surgical mask and sunglasses.

He had a flash drive, said he had information he wanted to get on the air. He compared it to the information found in the Panama Papers. I told him, ‘I can’t let you in, you’re going to have to leave the flash drive here and slide it through the opening.’

He wouldn’t do that. Apparently he had made some threats before.”

This white man was supposedly shot three times by a sniper and survived. He is not yet named and is supposedly in his twenties. Also, police gestapo claim he had an explosive device under his panda like costume.

He was wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask. Before this white boy stormed into this Faux Pas news affiliate, he started his own vehicle on fire. Another report claims that an employee at this television station received an earlier threat.

This media propoganda whore house has been evacuated.

Emily Pitha – John McCain Fundraiser Faces Severe Legal Charges

John McCain, a criminal politician in his own right, hired a fundraiser that now faces severe drug charges. Thirty four year old white woman and her thirty six year old white boyfriend, Christopher Hustrulid, face felony drug charges. A Maricopa County, Arizon search warrant revealed a meth lab in their home.

Also, other drugs were found in this home. Emily was an RSVP contact for John McCain’s fundraising efforts. Also, she was a former staff member for another criminal politician, former United States Senator Jon Kyl.

This white woman was immediately dismissed of her duties with John McCain’s campaign. An active meth lab, LSD, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and raw ecstasy were all found at this house. These two white clowns face multiple charges which might include child endangerment.

A five year old and ten year old child were living with this white couple. Both of these white people were arrested. These two clowns were busted because Christopher signed for a package from the Nederlands, containing two hundred fifty grams of ecstasy.

According to my intelligence gathering Emily Pitha was born on June fifteen nineteen eighty one. Her full name is Emily Orme Pitha. She is currently in custody and is in custody for:


T267026 is her booking number. I was not able to obtain her bail if any. Also, I was not able to obtain any information on Christopher’s bail if any.

Christopher Hustrulid’s date of birth is December nineteen nineteen seventy nine. Also, he is in custody for MARIJUANA-POSSESS/USE.

University of Central Florida – Lock Down Based Off Social Media

Another lock down situation at a public university in white people’s white colony, AmeriKKKa. This time University of Central Florida was locked down based on an alleged text message to students. An alleged threat read verbatim:

“Possible middle eastern gunman/woman in UCF library. Avoid the area.”

This threat was submitted to students around 4:00 PM local time, by someone at the University of Central Florida. There were no reported injuries, witnesses, gunmen, etc. However, students sent messages via social media like twitter claiming they saw multiple police terrorists run into a library.

Police claim they received a threat of a gunwoman which is contradictory to an alleged text message threat of either gender. John C. Hitt Library was evacuated by police gestapo. An alleged report of a gunman was received around 2:45 PM local time.

Nobody knows yet what department from this indoctrination center sent out this possible white supremacist alert. This alert was sent out at 3:53 PM local time. Only the library was placed under lockdown.

All other indoctrination brain white washing activities occurred on schedule. This library was opened again around 5:00 PM. Interestingly enough today was last day of classes before final examinations at this university.

Quite a few students were studying at this library. A possibly white terroristic message was posted on University of Central Florida’s website:


Just as this library was cleared a police terrorist coincidentally “accidentally” discharged their gun.

“One of the officers was getting ready to leave the scene and he went to secure his gun in the rack in his car, it’s a security measure we all take here, and something happened, the gun accidentally discharged. Nobody was hurt and we’re going to look into the source whether it was malfunction of the weapon or a problem with the rack.”

This statement was released by Courtney Gilmartin, University of Central Florida’s public information officer, which is really a public relations person and possible liar, at least to me.

Washington University – St. Louis Fiasco Causes One Female Injury

Another alleged shooting incident in white people’s white colony AmeriKKKa, today April twenty two thousand sixteen. One not identified female was supposedly shot in her arm while driving a silver sedan. Police terrorists are looking for a suspect driving a black sport utility vehicle.

This incident occurred at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri. Police gestapo ordered students at this brain white washing temporary internment camp indoctrination center to “shelter in place”. This was lifted a few hours later around 2:50 PM local time.

Mallinckrodt Center is the site of this alleged shooting incident. Forsyth School, a nearby private school was also placed under lockdown for awhile after this incident. All Clayton schools cancelled recess and required their victims of indoctrination stay indoors.

This university is a gun free zone. This shooting supposedly occurred at 1:30 PM local time and this female victim was transferred to St. Louis hospital. NO word on whether or not this suspect is white or not.

This Washington University in St. Louis campus released a final statement on their website:

Emergency: Alert issued at 04/20/2016 03:14:39 PM.

ALL CLEAR. The campus emergency is over. You may resume your normal activities.

For further information visit

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi – Discriminated Against by Southwest Airlines

Another airlines has been caught discriminating against a passenger. This time Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight 4620 from Los Angeles to Oakland, California. Why was he kicked off this piece of shit airlines you ask?

He was speaking Arabic of all things. You see a fellow deranged passenger snitched on him for speaking a language besides english. Khairuldeen is a twenty six year old University of California, Berkeley student. He quickly called his uncle in Iraq.

Part of this phone conversation included arabic and he even told his uncle “insha’Allah”. Police terrorists soon boarded this disgusting Southwest Airlines plane and escorted him off. These thugs questioned why he was speaking in arabic and why he was having a “serious conversation”.

They even asked him what he knew about “martyrs”. Police K9 unit dogs were also placed nearby. Khairuldeen was even searched near his testicles. Khairuldeen was quoted verbatim:

“The way they searched me and the dogs, the officers, people were watching me and the humiliation made me so afraid because it brought all of these memories back to me.”

He escaped Iraq in two thousand two after his father was killed. Southwest Airlines gave him a refund but refused to book him on another one of their flights. He ended using Delta Airlines.

This piece of shit airlines, Southwest Airlines, has yet to apologize formally as of time of this blog post creation. Police terrorists showed up within two minutes. Also, Federal Bureau of Insugency, a well documented domestic terrorist organization questioned this muslim.

These terrorists also stole his wallet during this obvious discrimination against a muslim. This student said nothing threatening in arabic. Cowards from this piece of shit airlines released a public relations statement concerning this incident:

Prior to the departure of Flight 4620, our Crew made the decision to investigate a passenger report of potentially threatening comments overheard onboard our aircraft. Our Employees followed protocol by reviewing the situation with the passenger in question, as it is the responsibility of our Employees to respond to Customer concerns. While local law enforcement followed up with that passenger in our gate area, the flight departed.

We regret any less than positive experience a Customer has on Southwest.

Marina Lonina – Faces Multiple Felonies & Live Streamed Incident

Another white female up to no good in the system of white terror. This time eighteen year old Marina Lonina, assisted a twenty nine year old white boy, in the rape of her own friend. Her friend was a seventeen year old female.

Marina faces rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor charges. If convicted of all charges she could receive forty years in prison. Adding insult to injury this rape was live streamed over the Internet using the Periscope application.

A grand jury approved an indictment with those afore mentioned charges. Allegedly, a friend of Marina Lonina, whom was out of state saw this rape over the Internet. This not named female contacted Ohio authority figures.

Marina faces an additional charge of illegal use of a minor in a nudity oriented performance or material. This charge is a result of the use of this Periscope livestreaming application. Raymond Gates then raped this seventeen year old girl, which was broadcast over the Internet.

This rape occurred on February twenty seven two thousand sixteen in Columbus, Ohio. Both of these white savages face seven total criminal charges. Marina posted a one thousand eighty five dollar bond according to Franklin County Municipal Court records.