Sandra Bland – Texas Police Terrorists Release Full Arrest Video

Texas State Police terrorists released a full dash cam video, documenting police terrorist Brian Encinia’s arrest of Sandra Bland. This fifty two minutes and thirteen second video is allegedly a full version of this incident. Brian Encinia pulled her over because she changed lanes without using a turn signal.

However, this incident turned violent as he eventually tased her. She was then arrested and died in the custody of Texas State terrorists. You see Brian Encinia is a white man and Sandra Bland is what white people would label black.

Also, Sandra Bland was video recording this traffic stop with her phone. Brian Encinia took exception to this and told her to put her phone on her car. Soon after this police terrorist, escalated this situation into violence.

Originally, Texas State Police claimed she committed suicide while in jail. Now there is an on going murder investigation. As is proverbial in white people’s system, the corrupt Federal Bureau of Insurgency is investigating this possible white homicide.

This rookie terrorist I mean police officer was quite a distance away from her, but quickly closed as he broke speed limits. Sandra Bland is a local Black Lives Matter activist. Brian Encinia broke traffic stop and courtesy protocols.

This murder investigation may lead to a grand jury. An original autopsy listed her death as suicide by hanging. However, coroner’s offices in America have lied about autopsy reports in past circumstances.

Brian Encinia of course has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Soap Lake – White Gestapo Police Caught Driving Unmarked Vehicles

Two white Soap Lake gestapo also known as police were caught white handed driving in vehicles not marked. It is illegal for police, in Washington state to drive in vehicles that are not parked as police cruisers when conducting police terrorism I mean police business. One officer of police terrorism is named Ryan Cox.

A white man named Gavin Seim video graphed this incident. He is a local activist in Soap Lake area whom has caught police in corrupt actions prior to this event. When he questioned one of these white police goons, he literally drove off.

Finally, Gavin confronted him at Soap Lake police terrorist headquarters. As is proverbial with police terrorists, he denied any wrong doing. At one point he wouldn’t let Gavin Seim into an office area claiming it was private.

This is ridiculous as police departments are public property paid for by public tax proceeds. Another white police gestapo pulled up at police headquarters in a vehicle not marked for police use. This video footage was uploaded to YouTube on July seventeen two thousand fifteen and has over eighty thousand views.

This incident actually transpired last year and a few months after this altercation, Soap Lake police started marking those vehicles. However, according to Gavin they are still illegal because lettering on the police vehicles does not contrast to make them easy to recognize. For now lettering on these vehicles is hard to see.

Towards an end of this video two younger white males confront him. Some people think they might be police informants, local drug informants, friends, or related to one of these police gestapo. One of these young white boys said “Fuck the Constitution” when Gavin Seim pointed out how corrupt America has become.

Joe Arpaio – Department of Injustice Sues White Criminal Sheriff

The Department of Injustice or Justice for white people finally got around to settling a three year old lawsuit against this notorious white criminal also known as Joe Arpaio. This is not a first time this white “ex” military Army terrorist has been sued by the Justice Department. In nineteen ninety seven a similar suit was filed by this same department.

However, in those nearly twenty years little has changed in Maricopa County, Arizona. Under this white crook, people with color labeled Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, etc. have been targeted and terrorized for decades. Basically, Maricopa county has violated their natural rights also known as the white man’s constitutional rights.

Workers were illegally detained and multiple amendments were violated. Also, people whom used their natural right to free speech, when criticizing Arpaio, aka first amendment were targeted. This white corrupt Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, made certain that “Latino” vehicular drivers were targeted.

He will be forced to attend a trial next month. Joe Arpaio and his criminal Maricopa County Sheriff’s department targeted “legal” and “illegal” people with color. That to me is an important distinction.

Jail officials in this county referred to some people with color as “wetbacks”, “Mexican bitches”, and “stupid Mexicans”. As a matter of fact, a book co-authored by this white criminal in two thousand eight corroborates his white linguistic terrorism towards Mexicans. An attempt at recalling this crooked sheriff was made before but after sixty million dollars white people I mean local citizenry made certain he remained.

You can read an abbreviated version of The Justice Departments twenty two page lawsuit against Joe Arpaio.

Eric Garner – New York City Settles His Murder With $5.9 Million

Bureaucrats in New York City, on July thirteen two thousand fifteen settled with Eric Garner’s family. They will pay out 5.9 million dollars for his murder on July seventeen two thousand fourteen. He was murdered by a white New York City police terrorist named Daniel Pantaleo.

This white terrorist was cleared of all wrong doing by a New York grand jury. All charges against him were dismissed. Originally, Eric Garner’s family sued city of New York for seventy five million dollars.

On July twelve two thousand fifteen his family turned down a five million dollar settlement. Today they accepted 5.9 million dollars. Garner was murdered via choke cold by white terrorist Daniel Pantaleo all over him allegedly selling cigarettes without collecting sales tax.

This compensatory agreement does not admit any guilt or wrongdoing by any potential terrorists involved. Eric Garner’s death was ruled a homicide, however Daniel Pantaleo was still cleared of any wrong doing. His murder of Eric Garner was video graphed, which went viral on the Internet.

The United States department of injustice I mean Justice is allegedly still investigating this incident. Also, Eric Garner had asthma and even alluded to this fact during his murder. However, this did not deter white terrorist Daniel Pantaleo from choking him.

You can read this white washing, I mean news release about this pre-litigation settlement from Scott M. Stringer comptroller of New York City.

Ted Visner – White Man Starts Isabella County Michigan Revolution?

Ted Visner uploaded a YouTube video titled “First Shots of The Revolution About to be Fired in Isabella County Michigan”. He speaks primarily about his eviction dispute against Isabella County government terrorists. He claims that in two thousand and ten Isabella County Courts along with Isabella County Sheriff wrongfully evicted him and his family out of a home without proper court proceedings.

Ted Visner is “ex” military and served in the United States Navy for six years. He claims that he bought a home from a Sheriff employee, Shelly Sweet, with a land contract. Around seven months later him and his family were evicted because Shelly Sweet had not been paying off a mortgage to this property.

Allegedly, Shelly Sweet gave away all of his families belongings during a weekend they were out of town. Shelly Sweet told her friends and associates at Isabella County Sheriff’s department, that Ted Visner had abandoned this property. He claims around fifty five thousand dollars worth of items was stolen by Shelly Sweet, her friends and associates at a terrorist organization also known as Isabella County Sheriff.

Shelly Sweet, admits in a deposition that she gave away this families property. Ted Visner claims he was making on time payments and has documented proof including cancelled checks to her. On September twenty seventh two thousand ten this family returned to their home but was locked out.

Ted Visner than called Isabella County Sheriff for assistance. Ironically, this same terrorist cell assisted in what he claims is an undocumented eviction. Around a twenty four hours later this family was allowed back in their premises to find most of their property missing.

Ted Visner claims a following list of government terrorists, conspired to evict him without court proceedings and theft of his valuation of around fifty five thousand dollars worth of personal property.

Isabella County Sheriff Deputy Clinton Steinert
Isabella County Sheriff Department Clerk Shelly Sweet
Isabella County Vice Sheriff John Tellis
Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski
Isabella County Board of Commissioners 7 or 8
Isabella County Former Prosecutor Larry Burdick
Isabella County Current Prosecutor Risa Scully

James Boyd – White Man Murdered: White Family Receives $5 Million

James Boyd, a white man was murdered by Albuquerque police terrorists in March of two thousand fourteen. Keith Sandy retired before an internal affairs investigation proceeded. Also, originally Sandy and Dominique Perez were to get charged for first degree murder.

Later those charges were reduced to second degree murder. James Boyd’s family settled with City of Albuquerque and Albuquerque police terrorists. I think this family is getting five million dollars because James Boyd was white.

James Boyd had been homeless and living in an area near Albuquerque, New Mexico with rough terrain. Police terrorists were called to his location. An altercation occurred which eventually led to his demise.

A video of this incident went viral on the Internet. This video camera was attached on one of these police terrorist’s helmets. James Boyd was armed with a small knife.

Many questions were raised after this video was released for public consumption. Police fired shots as James Boyd was running and retreating. Police used tasers, K-9 unit, and lethal force on this camper.

A flash bang grenade was used at beginning of this altercation. Police claim James Boyd was a threat to their K-9 unit dog. Police supposedly requested he put down his knife and then shot him dead after a few seconds.

A total of eight police terrorists and one dog were used in this incident. After he was lying dead these terrorists used bean bag bullets and released that K-9 dog to attack. They even yelled “BOOYAH” as he laid dead on the ground.

Kim Nguyen – Was She Sexually Assaulted by Some Los Angeles Police?

This is a short twelve minute report concerning an alleged incident between possible Los Angeles police department terrorists and twenty seven year old Kim Nguyen. Kim Nguyen alleges two Los Angeles police department officers David Shin and Jinseok Oh on March 7, 2013 assualted, sexually assaulted, and then dumped her on a Los Angeles street unconscious. She has obtained a lawyer Arnoldo Casillas, and is suing the Los Angeles police department, which is a possible terrorist cell.

Los Angeles police terrorists, I mean officers claim that Kim Nguyen opened up a back door and fell out, all while still being handcuffed. Perhaps this event would have been white washed and covered up had it not been for a private surveillance camera across that street. It will be interesting to see what evidence will be allowed, in a future lawsuit.

Kim Nguyen was just visiting Korea town in Los Angeles and had visited a local club with a couple of friends. On early morning of March 7, 2013, two Los Angeles police officers, David Shin and Jinseok apprehended her and allegedly harassed her because of public intoxication. Both of her friends left and she was then detained, handcuffed, and eventually taken in a police vehicle.

Kim Nguyen

Alcohol was involved in this incident, but Los Angeles police officials never charged her with any alcohol related crimes such as driving under influence. Some RAW video does not clearly show police assaulting her and dumping her body on a public street pavement. However, that video does show her seemingly not conscious, handcuffed, and visibly beaten.

This could refute any claims by Los Angeles police that they had nothing to do with her assault. Also, any potential witnesses could help corroborate Kim Nguyen’s claims of sexual abuse by Los Angeles police officers. Will Kim Nguyen receive an apology, justice, monetary compensation, etc. for this egregious act?

Watch my short twelve minute report including RAW video of this incident and more analysis.

Amy Wilburn – White Female Police Terrorist Tries to Kill Non-White

This is a short fourteen minute report of an incident which transpired on December 9, 2013, in Dallas, Texas. Amy Wilburn, a white female Dallas police officer, shot Kelvion Walker, aged seventeen at time of this event. Police officer Wilburn, claims she didn’t mean to shoot Kelvion Walker in an abdomen area.

This Dallas Police Department member was on a call for an alleged automobile theft. A witness and Mr. Walker claim he had his hands up when he was shot. The Dallas Police Department claims he tried to exit this alleged stolen vehicle.

Was this an act of racism white supremacy terrorism by this white law enforcement officer towards a man of color? Kelvion Walker did not possess any weapons on his persons during this incident. Also, Dallas police officers failed to call for an ambulance immediately after he was shot.

The Dallas police chief, David Brown, fired Amy Wilburn for violating that department’s deadly force policy. A grand jury has yet to decide if any criminal charges will be filed against terrorist, I mean officer Wilburn. Four other Dallas police officers were fired after this incident.

Amy Wilburn

Senior Corporal Frank Della, aged forty three, Moises Limon, Senior Corporal William Wesley, and Sargeant Rafael Rodriguez were given their police issued pink slips allegedly. Senior Corporal James Reynolds, was demoted because he supposedly failed to help another officer with a combative hostage I mean detainee. This is not first time in recent history that Amy Wilburn has been part of a shooting incident while on duty.

In August of two thousand and twelve, Deanna Cook was murdered and her death was documented on a 911 call. Amy Wilburn was dispatched with a fellow colleague. Allegedly, they knocked on Deanna Cook’s door and left.

She was not found dead until a few days later by family members. Kelvion Walker is suing Amy Wilburn for excessive use of force and not immediately calling for an ambulance. Will Kelvion Walker receive justice by this possible white female terrorist or will this be another white washed incident in a system of racism white supremacy terrorism?

Watch my fourteen minute report for a more detailed analysis of this incident.

Carlos Miller – Learn Why Photography is Not a Crime in America

Is photography a crime in America? Judging by recent arrests of photographers, an answer to this question might be yes. For one journalist, in Miami, Florida, an answer is a resounding no.

Besides a fact that the first amendment of the United States Constitution protects free speech in public places, which includes public photography and videography. Tell that to some police enforcers in this country, whom out right lie and claim photography is a crime. Photographers, citizen journalists, videographers, etc. are seemingly on a daily basis perhaps being arrested, detained, and even assaulted.

Back in 2007, Carlos Miller fell victim to America’s police state, where by he was arrested for the outrageous crime of photographing five Miami Dade police officers. Initially, he was found guilty for that incident. However, he appealed and later had that verdict overturned.

Carlos Miller

Mr. Miller because of an initial guilty verdict, was sentenced to and served probation. He initially created his Photography is Not a Crime blog just to document his trials and tribulations. Soon after he started seeing participation from concerned citizens and thus PINAC was born.

With years of experience as a photo journalist, Carlos Miller created his own media outlet via his successful blog. Since that 2007 initial incident, Mr. Miller has been arrested two more times for similar circumstances of a dasterdly act of photography and videography in public. It seems clear that many police officers in America do not like being photographed and captured on video.

Another interesting aspect of all this is how Mr. Miller took it upon himself to become the media, as he has been frustrated with a lack of mainstream and local media coverage of police brutality, corruption, misconduct, etc. Do you think photography and videography in public is a crime? If you do, you might want to listen to my interview of Carlos Miller, for a better understanding of why an answer should be no.

Adam Tatum – Chattanooga Terrorists Agree to $125,000 Settlement

Chattanooga city and police terrorists agreed to reach a settlement with Adam Tatum. Mr. Tatum filed a $50 million lawsuit against Chattanooga city, police department, and individual police officers for an incident that transpired on November 12, 2012. He was brutally beaten, tased, and had both legs broken from a terrorist attack by possible white Al Qaeda.

The city of Chattanooga, a possible terrorist organization, agreed to pay $112,500 to Mr. Tatum if he dropped his lawsuit. Erlanger hospital will pay $2,500 and an anonymous source will pay remaining $10,000. Most charges against Adam Tatum will dropped with an exception of assaulting a terrorist I mean police officer.

This settlement was reached on December 11, 2013 and will become permenant on January 1, 2014. In an initial incident Mr. Tatum was brutally beaten with billy clubs, tased, pepper sprayed, punched, and had both legs broken. Police allege Adam Tatum accosted a fellow citizen, accompanied with a knife in his right hand.

Adam Tatum

This alleged knife was never inventoried and used as evidence against Mr. Tatum, when he was arrested and charged. None of the Chattanooga police terrorist organization, I mean department were ever charged with any wrong doing, not even assault. A grand jury decided not to pursue charging any police officers involved with any crimes.

Adam Tatum gets time served and most charges will be dropped except ironically assaulting a police officer. Nowhere in any video footage was I able to see him assaulting any police officer, let alone resisting arrest. While, Mr. Tatum perhaps did not have a perfect police record, by no means do I think this near death beating was ever warranted, pun intended.

Perhaps, this was another case of the criminal corrupt system in which we live in, just white washing another act of police terrorism, as well as possible white terrorism. Most officers involved from my dogmatic subject perspective appeared being white males, that inflicted physical harm on Mr. Tatum. Watch my short report below, whereby I discussed this settlement in greater detail.