SUNY Purchase – Campus Placed Under Lock Down Without Any Proof

Another University was placed under lock down in America, a white colony. This time State University of New York was placed under lock down for two hours Sunday night April seventeen two thousand sixteen. An alleged individual showed off a hand gun and ran into some nearby woods.

However, there is no proof of this happening and local police terrrorists have not released any evidence of this occurring. Also, these police terrorists, violated the white mans CONstitution by stopping students, whom tried to leave this campus. You have a right to travel freely, but not with white people running this circus.

Allegedly, students received an email from this university, telling them to stay indoors on this campus. This email was supposedly sent at 8:46 PM local time. Witnesses saw police terrorists stopping students whom were excercising, no pun intended, their right to travel freely, when trying to leave this campus.

This five hundred acre campus, was crawling with terrorists, also known as police gestapo as they supposedly searched vehicles and buses leaving this campus. During these possible unconstitutional searches, another nearby college named Manhattanville College was also placed under lock down. Authoritative goons claimed no shots were fired.

Noel Aguilar – Executed by LA Sheriff Jose Ruiz & Albert Murad?

A video of the murder of then twenty three year old Noel Aguilar by Los Angeles Sheriff terrorists Jose Ruiz and Albert Murad, surfaced on December eighteen two thousand fifteen. These two terrorists murdered Noel Aguilar on May twenty six two thousand fourteen. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, which is a terrorist organization to me, claims that Noel Aguilar fired a shot at one of these Sheriff goons.

However, this video proves otherwise and actually it was Sheriff terrorist Jose Ruiz that shot his partner in terrorism Albert Murad. This bitch Jose Ruiz was quoted as saying:

“You fucking move, I’m going to kill you, bitch!”

An autopsy report classifies this incident as a homicide with multiple gunshot wounds. An anonymous individual videographed this incident and turned it over to lawyers for Noel Aguilar. These two Los Angeles County Sheriff terrorists have not ben charged with any wrong doing.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office using public relations tactics claim that Noel had a gun on him. Also, they claim he tried reaching for one of these terrorists’ weapons. This video completely refutes these claims.

These terrorist scum fired four shots into Noel Aguilar. Then Jose Ruiz propped his entire body onto Noel so that he would suffocate, even though he was already dying from one gunshot to his stomach and three gunshots to his back. Soon after more Los Angeles County Sheriff terrorists arrived on scene and immediately pointed weapons at witnesses.

They made them scurry back into their homes with threats. This Los Angeles County Sheriff terrorist organization and these two terrorists, Jose Ruiz and Albert Murad are being sued. Both these two savages, Jose Ruiz and Albert Murad are back on the streets of Los Angeles as sheriff terrorists. There will be a protest march on January twenty first two thousand sixteen at:

Eddie’s Liquor
299 East Artesia Boulevard
Long Beach, California, 90805

Noel Aguilar leaves behind a fiance and now one year old daughter.

Daniel Holtzclaw – Oklahoma City Police Savage Found Guilty

A possibly white Oklahoma City police terrorist named Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty by ironically an all white jury. Daniel was facing thirty sixy total counts of burglary, stalking, indecent exposure, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and rape. He was found guilty of eighteen total counts.

This all white jury deliberated for more than forty hours over a four day span. Holtzclaw’s father is white and mother is Japanese. Allegedly, he is labeled Asian or Pacific Islander in court records.

He was initially accused of sexually assaulting and or raping thirteen victims. All but one of his alleged victims was what white people would label “black”. Eight white men and four white women comprised this “fair” jury pun intended.

When studying demographics of Oklahoma City, it comes no surprise to me at least, that in predominantly neighborhoods with color an all white jury was still formulated. However, for whatever reason these translucents decided to deliberate eighteen guilty verdicts. Daniel was allegedly fired as a police terrorist in two thousand fourteen amid these allegations.

This clown is facing two hundred sixty three total years of sentencing. He is supposed to become sentenced on January twenty one two thousand sixteen. This all white jury found him guilty for eight of thirteen possible victims.

They deliberated guilty verdicts for four counts of first degree rape, one count of second degree rape, six counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible sodomy and three counts of procuring lewd acts. He was facing possible life sentences for first degreee rape charges, but this white jury chose to give him thirty year sentences instead. This possible Freemasonic Fraternal Order of Police terrorist attacked women with color with ages ranging from seventeen to a fifty plus year old grandmother.

No word yet if white people will some how try to rig and over turn this outcome on or before January twenty one two thousand sixteen.

Lisa Mearkle – Walks Free After David Kassick Met His Demise

On November fifth two thousand fifteen, thirty six year old white terrorist, at least to me, Lisa Mearkle was found not guilty by a jury in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. You see I reported on this white broad savage earlier this year. There is an open and shut case type video on YouTube that clearly shows she murdered her victim fifty nine year old white man David Kassick.

Lisa Mearkle has been on paid vacation by the Hummelstown police department, also known as a terrorist organization, since this incident first transpired earlier this year. This to me is proverbial procedural protocol by white people in their system of white terrorism. This white female police terrorist was facing third degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter charges.

Lisa Mearkle plans on returning to a terrorist cell known as Hummelstown police department and resume murdering people I mean enforcing law. Meanwhile, white man David Kassick’s family is going to allegedly file a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court. What is interesting to me in this case, is that their was an obvious white washing concerning a video of this incident.

Hummelstown police refused to release this video to a jury that indicted her as a murderer. This police terrorist syndicate released this video after a verdict was read, perhaps adding insult to injury intentionally. All of this white drama queen drama king affair pun intended was a result of Lisa Mearkle taking away David Kassick’s natural right to travel free over a fucking expired license plate sticker.

This to me is just how white people roll in their system of white terrorism. They are megalomaniac kleptomaniac communist socialist control freak fundamentalist’s. Finally, this white woman used an age old excuse for murder, she claimed she feared for her life.

FBI Lying About National Liberation Militia Anarchist Group?

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency today October twenty seven two thousand fifteen, released a bulletin to police terrorist departments in New York City, New York and other parts of the United States. This bulletin warns police terrorists of possible attacks against them on Halloween. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which to me is a domestic terrorist group in of itself, claims that an anarchist group called National Liberation Militia is planning to surprise attack police terrorists on Halloween.

This anarchist group is allegedly based out of Eugene, Oregon. I was only able to find one piece of evidence that this group might even exist. This National Liberation Militia FaceBook page has no content and just five likes at time of this blog post creation.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency has a historical history of using under cover agents to pose as fake anarchists. This agency then blames this provocation on anarchists. As a matter of fact the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude has historically created and infiltrated anarchist groups with their own agents like Brandon Darby.

Is this nefarious United States government military alphabet soup agency making up another lie? Will anything of consequence occur this Halloween? Perhaps if any events transpire, directly targeted towards police terrorists, then they will possibly be masterminded by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency themselves.

I find it extremely suspicious that there is literally no information about this National Liberation Militia on the Internet, and yet they are supposedly planning attacks against United States police gestapo. Also, the Federal Bureau of Insurgent corruption did not stipulate this on their official website. Instead this agency used the military mainstream media to announce this information.

We shall see what transpires on Halloween. If I was a betting man I would say this is old school FBI propaganda to fear monger and label anarchists as violent among other tactics. This might be as phony as the phony war on terror.

Ben Fields – Richland County Sheriff Thug Drags Innocent Teen Girl

Another white thug attacked a person with color today October twenty sixth two thousand fifteen. This time Ben Fields a Richland County Sheriff terrorist assaulted a teen girl at Spring Valley High School. You see Richland County sheriff terrorists are assigned to this school as resource terrorists I mean “resource officers”.

Spring Valley High School is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This white terrorist grabbed what white people would label a black female by her arms and dumped her out of her chair. He then dragged this high school student and then arrested her.

This white scum assaulted her because allegedly she refused to leave this classroom. I’ve never heard of a law making it illegal to leave a temporary internment camp room. However, in white peoples system of white terrorism, most anything is possible.

This white terrorist supposedly has been given a cease and desist order meaning he should not fixate himself in any schools within this same district. Superintendent of control and brain white washing I mean of schools was quoted as saying:

“Pending the outcome of the investigation, the District has directed that the SRO not return to any school in the District.”

This is not first time that this white Al Qaeda, white Isis, white terrorist scum has terrorized people with color. You see this Richland County Sheriff terrorist is facing a federal lawsuit. Ashton James Reese has filed a lawsuit against this white terrorist claiming that this Sheriff lied and profiled him solely because of his color.

Another person with color labeled most likely “Mexican” by white people tried suing Ben Fields in two thousand seven in federal court for basically racial profiling. This white ISIS member has had numerous complaints by students at Spring Valley High School for years now. In two thousand twelve Ben Fields slammed a pregnant teen girl.

Some of these allegations have surfaced on Twitter. This white terrorist is a Christian and grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can contact Spring Valley High School whom harbored this white terrorist and voice your disdain at:

Senior Deputy Ben Fields
Spring Valley High School
Principal Temoney

You can contact this white terrorist organization the Richland County Sheriff’s office and voice your disdain at:

Petra Laszlo – Hungarian Television Reporter Trip Fleeing Migrants

A white female Hungarian television camera operator intentionally kicked and tripped fleeing migrants yesterday September eight two thousand fifteen. Adding insult to injury this degenerate white woman tripped children and adults carrying children. Petra Laslo was video graphed kicking two migrant children and tripping a migrant adult carrying a child.

This white female journalist was later fired from N1 television channel, which is allegedly connected to a far right Jobbik political party, which has anti-immigrant views. These refugees were trying to flee from police in their makeshift camp located in Roszke which is near a Serbian border. This makeshift camp includes some people with color from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

This white female terrorist at least to me, might face criminal charges which would constitute possibly five years in prison. There are multiple videos of this white ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, terrorist intentionally kicking and tripping fleeing migrants. This white terrorist was even on her job filming activities near a Hungarian Serbian border.

N1 Television posted a statement on their website:

“Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roszke reception centre. The cameraman’s employment was terminated with immediate effect.”

Around fifteen hundred refugees had been waiting at a makeshift camp in Roszke, Hungaria. Police terrorists had been harassing this group of people. Supposedly, around one hundred sixty seven thousand refugees have entered Hungaria “illegally” this year. Most of them have been crossing into Roszke.

Hungarian political bureaucratic terrorists have passed laws making it a crime to cross Hungaria’s border illegally. This legal terrorism won’t officially take place until September fifteen two thousand fifteen. Many of these displaced Afghanistanians, Iraqis, and Syrians want to travel to Servia.

However, Hungaria’s terroristic government military is making this trip quite complicated. Hungarian police terrorists have not been enforcing this country’s anti-immigrant stance. However, this may change with newly created legal requirements against border crossing.

Charles Gliniewicz – Police Officer Down: Manhunt For 3 Suspects

A police terrorist has allegedly been fatally shot today September one two thousand fifteen. His name is Charles Joseph Gliniewicz an “ex” military Army veteran and was fifty two at time of this incident. Charles, a twenty seven year military terrorist, was allegedly shot in Fox Lake, Illinois by two white males and one black male suspect.

Somehow, we are supposed to have empathy for this “ex” military and police terrorist, as overall police and sheriff terrorists in America, have murdered well over six hundred citizens already in two thousand fifteen. Anyways, police claim these three suspects “should be considered armed and dangerous”. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was supposedly a thirty year veteran police terrorist with four children.

He was a Lieutenant for Fox Lake police deptartment, which to me is a terror cell. Supposedly, he was fatally shot near Route twelve and Sayton Road around 7:52 AM Central time. He was dispatched on a call because of three “suspicious” people.

His backup arrived after communication with Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was lost. This backup claimed he saw one gun shot wound. Charles then later died from this gun shot wound.

As is proverbial in one of white people’s white colonies, AmeriKKa, local police terrorists placed areas near this incident on lock down. White people are notorious for taking people’s natural right to travel freely away. Anyways, Lake County Sheriff’s department detective Chris Covelli was quoted as saying:

“At this time, we’re asking all area residents to remain inside. Report any suspicious activity, any suspicious people, by dialing 911 as we still have three offenders at large.”

Other authoritative terrorists armed and possibly dangerous from Federal Bureau of Insurgency as well as United States Marshalls are assisting in a search for these three alleged suspects. Obviously, in America you are not free, thus Rollins Road was closed from Route fifty nine to Grand Avenue. Also, some investigators blocked off part of a frontage road leading to United States highway twelve.

Metra officials shut down trains on the Milwaukee District, as no trains on North Line are moving beyond Long Lake. Outbound passengers were bussed to Ingleside and Fox Lake stations. Inbound trains will begin travel at Long Lake, according to Metra.

Grant Community High School was on hard lockdown for awhile, then transitioned to soft lockdown. Superintendent of schools Christy Sefcik said that Grant Community High School went on lockdown around 8:30 AM central time. Also, she said all those attending students and staff were kept away from exterior glass and out of view.

Rohnert Park Police – Police Terrorist Pulls Gun on Videographer

A white Rohnert Park Police terrorist pulled out his gun on a male whom was video recording this police thug possibly stalking him. This white gestapo sat in his terrorist mobile for a few moments before taking photographs of this man filming him. Soon after he removed himself from this police cruiser and then immediately pulled out his police issued weapon.

This police terrorist did not identify himself, nor did he claim that this white male whom was video taping him, was detained or under arrest. Also, this white police gestapo thug pulled out his gun without provocation. A five minute video of this altercation is trending of sorts on YouTube receiving over fifty six thousand views at time of this blog post creation.

This white on white confrontation resulted in this white Rohnert Park Police terrorist finally backing off after a white cameraman told him to put his weapon away. Also, he distanced himself and even went behind what I think was a boat and trailer. This cameraman claimed that this Rohnert police had been harassing him and his family recently.

Perhaps, this terrorist cell also known as Rohnert Park Police department sent out a goon to try to intimidate him, I don’t know. Let me reiterate that this white police terrorist never identified himself, never said this cameraman was a suspect, detained, under arrest, etc. and pulled out his gun when no crime was committed. What is interesting is that this white gestapo asked this cameraman

“are you some kind of Constitutionalist?”

The City of Rohnert Park Police & Fire official FaceBook page has been riddled with criticism of this incident. There have been accusation that comment on this page soon after this incident were removed. If these comments were deleted intentionally then that is illegal.

This terrorist organization has refused to comment on this incident and claims they will once a rigged investigation I mean proper inquiry is made. Also, the name of this white police terrorist whom pulled a gun like a thug, has not been publicly identified.

Sam Dubose – White Terrorist Ray Tensing Indicted For His Murder

A white police terrorist, Ray Tensing was indicted for the murder of Sam Dubose today. If a miracle occurs and he is found guilty, this white Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, terrorist might face life in prison. This white criminal, is employed by the Cincinnati Police Department which is a terrorist cell in my books.

Ray Tensing can receive a sentence of fifteen years to life. However, he is not facing a death penalty. A body cam video of this white terrorist attack was released yesterday. Initially Cincinnati Police terrorists were refusing to release this video. This is first time in this terrorist cell’s history, that a police criminal will be charged for murder.

This white Al Qaeda member pulled over this black male because he claimed he was missing a front license plate. As per usual with white people, Ray Tensing escalated this situation. He fired one lethal shot into head of Sam Dubose.

Police terrorist Tensing lied and claimed that Sam Dubose dragged him with his automobile. This dash cam video refutes that white washing. Sam Subose was also unarmed and did not become aggressive.

Joe Deters, a white prosecutor assigned to rig this case I mean serve justice for white people I mean prosecute this case, initially refused to turn over this video evidence. This white clown even claimed that it would take an Ohio supreme court to rule, before he would turn this video evidence to public demand. Ray Tensing faces another lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, as an option for jurors during this grand jury indictment.

Ironically, Cincinnati police terrorists are asking for peace and even are warning public citizenry of possible riots. Perhaps this fraternal order of police mafia syndicate is conspiring in secret to make that happen? Allegedly Ray Tensing whom was a campus police criminal was first placed on administrative leave, but now has been fired.