Slender Man – Two 13 Year Old Girls Tried as Adults in Stabbing

Two thirteen year old white girls, will become tried as adults, for allegedly murdering one of their friends, in two thousand fourteen. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier whom was twelve at time of this incident, lured a friend for a night time birthday party. These two from Wisconsin then stabbed this friend a total of nineteen times.

These two white girls then left their friend to die out in middle of a wooded area. Both of these clowns are charged with first degree intentional homicide. These two translucent face up to sixty five years in prison.

They both appeared at an arraignment hearing today, where charges were filed against them. As is per usual in a system of white terror, one of their attorney’s is requesting white girl Morgan Geyser receive a mental evaluation. These two white girls blamed this murder on a mythical character “Slender Man”.

Their victim actually survived and supposedly tracked down a bicyclist as they were bleeding profusely. Allegedly, Morgan Geyser admitted to this attempted murder but had no empathy or remorse for her victim. Translucent Morgan is quoted as telling a detective:

“it was weird that I didn’t feel remorse.”

Morgan Geyser lived at 1434 Big Bend Road, Unit K, in Waukesha, Wisconsin according to court records. A Waukesha County Judge by name of Michael Bohren ruled that she is not mentally competent enough to stand trial, perhaps because she has pale skin. Her partner in crime Anissa Weier was just twelve years old when she agreed to this attempted murder plot.

She along with Morgan are being held on five hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes bail. Anissa also blamed this savagery on a mythical “Slender Man” character. Neither of these two clowns had legal counsel present when they were interviewed by detectives.

Nashville Tennessee – Shooting at Theater Results in Dead Suspect

Another alleged movie theater shooting occurred today, this time in Nashville Tennessee. An individual with a gun, pepper spray, hatchet and two back packs met his demise with a shootout with local police. Supposedly, this lone wolf gunman pepper sprayed two persons and used his hatchet.

No fatalities or major injuries were reported. Coincidentally, police were near by at an alleged car crash and were able to appear at this scene rather quickly. Mad Max: Fury Road was playing at Carmike 8 Cinemas. Supposedly, this fifty one year old local man shot at a police clown and then exited out of this movie theater.

Special Weapons and Tactics exchanged fire with this one gunman and incredulously missed. Allegedly, police clowns shot him dead at rear of this movie theater. This gunman was wearing a surgical mask and used pepper spray against two women.

A total of two back packs were left at this Carmike 8 cinemas. Local businesses were placed on lock down, and bomb sniffing dogs were brought in. Proverbial moves in this system of white terrorism.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency is of course investigating and proclaimed that this incident is an act of

“homegrown violent extremism,”

but NOT terrorism. Perhaps this fifty one year old male shooting suspect, now deceased, is white, I don’t know. Dr. Corey Slovis, chairman of emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, medical director of both Metro Nashville Fire Department and Nashville International Airport was called in to stipulate this gunman was deceased.

This medical director was then quoted as saying

“Unfortunately, the more people that have guns in public places the more potential there is for someone who shouldn’t have a gun to use it inappropriately”

. What amazing statement to make moments after a shooting and even before one body was cold. Also, alleged witnesses posted their observations on social media.

Hattiesburg Mississippi – Shots Fired at Jade Helm 15 Soldiers

As I am sure you are well aware of, the United States government military, a terrorist organization to me, will have ongoing military training this summer inside American borders, also known as Jade Helm 15. Today, some reports of shots being fired at some of these training terrorists. These events allegedly partook at Camp Shelby, in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Camp Shelby is a military post for current future terrorists to train on how to murder people and maybe even animals. Multiple media whore outlets have reported multiple shooters but proclaim nobody was injured. Two white men allegedly fired shots at some of these Jade Helm 15 soldiers.

These white men allegedly exclaimed “broken arrow” as they took shots at terrorists in training, from a Ford Ranger pickup truck. It is such a shame that they had missed. This military training center is vast with around one hundred thirty four thousand acres or five hundred twenty five square kilometers.

United States Special Forces Command confirmed that Camp Shelby is part of Jade Helm 15 training. Amazingly enough, a red Ford Ranger pickup truck with “BROKEN ARROW” detailed on this vehicles windshield was recovered. This vehicle was allegedly found at 600 block of Old Augusta Road.

Supposedly, broken arrow is terrorist speak for

when a unit or camp is overrun.

Interestingly enough the United States Government military has not referred to this as any kind of act of terrorism. Perhaps because these alleged suspects were white.

This military camp is currently hosting around four thousand six hundred military terrorists. Perhaps this is a psychological operations or false flag inside job as part of Jade Helm 15 training. Who knows I was not present to observe these alleged shots fired at military training at Camp Shelby. Two individuals that were driving that Ford Ranger truck have not been charged with any crimes nor were they arrested.

Jared Fogle – White Jew Brags About Paying Teenage Girl For Sex

Jared Fogle allegedly bragged about having sex with a teenage girl. He sent text messages to a female colleague, about his sexual romps with a sixteen year old female. Also, he supposedly sent this same female colleague text messages, telling her to advertise herself for paid sexual gigs.

This is when he admitted to finding a teenage girl online and that this was “amazing”. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency has subpoenaed these text messages as part of their continued child sexual abuse case. Jared Fogle’s home was searched by Federal Bureau of Insurgency a few weeks ago, but has not been formerly charged for any crimes.

Not only did this white Jew brag about sex with a teenage girl he emphasized it as “amazing”. This female colleague stipulates in text messages that he only paid one hundred dollars for services from a sixteen year old girl. The age of consent in Indiana for sex is sixteen years old.

Supposedly Jared Fogle had a residence in Indiana. No word whether or not this sixteen year old female resided in Indiana or another state. This same woman notified Subway management of his behavior and showed them his text messages, but they did not take any actions.

Subway denies she ever filed a complaint about him. Also, supposedly Jared Fogle asked this same woman if she could introduce him to her cousin that was under age, perhaps for sexual reasons? This women has asked for anonymity.

What is known about her is that she was having sexual relations with Jared and was a Subway franchise owner. These text messages, possibly indicting Jared Fogle, date back to two thousand and eight. Jared Fogle still has not been formally charged with any wrong doing, perhaps because he is a white man?

Yishai Schlissel – White Homophobic Jew Stabs Six Homosexuals

A white homophobic Jewish male Yishai Schlissel, stabbed a group of people at a gay pride parade in Israel today. He supposedly stabbed a total of six gay and lesbians. This Israeli is an ultra orthodox Jew.

Yishai was just released from prison three weeks ago. He was serving a sentence for stabbing three homosexuals at this very same Jerusalem gay pride parade in two thousand five. He was sentenced for twelve years, but was released early.

Allegedly, two of his victims are in serious condition. His conviction in two thousand five was for attempted murder. Much of this two thousand fifteen incident was captured by a photographer.

He had a knife under his coat and started stabbing people before he was apprehended. This parade continued as planned after this commotion ended. This Jerusalem gay pride parade was supposedly heavily secured by police but this white Jew was able to still stab six individuals.

The Israeli Supreme Court shortened his sentence to ten years in two thousand seven. After his prison release he went back to his old ways of homophobia by creating pamphlets opposed to this parade. He was even asking others to risk life and imprisonment so that this parade would not occur.

Allegedly, thousands of people participated in this parade march. Israeli police new this white Jew Yishai Schlissel was recently released. Also, they were not allowed to stalk him I mean track him because of jurisdiction.

In Israel sometimes when a person is sentenced, they are then required to report to a police station. Since he had previously stabbed homosexuals, at this very same gay pride march in two thousand five, then he would have had to appear at a police station during time of this parade. Police did not use this type of tactic with him.

Neal Falls – White Serial Murderer Killed by Woman he Attacked

Neal Falls, a forty five year old white male suspected serial murderer, met his demise last week. One of his possible victims, whom he had attacked killed him. Neal tried strangling a female escort he had met off of

Allegedly, she shot him with his own gun. This Oregon man is in process of being linked to ten or more murders. Also, a post it note was found on him, with ten more potential victims.

Handcuffs, knives, axes, one sledgehammer, one bulletproof vest, one gun, shovels and some bleach was found in a vehicle he owned. Most of his possible victims fall under a category of sex worker as a career choice. All ten of his possible future victims have allegedly been notified.

He dismembered some of his victims. A woman that escaped murder is quoted as saying “I could tell that he had already done something, because he said he was going to prison for a long time and that’s when I knew he was going to kill me”. Her name has not yet been released.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency is also sticking their nose into this investigation. Many of his potential victims were from Nevada. Possibly more victims were from Ohio.

This white man had been compensating this sex worker for her services. However, this white man showed up with gun in hand on evening of his death. He then attacked this woman as soon as she opened her door.

Mass Catholic – Alleged Satanic Baphomet Statue Offends Catholics

A baphomet statue that was revealed yesterday at a recently opened Satanic Temple in Detroit Michigan, has upset and offended some local Catholics. Allegedly, around two hundred to two hundred and fifty catholic’s attended a protest mass at St. Joseph Church. The Satanic Temple of Detroit was going to reveal this baphomet statue, at a Detroit location that only individuals that purchased tickets would become notified of.

This eight and one half foot statue is a satanic symbol to some. Other people have claimed baphomet is an old school deity that The Knights Templar’s and later Freemasons worshiped and perhaps still worship. Jex Blackmore, a white woman, whose real name is Adrea Potti, is founder of this Satanic Temple of Detroit.

Originally, she and her organization wanted this baphomet statue erected at Oklahoma State Capitol grounds next to a concrete ten commandments version. This never transpired as Oklahoma state legislature passed legislation banning religious statues on capitol grounds including that concrete version of ten commandments. Satanic Temple of Detroit now wants this baphomet statue placed next to another concrete version of ten commandments at the Arkansas state capitol grounds.

This baphomet allegedly cost one hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes. This bronze statue weighs more than two thousand pounds. Supposedly, this occult symbol was supposed to get revealed at a local restaurant until threats of arson were passed out.

That is when a decision was made to hold this revealing event in “secret” instead. White girl Jex Blackmore claims she and two hundred members do not worship Satan. No catholic’s, pagan’s, satanist’s, Freemason’s, Knights Templar’s, theist’s, non-theist’s, etc. were hurt.

Pinellas County Florida – White Bureaucrat: BBQ Smoke is Illegal

A white Pinellas County Florida bureaucrat by name of Joe Graham was out code enforcing over what he alleges is illegal barbecue smoke out on a public street. What is interesting to me is that white people would label this individual as black. He claims nobody in forty years has complained about barbecue smoke spilling out into that street.

Also, he pointed out that one of his neighbors had cooked out recently and nobody had complained. This white man is a local environmentalist from a local terror cell, Pinellas County, Florida government. A local fire department and police terror cell have also been called complaining of this outrageous barbecue connoisseur.

This person with color points out a second time that all his other neighbors that barbecue have not been harassed or had complaints filed against them. It could be that they are all white. Although I don’t know exact demographic data for that neighborhood.

This man also points out that police and fire have visited him multiple times prior. A white environmentalist points out that he showed up just to verify whether or not any barbecue smoke had slipped out onto a street. This person with color did add that this same neighbor across this street, complains each and every time he barbecue’s to a fire department and police terrorists.

Also, he claims that he calls into fire and police departments and they tell him to go right on polluting translucent neighbors I mean barbecuing. This white bureaucratic terrorist uses the word “fair” and also claims that a “rule” may have been broken. Earlier in this exchange he volunteered to read a “law” verbatim.

This white man said that he would write up a report, file it, and send it to other government terrorists. Also, this white man stipulated that this property owner could grill to his hearts desire, as long as smoke does not drift off into a street. This white man claims he saw smoke “leaving your property”.

Joe Graham
Environmental Specialist 1
Air Compliance
509 East Avenue South
Suite 138
Clearwater, Florida 33756

Hulk Hogan – Fired by World Wrestling Entertainment Over Racism

Hulk Hogan whose real name is Terry Bollea, has been fired by World Wrestling Entertainment over leaked transcripts, exposing one of his racist rants. These transcripts are sealed in Pinellas County, Florida, but possibly two tabloids were able to obtain them. Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan referred to black people as “fucking niggers”.

At one point he even admitted he is a racist by exclaiming “I am a racist, to a point”. Allegedly, these racist rants are due to his daughter Brooke’s relationship with a black billionaire. Below are some further quotes:

“I don’t know if Brooke was fucking the black guy’s son,”

“I mean, I don’t have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, fucking niggers. But then when it comes to nice people and shit, and whatever…”

“I mean, I’d rather if she was going to fuck some nigger, I’d rather have her marry an eight foot tall nigger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player!”

“I guess we’re all a little racist. Fucking nigger.”

Nobody knows how these publications were able to obtain these alleged sealed documents. Apparently, World Wrestling Entertainment took these comments seriously and released a statement claiming they terminated their contract with Terry Bollea. Hulk Hogan denies he was terminated saying that he resigned from WWE yesterday.

Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollea apologized too little too late today. World Wrestling Entertainment has already begun to remove him from their website. He has been removed from a WWE hall of shame I mean hall of fame page.

All of his merchandise has been removed from

Grand 16 Theater – White Man John Houser Trainwreck Movie Shooter

A fifty eight year old white man is suspected of murdering two move goers at a showing of Trainwreck at the Grand 16 Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana today. One witness claims seeing this man open fire around twenty minutes into this movie that began at 7 PM local central time. Allegedly, after murdering two people he committed suicide.

A total of ten people were shot reportedly. Katie Domingue witnessed what she claimed was “an older white man” shooting at people inside this theater. Later, she escaped with her fiancee through an exit door, leaving her shoes and purse behind.

She claims she did not hear him say anything. Seven people are supposedly injured. Also, authorities have yet to release a gun mans name.

This white gunman was a patron and around one hundred total people were at this theater at time of this incidence. Other local area movie theaters were shutdown as a precaution. Clay Henry vice president of operations for Acadian Ambulance claims a total of eight individuals were transported and two total were pronounced dead on arrival including a gun man.

Three people are in critical condition. Explosive devices in a parking lot were searched for. Names of victims have not been released.

There was a huge police presence as video graphed in some YouTube videos. Jim Craft a white Lafayette Police chief claimed there response time was less than a minute. An amazing response time since on average police terrorists response times are more likely at least five to ten minutes and sometimes much greater.

He claims that four officers entered and engaged this white shooter as he was still firing shots. This chief of terrorists I mean chief of police claimed he knew an identity of this white shooter but did not want to affect integrity of an on going investigation. These police goons decided to close another Grande Theater nearby as precautionary.

Louisiana state police and Federal Bureau of Insurgency is white washing I mean assisting this investigation.

UPDATE: July 23, 2015
White suspect has now been identified as John House