British Airways US – Flight 2276 Burst Into Flames in Las Vegas

A British Airways Boeing 777 burst into flames in Las Vegas, Nevada on September eight two thousand fifteen. Allegedly seven people were injured, when this airliner had an engine failure that resulted in flames and smoke from a fuseloge. A left engine had a major failure at McCarran Airport.

This British Airways Boeing flight 2276 destination was London, England. There were allegedly one hundred fifty nine passengers and thirteen crew members aboard. Around fifty fire fighters put out a fire that caused minor injuries to seven passengers.

Miraculously, this airplane’s take off was aborted before a fire broke out. Supposedly, a left engine had burst into flames. Pilot of this airliner was quoted as saying cause of fire was:

“catastrophic failure of the engine”

One of these British Airlines pilots noticed this plane was stopping heavily. Allegedly, around fifteen seconds later a pilot requested fire services from air traffic control. Another thirty seconds later this airliner was evacuated.

Supposedly, this plane was completely evacuated at 4:18 PM Pacific local time and first report of an emergency was 4:13 PM Pacific local time. Three other runways were available for service while this Airplane started on fire. Exact model number of airplane was a two hundred seventy five seat B777 200.

Delays at airports in San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque, New Mexico were caused because inbound flights into McCarran Airport were placed on hold. This is third accident specifically dealing with an engine on a British Airways plane since two thousand eight. All passengers escaped on emergency slides and supposedly this is how some of them received minor injuries.

A few passengers took pictures and video of this incident.

John Jay High School – Tackle of Referee Caused by His Insults?

A white referee was tackled by two John Jay High School players in late stages of a fifteen to nine loss. One possible reason one player blind sided this referee and another player jumped on him after is that this referee made bad call(s). Another allegation from both students and players at John Jay High School is that this white referee perpetrated racial slurs at both black and mexican players.

On Friday September four two thousand fifteen John Jay High School hosted a game of breads y circuses against Marble Falls High School. This incident was video graphed from multiple angles. Northside Independent School District and University Interscholastic League, brain white washing organizations are both investigating this incident.

Marble Falls Police terrorists are also investigating this video footage. Name of a white referee in question has not been released. Names of two players in question have not been released either.

This incident transpired with around one minute left in this greek roman style theatrics. John Jay High School players and students tweeted that this blind sided hit came after racial slurs were used by a targeted white official. One player involved in this hit was quoted as saying:

“offended by the disrespect”

of this official. This player also alleged that this white referee used racial slurs to describe black and mexican players. A father of one of these players involved is quoted as saying:

I have advised my son to let the school put out the response to that misconceived video. Once that happens I will be more than happy to share with you and to share my feelings about an unfortunate incident.

Both players involved in this blind sided tackle of a white referee have been suspended from John Jay High School. Marble Falls Police gestapo have not made any arrests yet and no charges have been filed.

Sacramento City College – Suspected Shooter Remains at Large

Another alleged shooting occurred today September third two thousand fifteen in one of white people’s white colonies AmeriKKKa. An alleged lone gunman shot three people near Sacramento City College around four PM local Pacific time. This alleged shooter is still at large.

A supposed lone wolf gunman fatally shot one person in a parking lot by baseball fields at Sacramento City College. This community college which brain white washes, I mean educates around twenty five thousand serfs, I mean citizens. Police terrorists placed this community college under “protective lockdown”.

This to me is a playbook move in a white colony. Police claim they are looking for two people even though they claim there was only one gun man. Los Rios Community College District Police Department reports that their suspects are black and hispanic.

Sacramento police terrorists are investigating this alleged homicide of one individual. Around 7:25 PM local Pacific time, these same terrorists gave an all clear signal. Classes had been cancelled, which perhaps saved some of these students from further government military brain white washing.

Rick Brewer a spokesman for Sacramento City College claims that an altercation broke out between two men, one of them being a suspected shooter. One individual allegedly had a semi-automatic handgun. Shots supposedly were fired and one victim met their demise.

Survivors supposedly are receiving communist style national expensive health care at University of California Davis Medical Center. One student was allegedly shot at 3800 block of Freeport Boulevard. Parts of Sutterville Road is closed, as other armed terrorists from Los Rios police department and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responded to this shooting incident.

Another report claims that a male pacific islander wearing cargo shorts and no shirt was their suspect. No names of victims have been released at time of this blog post creation. Also, an alleged suspect or suspects which have discrepancies has not been named either.

Charles Gliniewicz – Police Officer Down: Manhunt For 3 Suspects

A police terrorist has allegedly been fatally shot today September one two thousand fifteen. His name is Charles Joseph Gliniewicz an “ex” military Army veteran and was fifty two at time of this incident. Charles, a twenty seven year military terrorist, was allegedly shot in Fox Lake, Illinois by two white males and one black male suspect.

Somehow, we are supposed to have empathy for this “ex” military and police terrorist, as overall police and sheriff terrorists in America, have murdered well over six hundred citizens already in two thousand fifteen. Anyways, police claim these three suspects “should be considered armed and dangerous”. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was supposedly a thirty year veteran police terrorist with four children.

He was a Lieutenant for Fox Lake police deptartment, which to me is a terror cell. Supposedly, he was fatally shot near Route twelve and Sayton Road around 7:52 AM Central time. He was dispatched on a call because of three “suspicious” people.

His backup arrived after communication with Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was lost. This backup claimed he saw one gun shot wound. Charles then later died from this gun shot wound.

As is proverbial in one of white people’s white colonies, AmeriKKa, local police terrorists placed areas near this incident on lock down. White people are notorious for taking people’s natural right to travel freely away. Anyways, Lake County Sheriff’s department detective Chris Covelli was quoted as saying:

“At this time, we’re asking all area residents to remain inside. Report any suspicious activity, any suspicious people, by dialing 911 as we still have three offenders at large.”

Other authoritative terrorists armed and possibly dangerous from Federal Bureau of Insurgency as well as United States Marshalls are assisting in a search for these three alleged suspects. Obviously, in America you are not free, thus Rollins Road was closed from Route fifty nine to Grand Avenue. Also, some investigators blocked off part of a frontage road leading to United States highway twelve.

Metra officials shut down trains on the Milwaukee District, as no trains on North Line are moving beyond Long Lake. Outbound passengers were bussed to Ingleside and Fox Lake stations. Inbound trains will begin travel at Long Lake, according to Metra.

Grant Community High School was on hard lockdown for awhile, then transitioned to soft lockdown. Superintendent of schools Christy Sefcik said that Grant Community High School went on lockdown around 8:30 AM central time. Also, she said all those attending students and staff were kept away from exterior glass and out of view.

Daniel Wulz – Was he Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend When She Died?

Chris Hurst is allegedly the boyfriend of Alison Bailey Parker, who allegedly met her demise on August twenty six two thousand fifteen, in a shooting incident on “Live” television. This white boy worked as an anchor a long side Alison at same WDBJ channel 7 news station in Virginia. Chris Hurst claims they kept their relationship on down low.

However, me as well as other individuals have come across another white boy named Daniel Wulz. It is apparent and obvious that Daniel Wulz had been dating Alison Bailey Parker. He has a plethora of photos and videos of him and Alison Bailey Parker together on his FaceBook profile.

Also, he has screen captures of intimate chat messages between them. Daniel Wulz is either an “ex” or current military terrorist. My intelligence gathering tells me he is an active duty marine or former marine.

This white military terrorist was stationed in Afghanistan in two thousand eleven. I find another military connection with one of my reports. Anyways, Daniel Wulz who I think is possibly Alison Bailery Parker’s real boyfriend is currently attending Metropolitan State University of Denver.

One of his posts is quoted as saying:

“Texted kisses for our nine months.”

If you have been paying attention to Chris Hurst’s language on America’s propaganda machine, he also claims he was dating Alison Bailey Parker for nine months. In May of two thousand fourteen Daniel Wulz uploaded what I interpreted as a love song. Daniel Wulz started posting archives of posts, pictures, and videos of his relationship with Alison Bailey Parker on August twenty six two thousand fifteen.

Also, when looking at Chris Hurst’s social networking foot prints, there are very few photos with Alison Bailey Parker in comparison. Was Daniel Wulz really Alison’s boyfriend all this time? Did they break up because he moved to another state?

Did Chris Hurst then become her boyfriend? Was Alison Bailey Parker dating them both at same time? If it turns out true that Chris Hurst lied about being her boyfriend, and military boy Daniel Wulz was her real boyfriend, this could possibly shatter white people’s narrative about that alleged shooting in their system of white terrorism.

UPDATE: Daniel Wulz submitted a privacy complaint on September 2nd, 2015 around 2:11 AM Mountain time, against my video titled “Chris Hurst – Was Daniel Wulz Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend?”. Instead of risking fascist YouTube suspending my account, I decided to delete this video. This video received 1,378 total views and was increasing.

I uploaded this exact same video to a different video sharing site and renamed it to “Daniel Wulz – Was he Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend When She Died?”. Also, I renamed this original blog post title from “Chris Hurst – Was Daniel Wulz Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend?” to “Daniel Wulz – Was he Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend When She Died?”. Below is a screen capture of Daniel Wulz’s YouTube privacy complaint.

Daniel Wulz

Andy Parker – Father of Alison Parker Was Former Broadway Actor

Andy Parker father of Alison Parker, an alleged victim of a recent fatal shooting incident in Virginia, has an interesting past. This white man began his career as a paid actor, after graduating from University of Texas. He appeared on Broadway in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, and “Pump Boys & Dinettes” at the Kennedy Center.

According to a more current biography on his Divergent Search website, these were just a couple examples of his acting portfolio. He was an actor until nineteen eighty five, when he started a marketing and sales career. Andy Parker served a four year term for Henry County Board of Supervisors.

In two thousand four he co-founded Theatre Works Community Players. He was President of this community theatre at one time, but no longer is on their board of directors, pun intended. According to Andy Parker’s Linkedin profile, he was a professional actor from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen eighty five.

My intelligence gathering tells me resides in Martinsville, Virginia area. He was credited with numerous regional stage credits and regional as well as national television commercials. His Twitter account is configured to block public views of his tweets.

His FaceBook page labels him as a Politician. Finally, on the very same day that his daughter, Alison Parker, allegedly met her demise he appeared on Faux Pas News also known as Fox News to interview with Megyn Kelly, a media whore. During this interview, this white man brought up gun control.

He claimed he would fight vehemently for gun control measures, so that crazy people couldn’t access weapons. Tell that to police, military, and sheriff terrorists, which on a daily basis murder innocent people as “authority” figures. Is Andy Parker using his prior acting skills to sell gun control measures to Americans?

I find it quite suspicious, that he would turn his daughter’s alleged death, into a political debate, on the very same day of her supposed demise.

Fhu-Qui Nguyen – Suspected of Causing Mississippi State Lockdown

Here we go again with another alleged shooting suspect at yet another institution of brain white washing, I mean learning. Fhu-Qui Con Nguyen was named as a suspect that supposedly caused a Mississippi state lockdown on August twenty seven two thousand fifteen. This freshman student at this temporary internment camp, also goes by Bill Nguyen.

Around 10:20 AM local time, a total lockdown was requested by clowns at Mississippi State University. As is proverbial in a system of White terrorism, reports of an “active shooter” were flat out false. A gunman on campus was reported that never materialized.

Around one hour later, Fhu-Qui Con Nguyen was detained. Not one report of shots fired or injuries occurred. Yet this approximate twenty thousand student campus was placed on lockdown.

This suspect was eventually arrested. However, no weapons were found on him. How could he have been an alleged gunman if he was not armed?

Also, allegations have been made that after this lockdown was lifted there were reports of gun fire. Initially, one report of gun fire was actually screeching from automobile tires. You cannot make this shit up.

Another common theme in what I call the system of White terrorism, is that some reports claim that multiple persons were involved in this incident. However, only an alleged lone wolf gunman was arrested. An alert from this nefarious institution claimed that an armed suspect was on campus near Lee Hall.

This was a flat out lie since this information was recanted. Perhaps, the real terrorists in this scenerio are these alleged officials both in law enforcement and Mississippi State University whose initial claims were false. Mississippi State University police terrorists arrested Fhu-Qui Con Nguyen also known as Bill Nguyen because allegedly he threatened to commit suicide and homicide.

These allegations could also be false considering a track record of disinformation, misinformation, etc. perpetrated by these alleged “officials” which to me could possibly be a code word for “white people”.

Alison Parker – Killed by Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams

Vester Lee Flanagan also known as his television persona of Bryce Williams allegedly shot and killed a localised media whore. Her name was Alison Parker, whom was a reporter for WDBJ channel seven TV in Virginia. Her camera man named Adam Ward also supposedly met his demise.

This incident transpired supposedly on a Live television broadcast. Alison Parker aged twenty three, Adam Ward aged twenty seven were interviewing Vicki Gardner, executive director at the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce. This woman interviewee was allegedly shot in her back and is currently recovering.

What makes this alleged incident intriguing to me, is that Vester Flanagan had repeatedly reported allegations of racism during his career. You see Vester Lee Flanagan also known as Bryce Williams is a person with color. Those clowns that classify and identify as white would probably label him black.

He worked for local media whore affiliate WDBJ channel 7 at time of this incident. All three of his victims were white according to an alleged short video he posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. What is perplexing to me is what transpires in this fifty six second video.

First, I noticed this gunman pulled out a hand gun and pointed in direction of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and Vicki Gardner and neither of them looked over or seemed to notice. Perhaps, this was because they were busy on Live television. Another perplexing observation I made was this alleged gunman’s hand seemed pretty “pale” for a person with color.

This gunman then pointed this hand gun again and this time started firing shots at Alison Parker. She then took off running. I counted three to four point blank shots at Alison Parker, before she took off running.

This gun man continued firing shots. However, it seemed as if whatever video recording device he was using intentionally slipped out of focus or perhaps he placed it in a pocket, I don’t know. This was supposedly broadcast live for around twenty four seconds.

Bryce Williams or Vester allegedly posted his motivation for this incident on Twitter. However, both his Facebook and Twitter accounts have been coincedentally suspended. He claims that Alison Parker made racist comments.

Also, Vester claims that Adam Ward complained to WDBJ human resources after just working with him one time. That is when this white woman Alsion Parker was hired. This alleged gunman then filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report.

Vester Flanagan, whom media whore outlets were initially wrong about his first name being Lester, claims that he received racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at his work place also known as media whore outlet WDBJ channel 7 news in Virginia. He alleges he was treated in this manner because he is a black homosexual male. Vester was fired in two thousand thirteen for being black, I mean being an angry black male, I mean for having anger issues.

This person with color worked for numerous Television stations including WNCT-TV, WTWC-TV, WTOC-TV, KMID-TV and KPIX-TV. In year two thousand he sued television station WTWC-TV, out of Tallahassee, Florida for “discrimination and retaliation”. Vester Flanagan won that case however details of that settlement are not available.

Finally, Bryce Williams also known as Vester Flanagan supposedly sent a twenty three page fax to American Bull Crap also known as American Broadcasting Corporation, before this incident detailing his motivation and reasons behind this act. American Bull Crap claims this fax was received from a person known as Bryce Williams. They have not released any information from this alleged fax and claims they turned it over to police terrorists.

Nicolás Maduro – Deploys Hundreds of Troops to Deport Colombians

Nicolas Maduro, current puppet president of Venezuela, decided to deploy hundreds of military terrorists in order to deport “illegal” Colombians. You see governments and militaries are not just terrorists in white colonies or white Europe, at least to me. Venezuela also has legalized citizenship, which to me is insane thinking.

Allegedly, around one hundred thousand Colombians have entered Venezuela “illegally”, in past few years. This clown Nicolas Maduro did not deploy troops until a recent incident between these two neighboring abstract nation states. Nicolas was appointed President by admitted socialist Hugo Chavez, when Chavez obtained Cancer.

This current socialist Nicolas Maduro is member of the United Socialist Party. Colombia and Venezuela have been fueding over trade and migration in recent years. Instead of working together these government military beaurocratic terrorists are causing further problems for citizens.

Around eight hundred Colombians have been deported back to Colombia and become homeless. These recent border crack downs are blamed on supposed smugglers and criminal gangs. Punish an entire group, all because of a few clowns, perhaps.

Last week Venezuela claimed three of their military terrorists were shot. However, none of them met their demise. This communist socialist Nicolas Maduro even closed a major crossing between these two nation states.

Also, this crooked Venezuela government has not identified or caught any alleged gunmen. He even declared a state of emergency. Many Venezuelans blame their “crime” problems on nearly five million Colombians that call this part of the planet home.

One thousand five hundred military terrorists were deployed near Colombian and Venezuelan border, in order to perform house to house searches for these alleged “smugglers” and “criminal gangs” none of which have been identified. Last year, nearly one thousand eight hundred Colombians were kicked out of Venezuela. This dictator Nicolas Maduro has pulled a European move, by ordering a sixty day suspension of constitutionally protected rights to protest, carry weapons and move freely.

Also, authorities may legally intercept communications during this martial law. These government terrorists claim that officials will only use these extraordinary powers to protect communities and will work to keep disruptions of daily life at a minimum. How many times have we heard this bullshit government military propoganda before?

Erawan Shrine – Bangkok Attacked by Deadly Exploding Bomb

A bomb blast at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, allegedly killed in upwards of eighteen people and injured over one hundred. There is discrepencies whether or not just one bomb was detonated or multiple boms. One premise was that a car bomb was detonated.

Another version of reality is that a planted explosive caused this mayhem. Thais were not only inviduals injured or killed. Allegedly, two Chinese citizens and one Filipino citizen met their demise.

This event took place in heart of Bangkok’s tourism district. This incident being either an accident or intentional, has not yet been determined. Reports of two more bombs being found and diffused were later rejected.

This single bomb explosion took place during rush hour traffic in Bangkok, Thailand. This Erawan Shrine is highly touted by locals. Thailand has been under “official” military rule since last year, two thousand fourteen.

Local police terrorist claim this bomb was made of a pipe wrapped in a cloth. This alleged pipe bomb detonated around seven pm local time. Supposedly, bombings in Thailand are rare.

Most of Thailand is allegedly Buddhist. This Erawan shrine is dedicated to Hindu god Brahma. This Hindu shrine was built in nineteen fifty six.

This pipe bomb was supposedly made from five thousand kilograms of trinitrotoluene and hidden under a park bench. Military and Police from Thailand deny that two other explosive devices were found and diffused. There has been some pushback from Thai people since this terroristic military dictatorship refuses to allow elections until two thousand seventeen at earliest to form a new government.

Also, these military terrorists running Thailand, want to draft a Constitution that would force some type of emergency rule, until a new government is rigged, I mean voted in by local serfs.