ZombiCon – Expavious Tyrell Taylor Met His Demise at This Event

A person with color met their demise Saturday October seventeen two thousand fifteen at ZombiCon. Expavious Tyrell Taylor aged twenty allegedly became a fatality and five other persons were injured in Fort Myers, Florida. Four individuals were hospitalized and one person denied medical attention.

ZombiCon is an annual event of clowns dressed as Zombies. Twenty thousand people were expected to attend this event in two thousand fifteen. Shortly before midnight around eleven forty five PM, this shooting incident transpired.

Tyrell Taylor aged twenty and a local junior college attendee died at this scene. Supposedly, people that attended this event began running down some streets after gun shots were fired. Fort Myers Police terrorist lieutenant Victor Medico was quoted as saying:

“There were a lot of witnesses down here, there were a lot of people taking pictures, videos with their cellphone,”

Interestingly enough Fort Myers police terrorists have not released any information about motive in this incident and that they are searching for an individual suspect or suspects plural. Also, this lieutenant has stated his department is refusing to comment further after a plethora of media requests. A local barber shop owner, Jill Stancel claims she heard gunshots.

I am not sure why she was at her place of business at 11:45 PM on a Saturday night. However, she supposedly let screaming citizens into her business after gun shots were fired. This ZombiCon is now a decade old annual event.

This year this crowd was treated to a real event which caused panic. With so many people in attendance perhaps there will be some real video footage of this event on the Internet. Also, I am not aware yet if any government bureaucratic terrorists are calling for gun control after this incident.

Steven Jones – Suspected of Northern Arizona University Incident

Another campus shooting incident transpired October nine two thousand fifteen in AmeriKKKa. This time an eighteen year old white boy, named Steven Jones, is an alleged gunman. He supposedly shot one individual who met his demise and injured three others.

This alleged incident transpired at Northern Arizona University. Police terrorists claim this incident transpired at 1:20 AM local Arizona time. Police gestapo claimed they were able to apprehend Steven Jones without incident.

He is being charged with one count of first degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. Allegedly, a fight ensued outside Mountain View Hall dormitory, where a party was taking place. Interestingly, this campus was never placed on lockdown.

This white lone wolf gunman supposedly used a hand gun. Although, he is pictured with automatic and semiautomatic weapons on the Internet. Members of Delta Chi were involved in this incident.

Colin Brough supposedly met his demise while Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring are recovering from injuries at Flagstaff Medical Center. According to one propaganda magazine this is the forty fifth school shooting in AmeriKKKa for two thousand fifteen. Northern Arizona University, temporary internment camp to me brain white washes I mean educates twenty thousand people.

Allegedly, members of Delta Chi Greek fraternity became involved in a physical confrontation with other members. This is when Steven Jones pulled out a hand gun and caused Colin Brough to meet his demise. This was supposedly the one hundred forty fourth school shooting since Sandy Hook in AmeriKKKa.

According to a statement from Northern Arizona University, police were notified at 1:20 AM Arizona time of an incident. Police gestapo were able to dispatch, arrive, and detain this alleged gunman in two minutes at 1:22 AM Arizona time. This is lightening quick response from police terrorists.

You see according to my studies it takes police ten minutes or more on average to even dispatch in response to 911 emergency calls.

Umpqua Community College – Massive School Shooting in Oregon

Another mass school shooting allegedly transpired today October first two thousand fifteen. Thirteen people were supposedly met their demise and twenty total were shot. An alleged lone wolf gunman conveniently met his demise.

This gunman which has not yet been identified was allegedly twenty years old. He supposedly was armed with four guns, three handguns and one ArmaLite fifteen. Supposedly, most of this incident transpired in Snyder Hall at Umpqua Communit College, in Roseburg, Oregon.

As is per usual in white people’s white AmeriKKKa colony, other terrorist organizations conspired I mean assisted in a post shooting narrative I mean investigation. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the United States Marshals Service all joined local police and Douglas County Sheriffs. This alleged white male gunman was nullified miraculously within nine minutes of an emergency 911 call, after supposedly exchanging gunfire with police terrorists.

This alleged 911 call transpired at 10:38 AM Eastern time. Propagandists I mean reporters are claiming this lone wolf gunman shooter warned of his intentions on Internat message board 4chan. This brain white washing paid for temporary internment camp houses three thousand three hundred full time robots I mean students and up to sixteen thousand part time students.

Allegedly, students and faculty members were bused to Douglas County Fairgrounds. Also, as is per usual in this white colony, this facility was placed on lockdown and citizenry had their natural rights to travel freely impeded upon. Some media propaganda whores are claiming that this gunman was misogynist in nature and even referenced Elliot Rodgers.

I guess in a perverted nation state such as America, if you cannot fornicate then you immediately take out your frustrations on innocent people. What is most interesting to me is that many propaganda media whore outlets and rags claim they know intimate details about this alleged lone wolf gunman. Also, his real name has yet to have been released and these propaganda whores admit they don’t know if he is a perpetrator.

Warren Jeffs – Children Allege Damaging Information Against Him

Warren Jeffs, whom is a former President of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, found out that his two biological children are alleging molestation. Becky and Roy Jeffs have claimed that their father sexually molested them as children. Becky has claimed that she is not his only daughter that he molested and is quoted as saying:

“I thought, I’m not the only one molested, he’s done it to her it must be something that was in his nature,” “Where does it end? If he had this in him, how can I trust him? How is he really our prophet?” “One of my earliest memories is of him sexually abusing me.”

Also, this daughter claims that her father may have sexually assaulted ten to twenty other children. In two thousand eleven Warren Jeffs was convicted of sexually assaulting two young girls, referring to them as “spiritual wives”. This white man is still the President of Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church, and is running this circus religion I mean religious order from prison.

He is serving a life sentence for his prior convictions pun intended. Becky and Roy Jeffs have left the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church. This church is not officially sanctioned with the Mormon religion.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency intervened in prior convictions. However, one high profile case against Warren Jeffs was over turned. In two thousand eleven a jury conviction finally became permanent.

There are allegedly ten thousand Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church members. Warren Jeffs is still in control of this religious brain washing I mean spiritual institution. A total of four of his own biological children are no longer church members.

New York Military Academy – Closes Doors After 126 Years

New York Military Academy closed its doors permanently last Monday September fourteen two thousand fifteen. This institution that creates future military terrorists went bankrupt. White mobster John Gotti and Donald “Chump” Trump attended this one hundred twenty six year old academy.

This private boarding school has had tough financials as of late. This facility that used to harbor future military terrorists, is up for auction. A one million three hundred thousand dollar real estate deal fell through cracks last week.

This military academy filed for bankruptcy in March of two thousand fifteen. An auction later this month will start lowest bid of nine million five hundred thousand dollars for this dump I mean institution of higher learning. Global Preparatory Academies was negotiating a deal that failed a few weeks ago.

This is a one hundred thirteen acre property located in an Orange County village of Cornwall on Hudson. Thankfully, a future buyer does not need to brain whitewash people in order to take possession. Donald “Chump” Trump was asked to donate money multiple times since he graduated in nineteen sixty four.

After his terrorist in training Chump I mean Trump dodged a Vietnam War draft, claiming he had a heel injury. This temporary internment camp costs forty thousand dollars per annum. Parents were suckered into believing this camp would open for duty on September fourteen two thousand fifteen. New York Military Academy is thirteen million dollars in debt.

In two thousand eleven Donald “Chump” Trump was asked to donate seven million dollars. No word on whether or not parents were refunded a forty thousand tuition. I assume they were.

Baby Doe – Boston Child Identified: Mother and Boyfriend Charged

A child found dead in a bag in June has now been identified on September eighteen two thousand fifteen. Her real name is Bella Bond. Her white mother Rachelle Bond, has been charged with accessory to murder after fact.

Bella was allegedly almost three years old when she met her demise. Rachelle Bond’s white boyfriend Michael McCarthy, has been charged with murder. Both Rachelle and Michael are due in Dorchester Municipal Court for an arraignment hearing. This female former mother of this child is aged forty and her boyfriend is aged thirty five.

Bella Bond was found deceased in a bag, on June twenty fifth two thousand fifteen on Deer Island. Michael McCarthy is hospitalized for a medical condition not related to his possible murder of a child and also was not this toddler’s biological father. A three month search finally ended in identification of “Baby Doe”.

This white couple lied about where abouts of their child, when questioned by a tipster, claiming Department of Children and Families took their child. An autopsy has been performed on this child but no cause of death has yet been released. This autopsy was allegedly performed on July third two thousand fifteen.

She was determined “white” after this autopsy was completed. This “baby doe” was also known as Deer Island Jane Doe. Michael McCarthy suppsedly punched Bella Bond in her stomach multiple times causing her death.

Bella Bond allegedly disappeared soon after Michael McCarthy started a relationship with Rachelle Bond. Authorities are claming both individuals were having problems with drug addiction. Perhaps that is an excuse to justify this possible murder by one or more white persons, I don’t know.

Israel Villegas Suarez – DMV Scuffle With Police in Essex County

A thirty three year old male became involved in a scuffle with local East Orange police terrorists. This past Saturday Israel wasted time I mean spent time at a local Department of Motor Vehicle office in Essex County New Jersey. They closed up shop at 1 PM local time on Saturday, and would not provide needless bureaucratic services to this man.

Allegedly, he became irate and supposedly vandalized this waste of concrete building to house people that take away your natural right to travel freely. Anyways, local police and sheriff claim that he even attacked some East Orange police terrorists. A couple of Essex County Sheriff terrorist told him to come back on Monday.

Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura is quoted as saying:

“Villegas Suarez would apparently have none of it,”


“He pushed the officers away and assumed a combative fighting stance.”

Police claim that he beat his fists on them and even tried to gouge out one of their eye’s. It took five police terrorists to apprehend, arrest, and transport him to a local University Hospital for evaluation of both his physical and mental condition. Israel Villegas Suarez was released by this hospital and then charged with two counts of aggravated assault on police terrorists I mean officers, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

He is still incarcerated at Essex County jail. Israel was not able to post fifty thousand dollars bail. One quick solution would be to shut down all Department of Motor Vehicle offices nation wide there by no longer requiring idiotic driver licenses.

Perhaps white people don’t want to use logic in their system of white terrorism and instead want to take your natural right to travel freely away?

Shannon Lamb – Delta State University Shooting Suspect at Large

Another shooting incident today September thirteen two thousand fifteen. What else is new in one of white people’s white colonies, AmeriKKKa. This time a white Delta State Univerisity professor named Dr. Ethan A. Schmidt, met his demise.

He supposedly was shot and killed in his office that this smaller three thousand five hundred student university in Cleveland, Mississippi. This Assistant Professor of American History was in his fifties and shot twice. A Bolivar County Deputy Coroner named Murray Roark allegedly confirmed this white professor Ethan A. Schmidt died.

As is proverbial in white AmeriKKKa a campus wide lockdown was initiated. Another white man that worked at Delta State Univerisity named Shannon Lamb is an alleged gunman. He is still at large and a manhunt has been issued for his immediate escort to a local Burger King restaurant ala Dylann Storm Roof, I mean arrest.

Cleveland Police Chief terrorist Charles “Buster” Bingha stated at a press conference that he thinks this suspect was aforementioned named Delta State University employee. This university is still on lockdown and this alleged shooter has left this campus supposedly. This same police chief claims that Shannon Lamb is suspected in another murder that transpired three hundred miles away Gautier, Mississippi.

A woman was found dead in her home and police are suspicious that both these incidents are related. All classes have been cancelled for rest of today. Perhaps these students can take a break from being brain white washed at this paid for temporary internment camp.

Don Allan Mitchell, an English professor at this university, was quoted as saying via a Facebook message to The Associated Propaganda I mean Press:

“Fortunately for us, our public safety officers and university officials have trained many of us for active shooter situations,”


“Many students are locked down in classrooms, and professors and staff members are telling them the protocol. Plus, we are all texting and Facebooking each other to make sure we are safe.”

A different Delta State University professor Bill Hays, disputes this assertion.

“It’s really frustrating because there is no campus wide updating from a central command center. Everything we’re getting is just rumors,”

Huge Crane Collapses Near Grand Mosque in Mecca Saudi Arabia

One hundred seven people and counting met their demise September eleven two thousand fifteen when a large crane collapsed near the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This crane actually ended up toppling over the Grand Mosque in a strong rain storm. Two hundred thirty eight people were also injured.

This crane smashed through the Grand Mosque’s roof. Strong winds and heavy rain may have attributed to this incident. Construction work was being performed on this mosque with this crane that ended up killing over one hundred people.

Governor of the Mecca region, Prince Khalid al-Faisal requested creation of a committee to investigate this incident. Several other cranes were also used in recent construction on the Grand Mosque. However, none of those cranes toppled over.

Perhaps coincidentally or not, Osama Bin Laden’s family owns Saudi Binladin Group, a construction company chosen to complete expansion of the Grand Mosque. An owner of this red and white crane is not yet known. Multiple videos and pictures of this alleged accident are available on the Internet.

This crane supposedly toppled through the Grand Masque roof at 10:23 AM Eastern time. Locals claim that trees were uprooted by a heavy rainstorm. Also, locals claim that if this crane had toppled over at different times, perhaps over a thousand people would have possibly met an early demise.

This Great Mosque of Mecca or Masjid al-Haram is the world’s largest mosque. I was not able to obtain exact dimensions and weight of this crane. This crane eventually stopped moving on third floor of this mosque.

Petra Laszlo – Hungarian Television Reporter Trip Fleeing Migrants

A white female Hungarian television camera operator intentionally kicked and tripped fleeing migrants yesterday September eight two thousand fifteen. Adding insult to injury this degenerate white woman tripped children and adults carrying children. Petra Laslo was video graphed kicking two migrant children and tripping a migrant adult carrying a child.

This white female journalist was later fired from N1 television channel, which is allegedly connected to a far right Jobbik political party, which has anti-immigrant views. These refugees were trying to flee from police in their makeshift camp located in Roszke which is near a Serbian border. This makeshift camp includes some people with color from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

This white female terrorist at least to me, might face criminal charges which would constitute possibly five years in prison. There are multiple videos of this white ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, terrorist intentionally kicking and tripping fleeing migrants. This white terrorist was even on her job filming activities near a Hungarian Serbian border.

N1 Television posted a statement on their website:

“Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roszke reception centre. The cameraman’s employment was terminated with immediate effect.”

Around fifteen hundred refugees had been waiting at a makeshift camp in Roszke, Hungaria. Police terrorists had been harassing this group of people. Supposedly, around one hundred sixty seven thousand refugees have entered Hungaria “illegally” this year. Most of them have been crossing into Roszke.

Hungarian political bureaucratic terrorists have passed laws making it a crime to cross Hungaria’s border illegally. This legal terrorism won’t officially take place until September fifteen two thousand fifteen. Many of these displaced Afghanistanians, Iraqis, and Syrians want to travel to Servia.

However, Hungaria’s terroristic government military is making this trip quite complicated. Hungarian police terrorists have not been enforcing this country’s anti-immigrant stance. However, this may change with newly created legal requirements against border crossing.