Stonecrest Mall – Fiasco Causes This Shopping Venue to Shutdown

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in white people’s system of white terrorism. This time this supposed incident transpired on December twenty six two thousand fifteen. Supposedly, groups of teenagers perpetrated a fight in a food court at the Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia, Georgia.

Allegedly, two opposing groups of teens started squabbing when one pulled out a gat and fired some caps. This caused bedlam in Georgia and these capitalistic whores ran for the exits. Supposedly, this scene caused a large traffic jam afterwards.

Some witnesses claimed they heard two gunshots. Some of these capitalistic whore shops were placed on lockdown. Local police terrorists claim no individuals were hurt in this fiasco.

One alleged witness, Steven Hendricks, was quoted as saying:

“I saw a bunch of kids running and screaming. I thought it was a fight. Next thing I know I hear bullets flying and glass shattering,” I thought, I need to go get the kids because if something happened to them I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

Dekalb County police terrorists are supposedly putting down their coffee and donuts for once and searching for suspect(s). Drama at Stonecrest Mall did not cease and desist just yet. Hours, later a small fire started at a makeup counter of a mall store.

Local firefighters were able to stifle this small blaze. As is proverbial recently from this rash of shopping mall shootings in the United States of disgrace, this incident caused a stamped of capitalistic cattle. This alleged shooting perpetrated by a lone wolf nut job gunman supposedly occurred around 5 PM local Eastern time.

Media propaganda whore outlet Faux Pas News also known as FOX News supposedly obtained cell phone video of this incident showing a melee with shots fired ensuing. No word on whether or not the military ie. DHS, ATF, FBI, etc. were present before hand or afterwards to investigate. This capitalistic brothel is scheduled to reopen December twenty seven two thousand fifteen.

Carmike Wynnsong Cinema – Shooting Incident Leaves Four Injured

Another alleged shooting incident in public allegedly occurred on December twenty fifth two thousand fifteen. This time in white people’s system of white terrorism, two alleged suspects shot four individuals at Carmike Wynnsong Cinema in Mobile, Alabama. This supposed shooting incident transpired outside in a parking lot around 10:15 PM local time.

Four teenagers were shot and according to local police terrorists no arrest have been made. A fourteen year old girl and fourteen year old boy were both allegedly shot in a leg. An eighteen year old male supposedly was shot in his ambdomen, hip, and thigh.

Also, another eighteen year old male was shot in his abdomen. Police terrorists claim they think this was perpetrated by two male juvenile suspects. However, they don’t know who perpetrated these shootings.

All four victims were carted off to a local hospital. Mobile chief of terrorists I mean police James Barber is supposed to hold a public relations, I mean white washing, I mean press conference concerning this alleged incident on Monday December twenty eight two thousand fifteen. Some witnesses claimed they heard an argument outside in a Carmike Wynnsong Cinema parking lot before someone busted some caps.

No word on what hospital these victims were transported to. Allegedly two shooters took off running after this incident. Another reports claims a male wearing white pants was scene running from back of this movie theater towards Schillinger Road.

This Carmike Wynnsong Cinema is located at 785 Schillinger Road South in West Mobile, Alabama.

Northlake Mall – Fiasco in Charlotte Leaves One Suspect Fatality

Another alleged mall shooting occurred today December twenty four two thousand fifteen in a white colony in white people’s system of white terror. This time supposedly one gunman met their demise at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte Mecklenburg police terrorists claim that just one person met their demise after an altercation supposedly transpired inside this mall.

Allegedly, around 2PM local time, an altercation between two groups occurred. Just coincidentally, although I don’t beLIEve in coincidences in the system of white terrorism, off duty officers were at this mall. One of these off duty police terrorists took out an alleged armed gunman.

This gunman that allegedly met their demise has not been identified as of this blog post creation. A Bath and Body Works employee Sarah Wise was a partial witness. She was quoted as saying:

“It was absolutely chaotic. All I heard was gunshots back to back, and literally everybody just flooded in the store saying, ‘Shooter! Shooter! Shooter!’ We just ran out the back and got out as fast as we could.”

This alleged shooting incident occurred outside of an Apple Store inside Northlake Mall. Paramedics also claim they are treating one person with a leg injury. Three other witnesses claimed they viewed two people in a fight inside a Journeys shoe store.

One of these alleged knuckleheads pulled out a gat and busted a cap into the leg of their adversary. This is when some off duty police terrorists were working at this mall and yet again saved this day. Another witness claimed he heard multiple gun shots and a stampede of capitalistic whores ensued.

Supposedly some capitalistic cattle were pinned by automatic gates that triggered after some gun shots. Also, this Northlake shopping mall was placed on lockdown. Also, guess what alphabet soup agency was present?

You guessed it, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency either already had a contigency before hand or just coincidentally showed up later to investigate.

Roosevelt Field Mall – Leaves 1 Person Injured Suspect Detained

An alleged attempted robbery at Roosevelt Field Mall injured one individual with a grazed bullet today December twenty second two thousand fifteen. This mall is located in Nassau County, New York. A sixty seven year old shopping mall employee was an alleged victim.

This event supposedly occurred at 1PM local Eastern time. A single gunmen allegedly gained access to the Tourneau stores’ supply of Rolex watches. They then fired a single shot which supposedly then grazed a Roosevelt Field Mall employee standing outside this store.

Police terrorists claim that a security guard apprehended this gunman. Why have police terrorists when security guards can apprehend assailants? Anyways, this mall remained open for capitalistic whores but parts were placed on lockdown and evacuated.

Garden City schools were placed on lockdown as well because of this incident. Nassau County Police Commissioner terrorist Thomas Krumpter, was quoted as saying:

“As you know, this is one of the most crowded times of the year,”


“There were a significant number of people near the Tourneau store.”

Heavily armed police terrorists then surrounded this capitalistic brothel. Allegedly, many of these capitalist’s stampeded to exits which according to one witness, Jessica Julig, “started to feel the whole mall shake”. Kenneth Lehr, a New York Police Department terrorist inspector just coincidentally was on location.

Also, a retired New York Police Department terrorist detective was on location. I don’t beLIEve in coincidences in white people’s system of white terrorism. That security guard that saved this day was also that retired police detective.

He claims he tried grabbing a gun away from this lone wolf gunman which caused this weapon to trigger. Two other security officers joined this circle jerk I mean tussle. According to another witness this gunman fired over ten shots and caused a human cattle stamped to exits.

This alleged lone wolf gunman was wearing a suit but has not been identified as of this blog post creation.

East Towne Mall – Fiasco Leaves Two Injured & Suspect Not Found

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in one of white people’s white colonies, today December nineteen two thousand fifteen. This time supposedly two individuals were injured at East Towne Mall in Madison Wisconsin. A nineteen year old was taken out of this mall on a stretcher with non life threatening injuries.

Madison terrorist spokesman Joel DeSpain was quoted as saying:

“This is an incident where we had young people as we have seen in many areas of the city who were in a dispute and one of them pulled out a firearm and unfortunately shot a gun in the middle of East Towne Mall on the busiest shopping day of the year,”

Allegedly, ten individuals were involved with some of them being detained. Madison police terrorists claim they are still searching for a suspect. Another individual, whom was an East Towne Mall employee was grazed with a bullet.

Police supposedly confiscated one weapon. Madison police terrorists arrived supposedly within ten minutes of this fiasco transpiring. This incident allegedly transpired at 2:50 PM Central time.

This mall is eight hundred forty thousand square feet with one hundred ten capitalistic whore retailers. This mall re-opened at 6:00 PM Central time. Allegedly, a bunch of knuckleheads were involved in a disturbance inside this mall when one of them pulled out a gat and fired one cap.

That one alleged victim was taken to a local hospital. One witness claims first responders were performing CardioPulmonary Resuscitation. However, this alleged victim was only shot in their leg.

Jason Cain, a shopping witness at this mall, stated he was near this incident, but did not see a shooter. He said he heard two shots, and then witnessed this victim being taken out on a stretcher. Jason also claimed police arrived five to ten minutes after this incident.

One military terrorist, Terry Coppens, whom may have murdered some people with color while deployed in the Vietnam war, claims he was partly a witness. Terry claims he heard two gun shots near the Hallmark store at East Towne Mall. Also, he claims he witnessed what he described as a shell casing from a thirty two caliber weapon.

This mall was placed on lockdown this past February because of an alleged dispute between rival gangs.

University of Chicago – Closed Due to Threat Made by UIC Student

On Sunday November twenty nine, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency, warned the University of Chicago that they had received on online threat by an anonymous individual. Federal Bureau of Insurgency claims that threats of violence were to transpire at ten AM local time at “the campus quad”.

Of course nothing transpired on this campus. Federal Bureau of Insurgency claims they have arrested one individual student from University of Illinois Chicago. Charges are supposedly pending at this time.

At time of this blog post creation, that individual that was supposedly arrested, has not been named by media propaganda whore outlets. All staff with exception of medical staff were asked to not gravitate towards the University of Chicago campus on Monday November thirty two thousand fifteen. There are some reports that this maybe in response to Laquan McDonald’s murder by a white police terrorist Jason Van Dyke.

Supposedly, sixteen white men were to meet their demise in revenge for the demise of Laquan McDonald, whom is a person with color. This is an excerpt quoted verbatim of this alleged threate:

“This is my only warning. At 10AM Monday morning, I’m going to the campus quad of the University of Chicago. I will be armed with an M-4 carbine and two desert eagles, all fully loaded. I will execute approximately 16 white male students and or staff, which is the same number of time McDonald was killed,”

In context allegedly Laquan was shot sixteen times. Individuals that lived on campus were asked to remain indoors at all times today, in essence another lockdown in America, amid possible fear mongering. Armed police terrorists, with their weapons visibler, were deployed to “protect and serve” this campus today.

No word on whether or not Police or Federal Bureau of Insurgency were the ones that perpetrated this online threat.

Colorado Springs – Planned Parenthood Scene of Police Incident

On November twenty seven two thousand fifteen an incident allegedly transpired at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At time of this blog post creation, the white media claims that this is an active situation, with a gunman still not apprehended. Supposedly, nine individuals including four police terrorists have been injured.

Six people have allegedly been transported to Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three more individuals were transported to Memorial Hospital. Police terrorists claim that one suspect has fired upon officers.

A Planned Parenthood building was evacuated. A fifth police terrorist may have been injured. However, a police terrorist in chief Lieutenant Catherine Buckley could not completely substantiate this information.

Also, she claimed that a male suspect has been erroneously named on the Internet. This alleged lone wolf gunman is still in a Planned Parenthood building. A local King Soopers is possibly under lock down.

According to police, if people are safe near this planned parenthood building, then they should remain there. El Paso County Sheriff, Colorado Springs police gestapo, Federal Bureau of Insurgency, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Colorado Bureau of Insurgents are assisting in this incident. Police are not in contact with an alleged gunman.

Also, supposedly police are trying to evacuate individuals that might still be in a Planned Parenthood building. Police claim that this lone wolf brought devices with him. Allegedly, police were first called at 11:38 AM local Mountain time.

Supposedly, this lone gun man has a long gun similar to a rifle. Also, allegedly police claim that he brought bags into this Planned Parenthood building. This Planned Parenthood is located at:

3480 Centennial Boulevard
Colorado Springs CO 80907

This business was open for usual customers. Multiple witnesses inside this building claim they heard gun fire. Colorado Springs police claim they were having difficulties getting officers to an alleged shooting area.

Centennial Boulevard between Garden of the Gods Road and Fillmore Street is closed.

United States Military Academy – Bans Pillow Fights Between Cadets

On November twenty two thousand fifteen a an organization that harbors future military terrorists, also known as West Point, decided to ban “Unprofessional Spirit Events”. An August twenty two thousand fifteen pillow fight, among cadets, caused more than two dozen injuries supposedly. The United States Military Academy decided to ban pillow fights as well as “Unprofessional Spirit Events” for a foreseeable future.

These events must be sanctioned by military personnel. A military terrorist named Colonel Karl Meyer, Ph.D is quoted as saying:

“The pillow fight is not an officially sanctioned event (and is) not based on any recorded tradition,”

Cadets may face disciplinary action if they

“have been a part of in initiating, coordinating or taking part in the event in any capacity.”

An investigation was allegedly performed after thirty future military savages from West Point were injured in a large scale pillow fight. Twenty Four of these clowns actually received concussions. The United States Army denied that these injuries were caused by hard metallic objects placed into pillows initially.

However, military police identified one cadet that injured and individual with a hard object inside a pillow case. Doctors whom treated these violent savages denied they noticed any injuries conducive with hard and or metal objects.

“stated explicitly that the injuries…were not consistent with having been struck by hard objects like helmets, lock boxes, flashlights or other objects…rumored to have been in the pillow cases,


“Many injuries were the result of Cadets having been hit by elbows or other body parts during the scuffle of the pillow fight or from simply falling or being knocked to the ground,”


“Cadets had been struck by hard objects, they would have expected to see fractures, hematomas or lacerations.”

Allegedly, cadets involved in these savage actions might face actions by The United States Military Action. Perhaps this institution of violence and future murderers could be abolished instead.

Timothy Tai – Censored by Faculty and Protesters at University of Missouri

In a bit of a twist of irony, a University of Missouri photo journalist, Timothy Tai, was literally physically censored on that very same campus that he attends. You see Timothy Tai is a student at University of Missouri. A white woman named Melissa Click led a charge of student protesters, whom physically stopped him from covering a ConcernedStudent1950 group celebration. This incident transpired outside on the University of Missouri campus.

Timothy Tai had just as much right to exercise his free speech, albeit via a photography camera, as these fascist censorers did. ConcernedStudent1950 were celebrating some recent actions at University of Missouri concerning alleged racial improprieties. Timothy Tai rushed to this scene to try to take pictures of this festive event.

He was met with resistance from several knucklehead Missouri students, whom at one point created a human wall and would not let him move forward in order to photograph members of ConcernedStudent1950. At one point this is when a wicked communist socialist white woman named Melissa Click was quoted as saying:

“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.”

In another bit of irony, it turns out that this white woman is assistant professor of mass media in that university’s School of Communications. She is a courtesy member of that University’s school of journalism. One white journalist censoring another journalist with color perhaps.

However, some people with color turned communist and assisted this abhorrent white cancerous virus by actually trying to intimidate this Chinese journalist. Some members of society are calling for this white woman’s resignation or dismissal. A white man named David Kurpius whom is Dean of Missouri school of journalism, which is a pay as you go brain white washing internment camp, allegedly is going to review her designation.

This just provides further proof, that America is indeed communist and now more than ever before, free speech does not necessarily exist, even to younger knuckle headed Americans.

Rachel Kinsella – Charged With Felony Endangerment of a Child

A thirty five year old white woman, named Rachel Kinsella, has been charged with felony Endangerment of Welfare of a Child. She is accused of intentionally poisoning her nine year old son with prescription medications. She was arrested on November seven, two thousand fifteen and faced fifty thousand dollar bail.

Her son supposedly has episodes of epilepsy. Rachel Kinsella had been treating her son with multiple doses of medications from multiple hospitals. This type of translucent behavior caused doctors to become suspicious.

Also, doctors had noticed a pattern of drug over doses with this nine year old child since two thousand fourteen. Interestingly, Missouri is only state in AmeriKKKa that has not instituted a prescription database. You see doctors are not able to look up information about what medications their patients have ingested.

According to a prosecutor handling this case, Bob McCulloch:

The child, when he would present at the hospital in very serious condition, would get much better while he was there. When he was returned to her custody he got sick again. And apparently was being treated by two different doctors, apparently unknown to each other.

Rachel Kinsella has admitted to “accidentally” giving her son wrong medication “on occasion”. However, doctors claim they see a pattern of intentional poisoning. This white woman bonded out but was ordered to cease and desist any contact with her one offspring. Police investigators claim that Rachel has Munchausen by proxy and is poisoning her son to seek attention.

I think it is possible that that is just white washing in order to cover up debaucherous behavior by a white person. Rachel is currently fighting for custody of her child as well as facing these poisonous allegations pun intended.