Madison High School – Fiasco Causes Four Injuries Suspect Caught

Another alleged school shooting incident in AmeriKKKa, a white colony. This time four students were injured at Madison Junior Senior High School in Middletown Ohio, on Monday February twenty nine two thousand sixteen. Two of those students supposedly received injuries from flying shrapnel.

Two students with more severe injuries allegedly were taken to a nearby hospital. Local Butler County sheriff terrorists claim that a fourteen year old boy perpetrated this incident, fled this school and was later apprehended. These sheriff clowns refused to indentify this alleged shooter.

Another report claims that an eighth grader brought a gun to Madison Junior Senior High School. Cameron Smith, aged fifteen, and Cooper Caffrey, aged fourteen were supposedly received gun shot wounds while Brant Murray and Katherine Doucette both aged fourteen were allegedly injured by shrapnel. This alleged lone wolf gunman used a .380 caliber weapon.

After capping some fellow students he ran into some nearby woods. Allegdly, a lone sheriff deputy assigned to this temporary brain white washing internment camp had left his post inside this school’s cafeteria. Supposedly, this fourteen year old has been charged with felony attempted murder.

This shooting incident partook inside Madison Junior Senior High School’s cafeteria. This shooting incident transpired at 11:30 AM local Central time after this sheriff deputy left his post. This school and other nearby schools were placed under lock down for more than an hour.

This lock down was lifted at 1 PM local time. Classes were cancelled for all schools in this district. Parents were allowed to drive to these schools and pick up their serfs I mean children.

Another report claims these students were injured while exiting this school and not by shrapnel. One parent claims that six shots were fired. One 11th grade student named Zayd Ahmed, claims he heard four shots while he was sitting in this schools library.

He was quoted verbatim:

“I was very scared. Kind of like, you’re shaking, your legs won’t stop shaking. For another hour I was wondering what was going on and when are they going to tell us.

I’m just thinking, little eighth graders? With a gun? What are they doing with a gun?”

Parents were notified twice by automated phone call messages supposedly, and via Facebook and a school district website.

Columbiana Centre – Mall Fiasco Leaves Three Possible Suspects

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in AmeriKKKa. This time Columbiana Centre in Columbia, South Carolina is the scene. Gun shots were initially reported outside Dillard’s and T-mobile stores.

Local police terrorists claim a fight involving two men escalated into gun shots. Supposedly, a third male participated and then two of these men pulled out gats and fired some caps. These three clowns then supposedly left this capitalistic brothel.

Police terrorists are allegedly searching for three suspects. Richland County Sheriff terrorist spokesman Curtis Wilson, claims he has heard that victims were possibly shot. However, he has not verified whether or not anyone was actually shot.

Access to this mall was curtailed both from entering and exiting capitalistic whores. Serfs were directed to seek assistance for those separated from them at a Toys R Us store parking lot. Police terrorists declared this an active shooter situation but isolated.

This incident allegedly occurred at 7PM Eastern time. Another report claims this event happened at a Michael Kohrs store inside this shopping mall. Another report claims that this allegedly incident transpired in front of Kay Jewelers.

This same report claims that this incident was NOT an active shooter incident. Another report claims that there are only two suspects involved in this fiasco. Police terrorists claim that they are going to use surveillance video from Columbiana Centre shopping mall to try to solve this riddle, I mean incident this victim less incident.

Glendale Arizona – Independence High School Fiasco: 2 Meet Demise

Another alleged school shooting in white people’s white colony AmeriKKKa. This time supposedly two teen girls met their demise at a Glendale, Arizona Independence High School. Two fifteen year old girls were supposedly shot right before 8 AM local Arizona time.

Police terrorists claim they found two deceased students lying next to each other. They claimed they found a weapon next to them. Also, they did not label this an active shooter incident.

Students from this temporary internment camp that brain white washes two thousand youth were released. However, local authoritative terrorists did NOT allow their parents to pick up their own children at this school. Instead, parents were required to arrive at the Walmart near 75th Avenue and Glendale Avenue.

Adding insult to injury these parents were then required to show photo identification, before they were then bused to Independence High School, to reunite with their child or children. These parents with children in two were then to get bused back to that Walmart and treated like cattle. Students attending this indoctrination camp were allowed to leave campus either by foot or vehicle.

However, supposedly they were required to contact their parents before they were released. This high school was then placed on lock down. Another report claims that one of these teens may have fired these fatal shots in a murder suicide.

Local police terrorists are not searching for a shooter or suspect. Some parents actually voiced frustration of this dog and pony show they had to go through to obtain their offspring. These two teen girls supposedly each suffered one gunshot wound to their head and were found near an administration building.

However, a student Kylee Kilpatrick told her mother she heard shots being fired while she was in a bathroom. This administration building is supposedly in an isolated area of this school campus. Some nearby elementary schools were placed under lock down even though there was no active shooter declared.

Waris Ahluwalia – Barred From AeroMexico Because of Sikh Turban

A forty one year old acting pun intended of Indian decent Sikh was barred from an AeroMexico flight because of his turban. He claims he had to wait in line to board a flight to New York City, New York, while all other passengers boarded. Finally, he tried to board this flight but was then required to assilimate into additional security searches.

This AeroMexico airlines then demanded he remove his Turban, which he replied:

“That is not something that I would do in public. That’s akin to asking someone to take off their clothes.”

After awhile he compromised by claiming he would allow airport insecurity to conduct their security measures in a private room with his turban removed. This compromise was refused by this obviously xenophobic airlines. This prompted an AeroMexico airlines employee to retort with you “need to book another flight.”

Waris, even posted a picture of himself and an AeroMexico ticket as evidence on A public relations clown from AeroMexico confirmed he was removed from this flight. This clown was quoted verbatim concerning this incident with:

“About the situation of passenger Waris Ahluwalia, Aeromexico reports that he was asked to submit to screening and inspection before boarding, in strict compliance with TSA protocol, We have offered the passenger to alternatives to reach his destination as soon as possible. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused by this incident.”

Allegedly, an SSSS code on his ticket indicated he was pre-selected for secondary security screen measures. Security goons at Mexico City International Airport searched his bag, swabbed him for explosives residue, and even patted down his feet. Earlier he was offered to fly first class with this airlines, that is until employees saw what he looked like.

This xenophic airlines never issued a public apology to this man. There solution was to ban him from their airlines, making him seek another flight with a different airlines.

Denver Coliseum – Fiasco Causes One Person to Meet Their Demise

Another alleged shooting incident in a public venue, occurred today January thirty two thousand sixteen, in white people’s white colony AmeriKKKa. This time closer to home at either the Denver Coliseum or National Western Stock Show complex. Denver police terrorists initially claimed this shooting incident occurred inside the Denver Coliseum but later changed their minds and claimed this occurred inside the National Western Stock Show.

One person met their demise and allegedly nine others or nine total were injured. Supposedly, this shooting occurred at 12:48 PM local Mountain time. Gun shots were supposedly heard inside the National Western Stock Show which is across from the Denver Coliseum.

Supposedly, up to nine injured victims were sent to Denver Health Medical Center. However, hospital officials have not released any information about these alleged injuries. This witchcraft I mean health center was placed on lock down to supposedly protect hospital staff and victims I mean patients.

Police terrorists are supposedly securing entrances. No suspect has been taken into custody, but police terrorists claim this is an “active scene”. Once again, Denver police terrorists erroneously reported this shooting occurred inside the Denver Coliseum when it supposedly occurred across the street at the stock show complex.

Also, a stabbing allegedly occurred during this fiasco. The Colorado Motorcycle Exposition was scheduled for this weekend at this location. No information has been made available of numbers of people that were shot.

Other reports claim multiple shootings occurred at this event, but no definitive number. One witness who wanted to remain anonymous claims that rival biker gangs collided. Serfs wanting to re-enter or enter this facility are not allowed in.

Serfs enjoying some bread and circuses have not been evacuated. Supposedly, some people that wanted to enter the National Western Stock Show are pissed off that they won’t be allowed back inside. Another breads and circuses event later this evening has not been cancelled and so the show must go on…lol

Eastridge Mall – Fiasco Leaves One Injury and Suspect Detained

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall occurred today January twenty five two thousand sixteen. This time Eastridge Mall in Gastonia, North Carolina was the grand stage. Local police terrorists claim that one lone wolf gunman nut job has been apprehended.

Also, allegedly this clown was actually injured when supposedly trying to flee from police. This event allegedly transpired near 2:30 PM local Eastern time. As is proverbial in white people’s system of white terrorism, there are conflicting reports.

Possible capitalistic whores visiting this capitalistic brothel claim shots were fired and feared an active shooter. However, local police terrorists claim otherwise and deny that there was an active shooter. Police claim one single man was armed and threatened to harm himself.

This clown then tried to evade police. Allegedly, one individual was injured in this fiasco, this armed person. Supposedly, he was taken out on a stretcher, placed into an ambulance and transported to a not disclosed local hospital.

At time of this blog post creation, nobody knows his condition or why police were suspicious of him to begin with. No other injuries have been substantiated. This mall that is located in Gastonia, North Carolina, which is near Charlotte, is still open for prostitution, I mean commerce.

Police terrorists have yet to discuss why they were even dispatched to this shopping mall. Also, police gestapo claim no single entity suffered gun shot wounds. Another report claims that not only were shots fired initially, but that when police terrorists arrived more gun shots occurred.

Other reports claim that shots were fired outside a food court. Another report claims that a victim of an automobile jacking found their vehicle and vehicle jacker at this mall. This vehicle jacker then fired gun shots as he ran outside this mall.

No word yet on whether police, sheriff, military or any government military alphabet soup agency perpatrated this event.

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall – Fiasco Leaves One Person Injured

Another alleged mall shooting occurred in white people’s white colony the United States of disgrace. This time a female supposedly was injured at Baldwin Hills Mall in Crenshaw California. Guess where this female was allegedly shot?

You guessed it, one of her legs. I have noticed this pattern of alleged victims being shot in one of their legs in prior public shootings at malls, cinemas, colleges, etc. This shooting allegedly occurred around 2:30 PM local Pacific time.

This capitalistic brothel also known as Baldwin Hills Crenshaw shopping mall is located at the 4100 block of Crenshaw Boulevard. According to police terrorist Sargeant Manuel Arzate from the Los Angeles Police Department, which is a known domestic terrorist organization, at least to me, claims a yet to become identified female was injured in one of her legs. She was supposedly taken to a yet to become disclosed hospital.

Police terrorists allegedly found this female victim outside of this mall’s Sears store. So far no suspect(s) have been arrested or detained. Anabel Lemus, aged twenty eight was working at a frozen yogurt shop inside this mall when she claims she heard a gun shot. She is quoted verbatim telling a propaganda rag Los Angeles newspaper:

“People were screaming and running and being hysterical. My co-worker and I, we have a corner where we have our mop. And we went running over there and hid.

It was really scary.”

This alleged witness claims she heard only one gun shot, but did NOT see any people injured or a person holding a gun. Los Angeles Police Department terrorists claim that a fight transpired outside this mall in a parking lot. Also, they claim this could be gang related.

I have also noticed this pattern of these rash of public shootings being blamed on youth, gang members, opposing groups. Other reports claim this shooting took place at this mall’s food court. Police terrorists have yet to determine exactly where this alleged shooting took place.

Cambridge W.G Davis Public School Evacuated Based on False Alarm

A WG Davis Public School in Cambridge, Massachusetts was evacuated Tuesday January twelve based on an alleged bomb threat. This supposed bomb threat occurred around 10 AM local time. Some male clown supposedly phoned in and said:

“There’s a bomb in the school and I have a detonator”.

Four hundred and fifty serfs were ushered across the street from this elementary school while they waited for local Waterloo police terrorists to search. These clowns took two hours to supposedly search this school to no avail. The ministry of brain washing at this temporary internment camp facility also known as principal sent out a letter to parents.

January 12, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This information is provided so that you are aware of an event that transpired on January 12, 2016 at William G Davis Public School.

At approximately 10:00 am a verbal threat was called into the school office. Police were immediately notified, the school was evacuated and we temporarily relocated all staff and students to Fairview Mennonite Home.

School administration, supported by Waterloo Region District School Board staff, are working in collaboration with Waterloo Regional Police Service regarding this investigation.

We are sensitive to the fact that this event could be troubling and that you and your child may have concerns. We welcome your communication and the opportunity to provide you with further information as it becomes available, or to respond to your questions and concerns. Further, if your child exhibits worries or anxiety regarding this event and is in need of further support, the school will welcome the opportunity to make this available.

Student safety remains a priority in our school community and we appreciate your continued support and cooperation.


Brian Ward


No word yet on whether or not this principal phone in this threat himself. Perhaps local police phone in this threat instead. Who knows I don’t know, just another bomb threat in this system of chaos out of order.

Chris Carlson – Met His Demise After Forcing Grand Kids to Hike

A fifty year old white man named Christopher Carlson, met his demise on Friday January eight two thousand sixteen. He was found dead of apparent multiple gun shots. Perhaps this is natural karma.

You see this white man made three of his grand children hike nineteen miles in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. He kicked or hit them if he felt they were hiking too slow. Also, he did not provide them sufficient food and water in one hundred and eight degree heat.

Christopher Carlson was sentenced to twenty seven months in prison. His lifeless body was found in Indianapolis, Indiana. One of his grandson’s asked a stranger also hiking in the Grand Canyon to call 911.

He along with Chris’s other two grandsons were suffering from heat stroke. This boy was quoted as saying:

“I needed medical attention and I was hurting and he was hitting and pushing me and calling me fat. I was scared and it was hard and I was all weak and tired and kind of hurt.”

This hike transpired on August twenty eight two thousand eleven according to a Grand Canyon park ranger that spotted these children hiking. Actually a man had died that same die hiking in one hundred eight degree weather. These boys had cuts, bruises, and scars to corroborate their story.

This white clown was quoted as saying with regards to his grand children when denying these allegations:

“I love my grandchildren greatly. I wanted to afford these children a beautiful opportunity at a young age to experience something magnificent.”

This white man actually served out all twenty seven months or two years three months. However, he tried to get the United States Supremely corrupt court to intervene, but they declined. You can read a twenty four page Chris Carlson criminal complaint for more information.

Citadel Mall – Fiasco Causes Two Injuries in Colorado Springs

Another alleged mall shooting, in the system of white terror, transpired at the Citadel Mall, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This time allegedly a lone wolf gunman capped and injured two individuals. A male and female were shot near a Hooters Restaurant inside this mall.

These injuries are supposedly not life threatening. One person has been detained by police terrorists. These local Colorado Springs police gestapo goons claim they are looking for a white four door sedan.

Capitalistic whores were not allowed to leave this mall and a Special Weapons Attack Team is supposedly releasing these serfs as they see fit. Other serfs known as familia are allowed to pick up their members at a Babies Are Us parking as soon as police terrorists release them. According to some witnesses one parking lot has been locked down at this Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This alleged shooting incident occurred around 7PM local Mountain time. Police terrorists claim they think this was a possible drive by shooting even though they don’t know if these gun shots occurred outside or inside this capitalistic brothel. Another report claims that yet again two groups of individuals were having a dispute at this public shopping venue.

Both alleged victims have been taken to a not disclosed hospital. One alleged witness posted this comment on reddit quoted verbatim using tamotsu_eiji screen name:

My kids and I were going down the escalator by Hooters. We heard the shot down the hall as I was reaching the bottom. I saw broken glass and people starting hauling ass running away.

A teenager looked up at us and told us to run. We turned around and ran up the escalator then all the way to the food court and waited for a moment. Security starting running and telling people to lock down their stores.

We hustled in to a store as they were shutting their gates to keep as safe as possible. The food court exit doors were flooded and I didn’t want to get caught in the mix. We waited there until things seemed to calm down.

The store employees finally opened the gate and we started to walk to the exit. People started running again and stores went on lock down a second time. We heard screams and people saying to run.

We high tailed it out to our car to get home safely and as quickly as possible. I would say there are at least 15 police cars, 3 fire trucks, and a few ambulances by the Hooters entrance where we were at. At home, shaken up a bit and listening to the police scanner.

Be safe out there!!