Truth Frequency – Chris & Sheree Geo Arapahoe High School Shooting

Chris and Sheree Geo, founders of Truth Frequency Radio network joined me as guest speakers, in a discussion of a shooting incident at Arapahoe High School on December 13, 2013. Karl Halverson Pierson allegedly shot three other students around 12:33 PM Mountain time. Mr. Pierson supposedly had a personal vendetta towards librarian and debate team coach Tracy Murphy.

Karl Halverson Pierson fired five shots at three students before turning a shotgun on himself. Allegedly he died as well as seventeen year old Claire Davis a few days later after she slipped into a coma. Mr. Pierson was eighteen years old at time of incident.

Police and Sheriff claim that on December 6, 2013, Pierson bought legally a shotgun from a local gun shop. On morning of this shooting, he purchased ammunition for this weapon. Chris and Sheree Geo actualy lived in Littleton, Colorado and around two PM Mountain, they both drove to Arapahoe High School to try to document after math of this incident via video.

Chris Geo Show

They were able to interview a few students and obtained around thirty eight minutes of video coverage. Governor Hickenpooper I mean Hickenlooper even made a photo opportunity at a press conference. I found it interesting that the Denver Post was caught censoring some of their initial articles pertaining to this incident about comments Karl Halverson Pierson allegedly made.

Also, about a day after this incident, his FaceBook profile was disabled. Mr. Pierson allegedly made tweets about limiting guns and yet ironically killed one person and took his own life with a shotgun. Chris, Sheree, and I were on same page that this seemed more like a real event.

We did notice some peculiarities about this incident. The massive amount of Police, Sheriff, and even countless FBI agents after this event were a bit perplexive at least to me. Listen now to my interview of Chris and Sheree Geo from, where we discussed this Arapahoe High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado in greater detail.

Problems in Society

An age old question perhaps, but do humans cause most problems in society? Are they self destructive naturally or is this really intentional by some of them? A system or the system by which humans on planet Earth sure has loads of problems at least from my dogmatic subjective perspective.

There are some critics in society whom are now speaking out about the system and seem to think this destructive system is intentionally manufactured to oppress certain people in society. Perhaps there has always been a peanut gallery so to speak of nay sayers. Maybe more and more humans are becoming aware of how really self destructive they have become as a species on planet Earth.

Also, interesting to me is how some humans see problems caused by the system and yet literally intentionally avoid discussing or facing these problems. Do they think all these problems will go away by themselves by plugging their ears or that somebody will fix this problematic system for them? Then there are those in society that might be completely to any problems and go about their business as if this is normal and how planet Earth should function.

Problems in Society

Another interesting aspect is parts of society who claim it is all an act of God and is meant to occur. I have no idea how to describe any of these perceived disconnects. Perhaps there are different personality types when it comes to the human system and not just one prototypical response to what I consider not necessary problems that are caused by this system.

What has worked for me recently is to try to avoid potential land mines that this system can produce. Also, I have some of my own solutions as if I don’t know if it is possible or even feasible for one individual activist to fix this seemingly well oiled machine.

Cristobal Colon – Was Christopher Columbus a White Supremacist ?

Columbus’s New World, Cristobal Colon, a Spanish elite posing as an impoverished Italian, discovered that a land he discovered, had been discovered around thirty thousand years prior to his arrival. This New World would never be same again. How one single event could change a course of history for so many people is hard to comprehend.

The New World that was discovered was rich with new opportunities for expansion and trade, but this daunting reality was that to build a new kingdom it would require a work force. Local Native Caribbean peoples were first to suffer enslavement. In fifteen hundred and three, Queen Isabella ruled that only cannibals could be taken as slaves legally, which encouraged Europeans to identify various Native Caribbean groups as cannibals.

However, these people were not suited for plantation life. They were susceptible to European diseases and were not physically adapted to intense demands. The Native American holocaust saw them fall in millions, some like Tano, so called Arawak Indians, were forced into extinction.

Europeans then sold their fellow countrymen into a psuedo form of slavery to fill those ranks of dying Native Caribbean, however they called it indentured servitude. Was Christopher Columbus really a white supremacist in hiding using a fictitious name or at a very least not his birth name? Some scholars even think that Christopher Columbus also known as Cristobal Colon, had a birth name of Salvador Fernandes Zarco and that he was a Portuguese Jew.

Christopher Columbus is touted as a hero and even has a holiday celebrated after him in the United States of America. The country of Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus and thus this possible white supremacist terrorist is celebrated in South America as well. Was Christopher Columbus a racist white supremacist terrorist?

Transportation Security Administration – Does TSA Abuse People?

The Transportation Security Administration was formed on November nineteen two thousand one as a part of the Department of Transportation. This department was later moved under the Department of Homeland Security. Interestingly enough Nazi Germany also had a Homeland Security called Schutzstaffel.

The Transportation Security Administration was also coincidentally created a few months after some events of September eleventh two thousand one. To me it is inherently obvious that those events were a false flag inside job, therefore there is no necessity for any further security departments. This Transportation Security Administration has come under quite a bit of criticism in recent years as now countless stories of abuse perpetrated by this department’s agents has surfaced.

Just coincidentally on Christmas day of two thousand and nine an alleged Nigerian boarded a plane with a bomb in all places his underwear. Within six months to a year full body scanners began being installed in major airports across the United States of America. Even soon after these scanners were being implemented stories of sexual abuse were being spread.

People whom declined going through these intrusive body scanners could agree to a pat down. Some Transportation Security Administration agents started to sexually fondle and down right molest passengers all under a false guise that they were merily following orders and patting down their victims I mean fellow airline passengers. To me whether you go through a body scanner or allow another person to pat you down, you are being violated of your dignity, natural rights, freedom, etc. under a false guise of terrorism.

Another abusive tactic that has surfaced is that Transportation Security Administration agents claim that airline passengers are not allowed to film body scanners and or pat downs. This is false since the Transportation Security Administration’s own policy allows cameras in airline waiting areas. Some passengers that have tried to film these proceedings have even been assaulted.

Does Transportation Security Administration abuse people?

The Story of Earth – Lack of Human Consciousness in World Today?

The Collective Evolution is a documentary aimed at showing a current state of planet Earth, why it needs changing, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. This documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon, finance, education, religion, entertainment media, and health food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported.

This original first documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it. The Collective Evolution documentary was released in two thousand eleven.

A second Collective Evolution documentary has been made with a third one planned. Age old questions like what it means being human on planet earth are asked and answered. These documentaries surfaced from an alleged grass roots organization formed in two thousand and nine.

Human consciousness or lack there of is a common theme in a first Collective Evolution documentary. Current problems plaguing planet Earth are pointed out. Also, possible feature solutions are discussed towards an end of this documentary film.

Do you think a human experience on this planet has become too oppressive and cumbersome? Are there any changes about life on this sphere that you think could be necessary? There are other similar documentaries in this genre like Zeitgeist, Thrive, Kymatica, etc. from my dogmatic subjective perspective.

This one in my opinion deals less with fear mongering and obvious atrocities currently occurring and more with potential solutions. Is there an overall lack of human consciousness in our world today?

Linguistic Programming – Can You Become Linguistic Programmed?

This is episode number three hundred fifty eight from Heron Stone’s Gendo a Way of Language talkshoe broadcast. Heron Stone and Tom Vine discuss five stupidities of the English language. Absolutism, duality, reification, the word THE, and the verb “to be”.

Absolutism is not as prevalent in nature as you may think. Absolutist thinking and or communication can cause problems as well as arguments. Perhaps wars have been fought over absolutist thinking.

Also, dualities tend to surface at times in the English language. The Denver Broncos versus the Oakland Raiders. Democrats versus Republicans, Christians against muslims, atheism or religion are examples of other dualities.

These dualities can cause arguments, fights, perhaps even wars, since you are only given two choices and often times individuals, groups, nations, etc. pick one side against an opposing side. The word THE is a concrete word that can cause problems when communicating in English. When speaking of THE chair when their is five green chairs can be quite perplexing.

You could talk about that green chair closest to us as an example instead. Reification is basically talking about abstractions like love, capitalism, democracy, etc. as if they are real tangible objects. People can get into arguments, srrife, maybe even wars over reifications.

The verb to be perhaps is vague and maybe not proper English. Maybe it is a lazy verb or a lack of communication skills. I don’t know as I notice I still use this verb.

Perhaps learning to use more descriptive verbs is appropriate instead of using to be. These are just five stupidities of English language among perhaps many more. I think communicating more accurately is advantageous to me daily life.

Do you think a person can become linguistically programmed? What do you think are some other stupidities of the English language?

Venus Project – Venus Project Real or United Nations Propaganda?

Is a Venus project a productive and potential replacement of a current system planet Earth is using? The Venus project is lead by basically Jacque Fresco and Roxanne meadows. They also have a perhaps symbolic relationship with the zeitgeist movement.

Venus project is centered around a resource based economy. A high tech civilization where allegedly all persons would be treated equal. Basically, concepts like money, politics, government would be phased out.

Cities would be built from a ground up and modernized when needed. Concepts like capitalism, communism, socialism would be phased out so that instead of constructing a controlled society a new society would be formed not out of power but necessity. Technology could be used to lessen death, famine, problems, etc. instead of creating more problems.

Basically, Venus project purports to have solutions for a current problematic system. Buyer beware though according to some, as there have been some alleged ties with Venus project to the United Nations. Why would a project that claims they want to dismantle social constructs like government meet with and associate with a world government body like the United Nations?

Jacque Fresco and his cohort Roxanne Meadows had met with officials from the United Nations and even attended an officially sanctioned United Nations event. Also, a resource based economy foundation had nefarious ties to the United Nations. Many individuals whom have read a United Nations agenda twenty one document have concluded that the Venus project could be United Nations agenda twenty one in disguise.

Perhaps it is up to each individual to decide whether or not the Venus project is a legitimate solution to a current conundrum. Do you think that a Venus project has real solutions or is it United Nations propaganda? Feel free to comment below about what your position is on this question.

Natural Capitalism – Can Abolishing Capitalism Create Prosperity?

Natural capitalism is perhaps an oxymoron or maybe a more accurate definition of what could transpire. Currently, capitalism to me is not creating prosperity but actually causing poverty. Could abolishing a current capitalistic system actually create real prosperity?

Using money and passing around pieces of paper not only is a waste of time but actually is a control mechanism. Certain people on planet Earth have most of these pieces of paper. Other persons on this planet have very little money and barely survive.

One problem perhaps is finding a system to replace capitalism. There are ideas like a resource based economy where money wouldn’t me used. Going back to bartering and trading is also talked about by some people.

Then there is what I consider not necessary fear mongering about what could happen if capitalism was no longer used. To me it could be advantageous if people had more choices. Some humans could barter, some could trade, and some could still use money.

Having choices could further alleviate any potential problems of just pulling a capitalistic rug so to speak. If multiple economic systems functioned at once, then maybe there would be less and less problems, until finally most problems would disappear. One other issue I see is people even embracing a new or newer systems.

Perhaps humans are so used to capitalism that they cannot envision any other way of providing for themselves. Certainly there is a more natural way of humans prospering? Capitalism to me is too corrupt and manufactures poverty.

It seems as if there are only a few individuals that are truly prospering where as a great majority are mired in despair and poverty. Perhaps even noticing a problem with capitalism is a revolutionary thought at this point. Eventually, maybe more humans will realize how dangerous capitalism has been.

Can abolishing capitalism create prosperity?

Police Misconduct – Reasons Why You Should Never Talk With Police

James Duane, a professor at Regent law school and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to interview with police and explains why innocent people should never talk to police. George Bruch from the Virginia Beach police department responds to professor James Duane’s presentation. Legally, police are allowed to lie during police interrogations also known as interviews.

Police often times pressure people into admitting guilt, even when they are innocent. Police are trained to try to get a written confession. Even defense attorneys like James Duane will often times recommend an individual obtain legal counsel, even if they are innocent.

A verbal and or written confession can become devastating to an individual. There are cases when individuals have convictions overturned based on false confessions brought about by coercion. However, this might be an exception rather than a rule.

Mr. Duane’s overall assertion is that individuals should have an attorney or lawyer present when interacting with Police. Also, individuals can assert their fifth amendment right which allows them protection from self incrimination. Innocent people do get jail time and or sentenced believe it or not because they failed to obtain legal counsel to defend them.

With America’s Police state ever becoming more terrorist in my eyes, avoiding self incrimination is all too important. Even if you cannot afford paid legal counsel, a public defender at least is a witness of what was being discussed. James Duane brings up this point of having a witness, even juveniles having a parent as a witness is described.

The legal system can destroy even an innocent persons life. Police are not immune to corruption either. With a persons physical freedom at stake, why wouldn’t people take interacting with Police more seriously?

Curious about whether or not refraining from talking to Police is good legal advice?

Zeitgeist – Is This Movement a Communist Socialist False Positive?

Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate root causes of some pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other establishment notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part. This work advocates a new social system which is updated to present knowledge, highly influenced by a life long work of Jacque Fresco, whom is “ex” military and the Venus Project.

Zeitgeist films were produced and directed by Peter Joseph Merola. These films covered some events of September eleven two thousand one, United States federal reserve system, religion, etc. One key solution is a resource based economy, which is a big part of the Venus Project.

Zeitgeist heavily criticizes a current system of government, military, politics, formal law, etc. Peter Joseph Merola released the first Zeitgeist documentary film in two thousand seven. Conspiracies such as September eleven two thousand one, federal reserve banking system, religion used as a control mechanism, etc. are covered in this film.

Not like other film documentaries that point out perhaps obvious flaws with a current human system, Zeitgeist actually discusses potential solutions to these problems.

This film series starting with Zeitgeist the film, Zeitgeist Addendum, and ending with Zeitgeist Moving Forward is a trilogy. Peter Joseph Merola was going to make a fourth film entitled Zeitgeist Beyond the Pale, but he later decided to end this film series as a trilogy. This trilogy has had millions of views on the Internet as all three films are available for free.

A Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project later cut ties, after some controversy and a decision made that both organizations would remain individual in nature. Also, Gregory Wantz, former radio host of Zradio an officially sanctioned Zeitgeist movement, was recorded possibly threatening someone’s life. Is Zeitgeist movement just another false positive communist socialist movement?