Income Tax Information – Must Americans Really Pay Income Tax?

Theft by Deception: Deciphering the Federal Income Tax

For decades, millions of Americans have given the United States federal government a large percentage of their hard earned money, without ever questioning their tax bill (an actual written law that imposes this tax). From a beginning, due to strict constitutional limits on their power, Congress imposed a very limited income tax, applicable only to those engaged in foreign and international commerce. That tax was then, and continues being, grossly misrepresented to an American public so successfully that today it is common knowledge that income of most Americans is subject to this tax, even though an entire history of written law proves otherwise.

A product of years of exhaustive research and development, Theft by Deception clearly shows how a current Federal Income Tax law and its legislative history never intended to tax an average American’s domestically earned income. Combining three D animations with a methodical, step by step approach, Theft by Deception will unravel this complicated tax law to reveal a very limited nature of federal income tax. This evidence paints a clear picture that agents of the United States government orchestrated, executed, and then attempted to cover up one of most monumental financial frauds in history.

A sixteenth amendment to United States CONstitution was allegedly fraudulently passed and not enough states properly ratified it. Also, supposedly a Federal income tax in America is voluntarily as supposedly their is no law, statute, etc. requiring citizens pay tax on their income tax. Theft by deception covers these two points in greater detail plus some other arguments against Americans being forced to pay tax on their income.

Do you think that United States Federal income tax is possibly another form of slavery? Do you think it is possible you are not required to pay tax on your income as an American citizen?

Zionist Movement – Are Some Zionist War Crimes Covered up by Spin?


Pirated satellite feeds revealing U.S. media personalities’ contempt for their viewers come full circle in Spin. TV out takes appropriated from network satellite feeds unravel a tightly spun fabric of television, a system that silences public debate and enforces an exclusion of anyone outside the pack of journalists, politicians, spin doctors, and televangelists who manufacture news. Spin moves through the Los Angeles riots and a floating TV talk show called the 1992 U.S. presidential election.

Zionist War Crimes

Several decades ago, people lived peacefully among one another in the Middle East. Today, however, things have changed considerably. Violence has spread considerably, far outside of a realm of the Palestinian Israeli dispute.

This video takes you back in time. It shows actual footage of Israelis and Arabs dancing together in some streets, when violence was uncommon. Traversing time lines, this video then takes you on a journey from days of Herzl to today, showing numerous scenes that many of us in West are completely ignorant, such as what occurred in Deir Yassin, Jenin, Lebanon, and many other cities that raised some Arabs’ ire.

It also describes some Israelis’ attack on the USS Liberty, which caused many innocent U.S. Navy crew members to die. This attack on the United States Library of Information in Egypt by some Israelis is also shown. You will see much rare footage, which has been previously unknown to most of us in West.

Most of this footage was taken by individuals with video cameras, since camera crews are often forbidden in midst of these ongoing battles. This video is not for timid, and condemns all acts of violence, whether these acts are from Israelis or Arabs. However, “Zionist War Crimes” is unique in that it offers an objective view of what has occurred in the Middle East, and recognizes that violence begets violence, something which all people should avoid.

Ryazan – 1999 Attacks Perpetrated by Russian Government Military?

Assassination of Russia

A fifty two minute documentary, using footage originally shot by NTV. This film examines September explosions, and focuses on a foiled bombing in Ryazan on September twenty second, nineteen ninety nine. It puts a human face onto this tragedy, you will hear from those who were there, saw it, and lived through it.

This film vividly portrays inconsistencies in government officials’ reactions to Ryazan, and their later attempts to consistently blame some Chechens. Questions about some possible involvement of special services are raised.

Bloody September

In September of Nineteen ninety nine, a series of middle of night explosions shook Russian cities destroying several apartment blocks. More than three hundred people died as they slept. These attacks, attributed to some Chechen terrorists, boosted popularity of a hawkish would be President Vladimir Putin.

Then, a strange thing happened. A bomb was defused by some local police, a trail of evidence leading to a door of Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti, the Russian secret service. The Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti was forced to admit “an ill-conceived exercise”.

Ever since, a question has lingered over Mr. Putin’s presidency: Who Done It? Why no one has been convicted of those September nineteen ninety nine attacks? Why was an investigation was suppressed?

Why have some witnesses disappeared? Why were some inquisitive journalists intimidated? Some critical television stations were also allegedly closed down due to talk that these events were possibly not perpetrated by Chechens.

Were nineteen ninety nine alleged Chechen attacks really Russian military events? Were these events so called inside job false flags, which were then blamed on Chechens? Several attacks that took place in late nineteen nineties have been suspiciously tied to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government military.

Do you think it is possible some nineteen ninety nine Ryazan attacks were acts perpetrated by Russian government military?

Psyop – Do Governments Around World Create False Flag Attacks?

Do governments world wide create false flag terrorist attacks and then blame them on someone or some other country, nation, group, etc.? Psyop is defined when military actions are designed to influence perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments. Are psychological operations not just exclusive to the United States government military?

Some popular psyops that occurred in the United States of America are some events of September eleventh two thousand one, an Oklahoma City bombing on April nineteenth nineteen ninety five, and possibly a Boston bombing on April fifteen two thousand thirteen. When you start studying psyops and false flags, it is quite possible to me at least that psyops are not just exclusive to the United States government military. Some people have thought that an Oslo, Norway bombing and shooting on July twenty second two thousand eleven was another psyop false flag.

Critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin have alleged that Russia’s government had been responsible for Ryazan apartment bombings in nineteen ninety nine that were later blamed on Chechens. Allegedly, this may have been carried out by Russian Federal Security Service also known as Soviet Union’s former KGB. Another interesting allegation is that a drill by Federal Security Service was carried out on that day.

In two thousand two there were explosions in Bali which were blamed on extremist Indonesians. It later surface that Australian federal police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States agents, and United Kingdom special agents had prior knowledge of possible bombings. Shortly after anti-terrorism legislation was enacted and Indonesia decided to enter troops into Afghanistan all under a false guise pun intended of terrorism.

Do governments around the world create false flag attacks?

Timothy Mcveigh – Was 4 19 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing Inside Job?

Cover up in Oklahoma

This documentary examines eyewitness accounts and news media reports documenting a bombing of the Alfred Paul Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City on April nineteenth nineteen ninety five. Included with this presentation is a video affidavit of bombing survivor Jane C. Graham and her sightings of strange individuals in the Alfred Paul Murrah building prior to that tragic event.

Mind The Gap

It is now clear that false flag operations are part of a strategy of tension designed to instill fear in a civilian population and create unprovoked hatred towards groups of people labeled minority or non-whites. A documentary detailing gaps in an official story of the July seven two thousand five London bombings that demand further attention. This film, presented by ex MI5 whistle blower David Shayler, whom many people consider controlled opposition, argues a need for an independent public inquiry into those July seven two thousand five and surrounding events.

Was an Oklahoma City bombing that occurred on April nineteen of nineteen ninety five a false flag inside job? It is interesting to note that Timothy Mcveigh was “ex” military whom served in a first Iraq gulf war in nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety one. Timothy Mcveigh was allegedly deployed to provide personal security for then General “Stormin Norman” Schwarzkopf.

I find it strange that a former soldier that provided protection for a former general and served in a first Iraq Gulf War would then perform a one hundred and eighty degree turn and attack one of its own so to speak. Perhaps Timothy Mcveigh was used as a patsy during this false flag inside job attack. Initial reports were that up to three explosive devices went off and or were found.

News media outlets then changed an official story and declared a fertilizer bomb was used inside a Ryder truck. Was an April nineteen nineteen ninety five Oklahoma City bombing an inside job?

Bali Bombings – Were October 12 2002 Bali Bombings False Flag?

Fool me Twice

Exposing the Australian government’s lies about some east Timor massacres, a cover up of some Bali bombings, including the nineteen ninety three New York World Trade Center attack, and subsequent anti terror legislation forced through parliament. “Fool Me Twice” examines well known examples of false flag terror, and adds an excellent new sequence about a nineteen ninety three World Trade Center bombing that leaves a viewer with no doubt that Emad Salem was a controlled asset. Utilizing audio that features Salem covertly recorded while talking with Federal Bureau of Investigation agent John Anticev, “Fool Me Twice” cuts to a chase regarding a nineteen ninety three New York City World Trade Center bombing, and goes deeper, examining the Central Intelligence Agency links to this milieu.

Indonesia’s former president Abdurrahman Wahid has said his nation’s police or military officers may have been involved in that two thousand two Bali bombings which killed two hundred and two people. As Australia marked a third anniversary of that nightclub attacks in which eighty eight Australians died, Wahid told Special Broadcasting Service television’s Dateline that he fears there are links between Indonesian authorities and terror groups. On that program, which aired later, he said that while terrorists were responsible for a first bomb which went off on October twelve two thousand two, a second blast may have been organised by authorities.

Asked who had planted a second bomb, he said: “Maybe the police… or the armed forces”. Associated Press and Reuters quickly linked these bombings to Al-Qaeda. Was this an accurate assessment or a mere cover up of whom was really responsible?

Was the Australian government, military, intelligence agencies really behind those October twelfth two thousand two bombings? Was it really Indonesia’s government, military, intelligence agencies behind those bombings like a former Indonesian President alluded to? Perhaps it was a combination of both or just one entity behind those bombings and not Al-Qaeda or any other Islamist group.

Were some October twelve two thousand and two Bali bombings an inside job false flag attack?

London Bombings – Were July 7 2005 Bombings a False Flag Attack?

Ludicrous Diversion

On seventh of July two thousand five, London was hit by a series of explosions. You probably think you know what happened that day. But you don’t.

The police have, from an onset of their investigation, chose to withhold from a public almost every bit of evidence they claim to have and have probably lied about several aspects of those London Bombings. A mainstream news has wilfully spread false, non substantiated and not verifiable information, while choosing to completely ignore numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in an official story. The British government has finally presented us with their official narrative concerning this event.

Within hours it was shown to contain numerous errors, a fact since admitted by the British Home Secretary John Reid. They have continuously rejected calls for a full, independent public inquiry. Tony Blair himself described such an inquiry as a ludicrous diversion.

What don’t they want us to find out? There was just coincidentally a terror drill being performed at same time these alleged explosions took place. Also, bus number thirty that these alleged explosions took place on was not a bus route in operation until July seventh two thousand five.

There was very little closed caption television footage released by the United Kingdom government after this alleged terrorist attack. This attack was blamed on Al-Qaida and more specifically four British muslim males. There was no closed caption television footage proving these muslim men perpetrated this event.

Only evidence was some photos of some of these men, but never any photos or video with definitive proof. With such a lack of evidence the British government continued to claim these suspects were the perpetrators. Were July seventh two thousand five bombings a false flag attack?

If you think this is possible you might want to listen to Ludicrous Diversion available on popular video sharing sites.

Pentagon Fed – Did Plane Really Hit United States Pentagon on 911?

The Pentacon

A documentary with ground breaking witness interviews proving an official events of September eleventh two thousand one story false. There are many aspects of September eleventh two thousand one, but this movie focuses specifically on events as they happened at the United States Pentagon. These first hand eyewitness accounts were obtained by Citizen Investigation Team in a persistent effort to find a truth in light of a myriad of questions.

We contacted as many of some previously published eyewitnesses we could obtain contact information for, and we canvassed those neighborhoods of Arlington Virginia on foot in a quest to find previously not known witnesses. Our goal was to establish a final flight path of a plane before it reached the United States Pentagon as seen by some eyewitnesses. Results are devastating as we now know for sure that a plane can not be what damaged the Pentagon.

We first present a smoking gun version featuring quadruple corroborated testimony showing beyond a reasonable doubt that a plane flew on north side of a CITGO gas station completely contradicting the government military official story. This simple fact makes it impossible for a plane to have toppled light poles and to damage that building as outlined in a “Building Performance Report” by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Do you think it was not possible for a plane to crash into the United States military Pentagon and more specifically a north side of a CITGO gas station?

If no plane hit the United States Pentagon then what did? Was it a possible like some people have speculated or even a planted explosive or explosive(s)? Did a plane really hit the United States Pentagon on September eleventh two thousand and one?

Twin Towers 9 11 – Were Remote Controlled Drones Used on 911?

Continuous pieces 911 is a September eleventh two thousand one investigative documentary. Including witnesses, photographers, and videographers as well as various experts and guests to show what did and did not happen on that day! Also, this video documentary exposes some disinformation and offers a conclusion that could clear up many questions concerning some events of September eleventh two thousand one.

Jeffrey Hill created and produced this film documentary about some events on September eleventh two thousand one that took place at twin towers in downtown Manhattan, New York. Not like some September eleventh documentaries, Mr. Hill tried contacting and interviewing alleged witnesses to this false flag inside job. This documentary questions any validity that normal commercial jet planes were used to crash into both twin towers and basically states they could have been remote controlled drone like aircraft.

The United States government military has manufactured remote controlled planes prior to September eleventh two thousand one. There are archived video footage available even as far back as nineteen eighties, of remote controlled planes. Mr. Hill was a no planer until he concluded that planes were used on twin towers but that they were not normal commercial airliners.

Could those planes allegedly used on September eleven two thousand one been able to travel at five hundred miles an hour? Could an aluminum commercial air plane literally puncture through steel and concrete? Wouldn’t those aluminum planes have folded or been crumpled and fell down to earth rather then leaving holes in those steel and concrete buildings?

These questions plus many more are answered with possible other scenarios in this documentary film. What did some witnesses really see on September eleven two thousand one?

News Media – Was American News Media Complicit With 911 Cover up?

September Clues

News media had a central role in pulling off a September 11, 2001 psychological operations. That operation involved airing on television a substitute, computer generated version of reality. It has temporarily succeeded to sell to the world a preposterous tale of nineteen young terrorists using hijacked airliners to attack the United States of America.

This longstanding research has established a falseness of images shown on Live television on September 11, 2001, as well as all subsequently released video material. A September 11, 2001 hoax is definitively exposed by methods revealed. A large number of casualties was also reported to generate public outrage and support for illegal wars of aggression.

However, September Clues research has determined that those alleged victims were fictitious identities mostly or entirely created within a digital realm. The 9 11 hoax and a phony “War on Terror” are definitively exposed by methods revealed. September clues is a controversial film documentary with a premise that some events of September 11, 2001 were a false flag inside job.

What perhaps makes this documentary controversial, even with in a “truth” movement is that it claims that no planes were used on September 11, 2001 and that those alleged planes in Manhattan were computer generated. Also, a common theme in this 911 documentary is that News media in the United States was complicit in covering up what really happened. The official story claims nineteen terrorist’s with box cutters hijacked planes and crashed them into both twin towers.

September Clues refutes this as false with analysis of video coverage used on September 11, 2001 by the mainstream media. This video documentary film was created by Simon Shack. Was manufactured fake video transplanted into news coverage on September 11, 2001?

Another thing questioned in this film was alleged amateur video coverage of some events of 911. Do you think it is possible media fakery was used in news media coverage of those events of September 11, 2001?