Hampshire England – Osama Bin Laden Families Private Jet Crashes

A private jet owned by the Bin Laden family crashed yesterday killing four people. Two of those individuals were Osama Bin Laden’s sister and step mother. This jet was registered in Saudi Arabia.

This plane allegedly crashed when trying to land, as it veered off end of the Blackbushe Airport runway in Hampshire, England. This seven million pounds private jet smashed into an automobile auction named British Car Auction. This plane then exploded after impacting the ground.

This was a Brazilian made Embraer Phenom three hundred. Salem Aviation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia owns this jet. One pilot and three passengers are supposedly dead from this crash.

Saudi Arabia’s embassy passed along condolences to the Bin Laden family. This aircraft was allegedly registered to Salem Aviation in nineteen eighty eight. The same year that Osama Bin Laden’s oldest brother Salem also died in a plane crash, in San Antonio, Texas.

Amazingly enough, Osama Bin Laden’s father Mohammed, died in a plane crash in nineteen sixty seven. These are specifications of a Embraer Phenom three hundred jet:

* Lighter jet aircraft manufactured by Brazilian Embraer
* This plane can hold up to eight passengers including cockpit area
* Wingspan of 15.91 meters or 52 feet 2 inches x 15.64 meters or 51 feet 4 inches
* Can reach four hundred fifty three knots
* Can reach maximum altitude of forty five thousand feet or thirteen thousand seven hundred sixteen meters

This jet supposedly clipped a fence and then smashed into parked automobiles before exploding. No individuals on the ground were injured. Some where around fifteen cars were destroyed on impact.

Local government bureaucrats are investigating this incident. According to some locals, this is not first time a plane has veered of this Blackbushe Airport near London, England. This plane met its demise with exact same registration number HZ-IBN, that was used to register Osama Bin Laden’s father’s plane.

Ted Visner – White Man Starts Isabella County Michigan Revolution?

Ted Visner uploaded a YouTube video titled “First Shots of The Revolution About to be Fired in Isabella County Michigan”. He speaks primarily about his eviction dispute against Isabella County government terrorists. He claims that in two thousand and ten Isabella County Courts along with Isabella County Sheriff wrongfully evicted him and his family out of a home without proper court proceedings.

Ted Visner is “ex” military and served in the United States Navy for six years. He claims that he bought a home from a Sheriff employee, Shelly Sweet, with a land contract. Around seven months later him and his family were evicted because Shelly Sweet had not been paying off a mortgage to this property.

Allegedly, Shelly Sweet gave away all of his families belongings during a weekend they were out of town. Shelly Sweet told her friends and associates at Isabella County Sheriff’s department, that Ted Visner had abandoned this property. He claims around fifty five thousand dollars worth of items was stolen by Shelly Sweet, her friends and associates at a terrorist organization also known as Isabella County Sheriff.

Shelly Sweet, admits in a deposition that she gave away this families property. Ted Visner claims he was making on time payments and has documented proof including cancelled checks to her. On September twenty seventh two thousand ten this family returned to their home but was locked out.

Ted Visner than called Isabella County Sheriff for assistance. Ironically, this same terrorist cell assisted in what he claims is an undocumented eviction. Around a twenty four hours later this family was allowed back in their premises to find most of their property missing.

Ted Visner claims a following list of government terrorists, conspired to evict him without court proceedings and theft of his valuation of around fifty five thousand dollars worth of personal property.

Isabella County Sheriff Deputy Clinton Steinert
Isabella County Sheriff Department Clerk Shelly Sweet
Isabella County Vice Sheriff John Tellis
Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski
Isabella County Board of Commissioners 7 or 8
Isabella County Former Prosecutor Larry Burdick
Isabella County Current Prosecutor Risa Scully

Colorado Marijuana – Was Legalization of Cannabis a Government Con?

On November six of two thousand and twelve, Amendment sixty four passed by a majority of Colorado voters. This amendment is quite lengthy, but basically “legalizes” retail marijuana sales in Colorado. However, there are quite a few restrictions included.

You cannot smoke cannabis in public, can only grow up to six plants, and can carry up to an ounce of marijuana on your persons. These three quick rules, are just a tip of an iceberg, of quite a long laundry list of restrictions within this amendment. On November fifth of two thousand and thirteen, proposition AA passed, which created a ten percent retail sales tax on all retail marijuana purchases.

On May seventh of two thousand and thirteen, the Colorado State Legislature, a possible terror cell, passed a specific driving while stoned law. Basically, this law much like many other laws, is quite lengthy and stipulates that anyone caught driving with five nanograms of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in their body, will be charged with driving under influence of drugs. Also, according to this law, anyone who declines a blood alcohol content test and urine analysis exam will have their driver’s license automatically suspended for one year.

Colorado Marijuana

Adding insult to injury a person also gets classified as a “persistent drunk driver”. Talk about your fifth amendment rights not existing. Another perhaps alarming aspect of “cannabis legalization” in Colorado is that even after amendment sixty four passed, multiple medical marijuana dispensaries have been raided.

As a matter of fact government military agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency, Internal Revenue Service, etc. have assisted local police and sheriff in Colorado, by stealing I mean raiding legitimate marijuana dispensaries even in two thousand and fourteen. Digging deeper I found out that federal terrorists, I mean agencies often times keep information about their raids a secret. I have read Amendment sixty four, a cannabis DUI law, and some search warrants for these raids and could not possibly cover all possible pitfalls with this so called cannabis legalization in Colorado, within this short blog post.

Some of the possible legal ramifications with amendment sixty four and a recently created marijuana DUI law are quite convoluted and complex. Did the colorado government really legalize cannibis? Is it a possibility that they have conned Colorado citizens and are possibly setting them up for stringent entrapment scenerios surrounding cannabis?

TOR Proxy – Is This Software a Department of Defense Back Door?

Just what exactly is a TOR proxy? TOR is an acronym that stands for The Onion Routing program. TOR is supposed to secure information passed across the Internet from your computer.

I first learned of TOR when looking into an alleged December 16, 2013 Harvard bomb plot, supposedly carried out by Eldo Kim. The Federal Bureau of Insurgents also known as the FBI claimed that Eldo Kim had used TOR proxy on his MAC book laptop. TOR is free software that is supposed to protect your identity.

I found this information alarming and a huge white flag. I found out that TOR was created by the United States Department of Offense, I mean Defense in 1995. Since I abhor the United States government military, I looked into TOR further.

This free software was created by the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems of the United States Naval Research Laboratory. This security software was originally created with the United States Navy in mind. This software is supposed to keep your communications anonymous on ethernet networks up to a point of those data packets leaving Onion Routing.

Since allegedly Eldo Kim connected his MAC book pro to Harvard’s college wireless network, perhaps it was still possible for his data packets becoming sniffed so to speak. I am a huge critique of the United States military, so anytime I read of stories where by military technology is being used, I get immediately suspicious. The Onion Router project claims that their software does not include a back door.

Also, their software is open sourced. What that means is that you could potentially look at this software’s code, line by line, to check to see if there is a back door present. The United States government military is notoriously nefarious, including the United States Navy. Does TOR proxy really protect your identity or is it really a way for the Department of offensively Defensive measures to spy on you?

I do not have an answer to this question at this time. However, I won’t be installing this software on any of my computers anytime soon if ever. Let me know what you think of TOR or any other military created “anonymity” software below.

Truth Frequency – Chris & Sheree Geo Arapahoe High School Shooting

Chris and Sheree Geo, founders of Truth Frequency Radio network joined me as guest speakers, in a discussion of a shooting incident at Arapahoe High School on December 13, 2013. Karl Halverson Pierson allegedly shot three other students around 12:33 PM Mountain time. Mr. Pierson supposedly had a personal vendetta towards librarian and debate team coach Tracy Murphy.

Karl Halverson Pierson fired five shots at three students before turning a shotgun on himself. Allegedly he died as well as seventeen year old Claire Davis a few days later after she slipped into a coma. Mr. Pierson was eighteen years old at time of incident.

Police and Sheriff claim that on December 6, 2013, Pierson bought legally a shotgun from a local gun shop. On morning of this shooting, he purchased ammunition for this weapon. Chris and Sheree Geo actualy lived in Littleton, Colorado and around two PM Mountain, they both drove to Arapahoe High School to try to document after math of this incident via video.

Chris Geo Show

They were able to interview a few students and obtained around thirty eight minutes of video coverage. Governor Hickenpooper I mean Hickenlooper even made a photo opportunity at a press conference. I found it interesting that the Denver Post was caught censoring some of their initial articles pertaining to this incident about comments Karl Halverson Pierson allegedly made.

Also, about a day after this incident, his FaceBook profile was disabled. Mr. Pierson allegedly made tweets about limiting guns and yet ironically killed one person and took his own life with a shotgun. Chris, Sheree, and I were on same page that this seemed more like a real event.

We did notice some peculiarities about this incident. The massive amount of Police, Sheriff, and even countless FBI agents after this event were a bit perplexive at least to me. Listen now to my interview of Chris and Sheree Geo from TruthFrequencyRadio.com, where we discussed this Arapahoe High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado in greater detail.

Oksana Aslanova – RAW Video of Alleged Volgograd Suicide Bombing

This is RAW video of an alleged suicide bombing in Volgograd, Russia on December 29, 2013. Oksana Aslanova supposedly planted a 10kg TNT bomb inside a train station. She allegedly killed herself, with an explosive device after a police man became suspicious of her.

Initially, this bomb was supposedly external of security metal detectors, but still inside this train depot. A short sixteen second video shows an alleged bomb explosion. This event transpired at 12:45 PM local time.

Oksana Aslanova supposedly recently converted to Islam. Is this true or just another way to continue an ongoing religious war? Mrs. Aslanova supposedly was of Chechen decent.

Are Russian authorities trying to turn this into a race issue as well? From my understanding Chechen’s are considered non-white in Russia. I could be incorrect about this assertion.

Oksana Aslanova

Allegedly, seventeen people died in this bombing. I found five short raw videos of this incident. A closed caption television camera caught this event as it happened directly across from Volgograd train station.

Vladimir Putin, a former KGB member, stated that security would need tightening after this incident. Initial reports claimed only one person was involved, but supposedly a male may have been involved in this incident. This event is considered an act of terrorism by the Russian government.

Since I am not a religous person, I don’t see much difference between violent christians, jews, and muslims. However, there has been some speculation that perhaps this is revenge for earlier killings by Putin’s Russian military of islamic members. Some individuals are claiming possible actual Russian government military involvement.

Oksana Aslanova, was age twenty six at time of this bombing. Although she has been fingered as a perpetrator of this bombing, DNA analysis has not been used to prove this. Increased police and more extensive passenger checks have been requested by Russian officials.

Watch my short report, including RAW video of an alleged Volgograd suicide bombing below.


Eldo Kim – Did Harvard Student Really Email Bomb Hoax or Did FBI?

This is a quick report of an alleged student bomb hoaxer named Eldo Kim. Did Mr. Kim really email a bomb hoax in order to skip taking exams or did the FBI? The Federal Bureau of Insurgency I mean Investigation alleged that on December 16, 2013, Eldo Kim from Cambridge, Massachusetts, emailed a fake bomb plot to avoid taking final exams at Harvard University.

Amazingly, the FBI are claiming that Mr. Kim emailed Harvard officials, president of school newspaper the Crimson, and Harvard Police. Why would Eldo Kim possibly indict himself by contacting Harvard Police? Also, Mr. Kim allegedly indicted himself a second possible time by confessing.

Mr. Kim was aged twenty at time of this alleged incident. Around 8:30 AM local Eastern time, Eldo Kim supposedly emailed this bomb hoax so that final exams might be cancelled. His wish came true approximately at 9:00 AM Eastern time, as authority figures decided to evacuate four buildings at Harvard University.

Eldo Kim, according to the FBI used both GuerrillaMail.com, which is a disposable temporary online email service and TOR, which is The Onion Router anonimity service. TOR was created by the United States Department of Offense I mean Defense in 1995. Allegedly he connected his MAC Book Pro laptop to Harvard University’s wireless network.

Eldo Kim

Mr. Kim’s official Harvard University biography was removed around nine to ten days after this supposed incident on December 16, 2013. Thankfully, his biography was screen captured by numerous websites. I personally verified his biography on Harvard’s official student public website before it was no longer accessible.

Eldo Kim is facing Federal bomb hoax maximum charges of a five year prison sentence, three years supervised release, and a $250,000 fine. He was released on $100,000 bond on December 18, 2013. Eldo Kim’s alleged bomb hoax email contained “bombs placed around campus.” as a subject and body of message included:

shrapnel bombs placed in:
science center
sever hall
emerson hall
thayer hall
2/4. guess correctly.
be quick for they will go off soon

Are you interested in more information about Eldo Kim’s supposed bomb hoax at Harvard University? Do you think he really emailed this hoax to avoid final exams or was he a patsy? Watch my short fifteen minute report below where by I documented this incident further.


Karl Halverson Pierson – White Teen Terrorizes Littleton Colorado

This is a short video report below with RAW video footage of another school shooting in Littleton, Colorado, United States. This alleged shooting took place at Arapahoe High School, which is about eight miles from Columbine High School. Karl Halverson Pierson supposedly perpetrated this event.

Three students were shot with a shotgun and one person died, when allegedly Karl Halverson Pierson committed suicide eighty seconds into this incident. Mr. Pierson aged eighteen at time of this incident had legally purchased this shotgun exactly seven days prior on December 6, 2013. He supposedly purchased shotgun shells on morning of this incident, December 13, 2013.

This incident took place on an eve of a one year anniversary of an alleged Sandy Hook mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Karl Halverson Pierson’s mother was out of town when this all went down. Allegedly, he had a dispute with his debate team coach and Arapahoe High School teacher prior to these actions.

Karl Halverson Pierson

Tracy Murphy his debate team coach left this school moments after finding out Karl Halverson Pierson was looking for him. Around 12:33 PM Mountain time, Mr. Pierson entered Arapahoe High School with a shotgun, machete, and a couple of molotov cocktails. This teen then fired five shots and threw one cocktail into Mr. Murhpy’s class room.

Two students were released from area hospitals, while a third student, seventeen year old Claire Davis allegedly eventually fell into a coma. She initially was shot in her face before being hospitalized. Mr. Pierson committed suicide shortly there after, when he found out a security officer and sheriff deputy was on his tail.

This entire two thousand plus school was later placed on lockdown. Other schools in Littleton Public School distric were also placed on lockdown because of this one shooting event. Students at one point where even quickly searched while Littleton police, Arapahoe County sheriff, and FBI agents assisted.


Terry Lee Loewen – Was Wichita Bomb Suspect a Patsy or Jihadist?

This is a short video report of an alleged bomb plotter on December thirteen, two thousand thirteen at Wichita, Kansas, United States Mid Continent Airport. I had performed an earlier Sandy Hook anniversary broadcast available at archives on my website. Was this alleged bomb plot that took place on both a Friday the 13th and one day before a Sandy Hook mass school shooting anniversary, a setup or reality?

Was Terry Lee Loewen really a Jihadist or a patsy used by the Federal Bureau of Insurgents? Mr. Loewen was fifty eight years old at time of this alleged bomb plot. Also, he was an avionics technician at Mid Continent Airport and had certain security access to this airport.

Mr. Loewen faces one count of trying to use a weapon of mass destruction, one count of attempting to damage property, as well as one count of attempting to provide material support to Al CIAduh I mean Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The Federal Bureau of Investigation claim they have been tracking this individual via an undercover FBI agent from an alleged islamic website RevolutionMuslim.com. Interestingly enough, this website has been closed.

Terry Lee Loewen

This alleged bomb plotter’s family knew that he had recently converted to Islam. On October twenty five, two thousand thirteen, the Federal Bureau of Insurgents claim Terry Lee Loewen met with an undercover FBI agent to discuss a bomb plot. Mr. Loewen claimed more than once that he could not drive a company vehicle on airport tarmac until January of two thousand fourteen because his security badge would be renewed at that time.

Supposedly, on December six, two thousand thirteen, Terry Lee Loewen gained tarmac access by requesting this access when he renewed his SIDA badge. The FBI is claiming that on Friday December thirteen two thousand and thirteen, under cover FBI agent number two picked up Mr. Loewen at a local hotel around 4:45 AM. At approximately 5:40 AM both individuals reached the gate to a tarmac at Wichita Kansas Mid Continent Airport.

This is when supposedly Terry Lee Loewen was taken into custody after his security access had been disabled as he attempted to access this tarmac. Was this a real life bomb plot by a converted white muslim? What I find interesting is that this event allegedly took place on an eve of a one year anniversary of an alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting and a shooting incident at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado.


IRS Audit – American Income Tax One of The Biggest Frauds Ever?

How to Keep One Hundred Percent of Your Earnings

Marc Lucas brings us interviews and speeches of noted attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, jurists, and experts who reveal an illegal enforcement of our income tax laws by the Internal Revenue Service and an not constitutional nature of the Federal Reserve system. Many Americans are led to believe they absolutely must pay income tax. This might be a myth where by it is actually businesses that actually are required to pay income tax and not ordinary citizens.

Also, if you live with in the United States of America, you are not required to pay income taxes. If you lived outside the United States part time then you might be required to pay income taxes on earned income while on foreign soil. Basically, the Internal Revenue service has committed a fraudulent hoax to Americans, with regards to income tax.

The 861 Evidence

A disturbing expose of the United States income tax system. Sub chapter N, Section eight sixty one, as well as over eighty years of prior law, proves that contrary to what American public has been led to believe, the income tax is not a direct tax on incomes but an indirect tax imposed only on those engaged in international commerce. The United States income tax is imposed on taxable income of individuals, not all income.

This law itself shows over and over again that in order to have taxable income, this income must be derived from international commerce and or trade. What is most difficult to see is what is not there. Domestically earned incomes of Americans, most incomes, are not shown as taxable, because they are never mentioned and never have been. This is missing from this law, proving that the United States federal government has managed to achieve one of a biggest frauds in recorded history.