Juan Hernandez – Saw 3 Military Men Leave Inland Regional Center

On December second two thousand fifteen, Juan Hernandez claims he saw three white men wearing military fatigues, leaving the Inland Regional Center. Juan claims he saw them taking off quickly after hearing a lot of gun fire. He was interviewed by a local media propaganda whore outlet National Bull Crap I mean National Broadcasting Systems 41 WMGT News.

Juan is quoted verbatim from that interview:

“Where I was at right here, we seen uh there was three white men in uh umm military fatigues umm taking off.”


“It sounded like a gun range, just shots going off like crazy.”

This witness testimony corroborates Sally AbdelMageed’s witness testimony of also seeing three white military men spraying a plethora of bullets inside the Inland Regional Center. Not surprisingly, Juan’s witness testimony of seeing three white males was not included on WMGT News article, pertaining to this San Bernardino possible false flag inside job. However, as of time of this blog post creation, Juan Hernandez’s interview is still accessible at 41NBC.com.

These two narratives could possibly destroy the white media’s official narrative of two people with color, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik perpetrating this incident. Syed and Tashfeen supposedly met their demise later that day. Initially, police were searching for three white men in a black sport utility vehicle.

Juan Hernandez was also interviewed by a local American Bull Crap affiliate known as American Broadcasting Systems ABC seven eyewitness news. In that interview also still available at abc7.com, he did not mention military men being white. He claimed he saw one passenger wearing military fatigues in a black sport utility vehicle.

I’m not sure if these interviews were taken out of context, meaning these video clips were abbreviated versions of longer interviews. One is less than a minute and other video clip is less than three minutes.

Sally AbdelMageed – Saw 3 Military Men Cause Inland Center Fiasco

Sally AbdelMageed was interviewed by Columbia Bull Shit news also known as Columbia Broadcasting System in reference to that fiasco on December second two thousand fifteen. Sally claimed that she witnessed three white military terrorists perpetrate those mass killings at Inland Regional Center in San Barnardino, California. If this is a correct version of reality concerning that incident, then this destroys white people’s narrative in their system of white terrorism.

Sally is quoted verbatim as saying during this interview with Scott Pelley, a white man media whore propagandist:

“three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles and one of them opened up the door to building three and he opens up the door to building three and he starts to spray, shoot all over into the room. I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on (mask) and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat (mask) and long sleeve shirt black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo. I just saw three dressed exactly the same.

their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall”

Also, her witness testimony also corroborates to a certain extent Juan Hernandez’s witness of what he claims was three white men running away from Inland Regional Center after hearing massive amounts of gun shots. His version of reality will be a forth coming blog post and video presentation. Both of these narratives shatter an official white military media summation of this incident.

Sally was interviewed via telephone and worked at Inland Regional Center when she claims she saw these three white men enter that building. At 12:14 Pacific time she claimed and exclaimed on her FaceBook page that she was safe.

San Bernardino – 14 People Meet Demise at Inland Regional Center

Another public shooting incident allegedly occurred today December second two thousand fifteen. This time supposedly fourteen people met their demise at a party taking place at Inland Regional Center, in San Bernardino, California. Instead of a lone wolf gunman, this time three people were suspected of committing this act.

One male and one female shooters met their demise by police terrorists. Another shooting suspect was allegedly detained. This event supposedly transpired at eleven AM Pacific time.

All three suspects allegedly were wearing body armor. Two law enforcement terrorists claim that one of these shooters was named Syed Farook. Fourteen people supposedly met their demise, while another seventeen were injured.

San Bernardino police terrorists claim that an explosive device was possibly found. However, their police chief claims that this device was actually a pipe bomb. None of these alleged victims have been identified pending their relatives being notified first.

Inland Regional Center is a local development disability medical venue. The San Bernardino Special Weapons Attack Team was training nearby and is a reason they were able to respond so quickly. This is not first time that active training drills were transpiring at same time as an alleged public incident where people met their demise.

Lieutenant Richard Lawhead told a local media propaganda whore outlet that these SWAT team terrorists were already suited up and “ready to roll,”. A possible witness, Dorothy Vong, whom works at this Inland Regional Center may have corroborated this active live drill by stating that she assumed it was a drill. She claims every month or so, an active live drill is performed.

She supposedly texted her husband Mark, “drill started” exactly around eleven AM Pacific time. She even allegedly took video of this active shooting drill. Finally, she texted her husband “Well it’s real”.

Ginnie Watson – Bataclan Survivor is an Actress and Entertainer

Ginnie Watson whom was an alleged survivor of November thirteen two thousand fifteen fiasco in Paris, France is an actress and entertainer. She claims she was in a Bataclan Concert hall in Paris, France when multiple individuals caused over one hundred people to meet their demise. According to her many abstract virtual footprints on the Internet, she is an actress singer, songwriter, presenter, voice talent, and writer/director.

Allegedly, she deleted her YouTube channel after that Bataclan Paris fiasco occurred. Her full name is Virginie “Ginnie” Watson. She is identified as an Anglo-French person, which to me is code word for white. Ginnie Watson has performed on film, Television, music, stage, online, and even in video games.

She claims she was on first floor balcony of the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris, France. Ginnie claims she heard shots ring out repeatedly. However, when she first heard these shots, she claims that she thought it was a stunt by Eagles of Death Metal band members. Soon after Ginnie and a friend escaped this incident via an exit.

Also, she claims they started warning people outside this concert hall about what she witnessed and even called police. On that very same day a few hours after she supposedly escaped a mass theater shooting, she was interviewed on Television by American Bull Crap I mean American Broadcasting Company News about her experience. A few days later she was interviewed by Faux Pas News also known as FOX News.

Ginnie Watson has even been interviewed by some radio stations across AmeriKKKa. Ginnie Watson is aged thirty five and has actually lived in the United States at one time, more specifically succinctly Providence, Rhode Island. Was Ginnie Watson really articulating her experiences at the Bataclan Concert Hall on November thirteen two thousand fifteen?

Perhaps she was giving an academy award performances for media propaganda whores’ delights.

FBI Lying About National Liberation Militia Anarchist Group?

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency today October twenty seven two thousand fifteen, released a bulletin to police terrorist departments in New York City, New York and other parts of the United States. This bulletin warns police terrorists of possible attacks against them on Halloween. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which to me is a domestic terrorist group in of itself, claims that an anarchist group called National Liberation Militia is planning to surprise attack police terrorists on Halloween.

This anarchist group is allegedly based out of Eugene, Oregon. I was only able to find one piece of evidence that this group might even exist. This National Liberation Militia FaceBook page has no content and just five likes at time of this blog post creation.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency has a historical history of using under cover agents to pose as fake anarchists. This agency then blames this provocation on anarchists. As a matter of fact the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude has historically created and infiltrated anarchist groups with their own agents like Brandon Darby.

Is this nefarious United States government military alphabet soup agency making up another lie? Will anything of consequence occur this Halloween? Perhaps if any events transpire, directly targeted towards police terrorists, then they will possibly be masterminded by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency themselves.

I find it extremely suspicious that there is literally no information about this National Liberation Militia on the Internet, and yet they are supposedly planning attacks against United States police gestapo. Also, the Federal Bureau of Insurgent corruption did not stipulate this on their official FBI.gov website. Instead this agency used the military mainstream media to announce this information.

We shall see what transpires on Halloween. If I was a betting man I would say this is old school FBI propaganda to fear monger and label anarchists as violent among other tactics. This might be as phony as the phony war on terror.

Joshua Goldberg – Arrested on Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Tomorrow, September eleventh two thousand fifteen marks a fourteen year anniversary of this false flag inside military job. In America at least the propaganda media whores continue to cover up this false flag event perpetrated by the United States government military. On September nine two thousand fifteen an alleged bomb plot was just coincidentally foiled by Federal Bureau of Insurgents also known as Federal Bureau of Investigation, a terror cell to me.

You see there is vast amount of documentation and proof that the Federal Bureau of Insurgency have staged bomb plots and blamed it on a patsy(s) before. Was this another one of these FBI engineered bombings? Joshua Ryne Goldberg, aged twenty whom lived in Orange Park, Florida allegedly planned on bombing a 9/11 memorial in Kansas City, Missouri on September eleventh two thousand fifteen.

He is being charged with “distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction”. A criminal complaint has been filed by the United States Attorney’s Office. This alleged bomb plotter is facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted.

As is proverbial with the Federal Bureau of Insurgency, Joshua Goldberg was being setup I mean dealing with an anonymous FBI agent. He supposedly gave details on creating a pressure cooker bomb made out of nails, metal, and other shrapnel dipped in rat poison. Federal Bureau of Insurgency also pointed out similarities with the alleged Boston Marathon Bombing, in which a pressure cooker bomb was supposedly used.

Many Americans think that that Boston Bombing was also a false flag inside job. Anyways, according to the FBI Joshua Goldberg claimed he helped inspire a May third two thousand fifteen attack on a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest. Joshua Ryne Goldberg has allegedly been arrested by federal authorities.

You can check out The United States Department of Injustice Immediate Release on this alleged patsy I mean bomb plotter. Also, you read this thirty four page Goldberg Criminal Complaint. Was this another staged Federal Bureau of Investigation event blamed on a patsy?

Was this a real bomb plotter? What was his modis operandi? Perhaps this was a staged event used to perpetuate the 9/11 false flag inside job narrative falsy as a real terrorist attack.

Rahm Emanuel – Proposes Largest Chicago Property Tax Hike Ever

Current mayor of Chicago and bureaucratic terrorist, Rahm Emanual, proposes Chicago’s largest property tax increase in modern times. This government clown seeks five hundred million dollars of additional extortion racketeering in Chicago’s two thousand sixteen proposed budget. He claims he needs this five hundred million dollars for police terrorist’s, school construction, and fire department pensions.

Also, this dual Israeli and United States citizen, Rahm Emanual is son of a real life Zionist terrorist, Benjamin Emanuel whom was a member of Irgun Zvai Leumi. Anyways, this current political terrorist in my eyes, wants to extort I mean raise an additional one hundred million dollars by creating a mandatory garbage collection fee. The extortion racketeering doesn’t stop there.

He wants to create a new per ride taxi fee, ride hailing fee for services like Uber, and create a new tax on electronic cigarettes as well as for smokeless tobacco products. Four hundred fifty million fake federal reserve notes would be paid to police terrorists and fire fighters. Remaining fifty million dollars would be deposited directly into this terrorist’s bank account, I mean would subsidize construction costs for temporary brain white washing interment camps also known as schools.

A proposed garbage haul fee, would cost around eleven dollars per month per serf, I mean citizen living in basically apartments. No word yet how much a per ride fee for Uber and taxis would cost. This would blow, pun intended away previous modern property tax hikes in Chicago.

As is proverbial in a system of white terror, this political terrorist is a hypocrite. You see when this ass hat politician was selected for office of Chicago Mayor, he attacked one of his opponents for voting for a large tax increase. Now this pathological liar wants to increase property taxes three times greater.

Never forget that this is same Rahm Emanual that said:

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Nicolás Maduro – Deploys Hundreds of Troops to Deport Colombians

Nicolas Maduro, current puppet president of Venezuela, decided to deploy hundreds of military terrorists in order to deport “illegal” Colombians. You see governments and militaries are not just terrorists in white colonies or white Europe, at least to me. Venezuela also has legalized citizenship, which to me is insane thinking.

Allegedly, around one hundred thousand Colombians have entered Venezuela “illegally”, in past few years. This clown Nicolas Maduro did not deploy troops until a recent incident between these two neighboring abstract nation states. Nicolas was appointed President by admitted socialist Hugo Chavez, when Chavez obtained Cancer.

This current socialist Nicolas Maduro is member of the United Socialist Party. Colombia and Venezuela have been fueding over trade and migration in recent years. Instead of working together these government military beaurocratic terrorists are causing further problems for citizens.

Around eight hundred Colombians have been deported back to Colombia and become homeless. These recent border crack downs are blamed on supposed smugglers and criminal gangs. Punish an entire group, all because of a few clowns, perhaps.

Last week Venezuela claimed three of their military terrorists were shot. However, none of them met their demise. This communist socialist Nicolas Maduro even closed a major crossing between these two nation states.

Also, this crooked Venezuela government has not identified or caught any alleged gunmen. He even declared a state of emergency. Many Venezuelans blame their “crime” problems on nearly five million Colombians that call this part of the planet home.

One thousand five hundred military terrorists were deployed near Colombian and Venezuelan border, in order to perform house to house searches for these alleged “smugglers” and “criminal gangs” none of which have been identified. Last year, nearly one thousand eight hundred Colombians were kicked out of Venezuela. This dictator Nicolas Maduro has pulled a European move, by ordering a sixty day suspension of constitutionally protected rights to protest, carry weapons and move freely.

Also, authorities may legally intercept communications during this martial law. These government terrorists claim that officials will only use these extraordinary powers to protect communities and will work to keep disruptions of daily life at a minimum. How many times have we heard this bullshit government military propoganda before?

NSA Cyber Security – AT&T Assisted With NSA Spying on Americans

American Telephone and Telegraph, also known as AT&T has shown a willingness to help out with the National Spy Agency’s domestic monitoring program, according to some recently leaked documents and one in particular that is seventy four pages long. Telecommunications companies in America have for most part went a long with the United States surveillance efforts for decades. However, American Telephone and Telegraph has been overly eager to help the National Spy Agency.

Allegedly, this was the very first company to actively forward Internet metadata information, for example email participants, to the National Spy Agency, beginning in two thousand three. In two thousand eleven this nefarious company, pun intended, began forwarding voice call metadata information. American Telephone and Telegraph has now been busted as the telecommunications company that was sniffing all Internet traffic at the United Nations New York City, New York headquarters.

Other Internet and telephone carriers, such as Sprint and Verizon have been involved assisting the National Spy Agency. However, documents show that American Telephone and Telegraph participated in a majority of this activity of intelligence gathering. This telecommunications company claims that they don’t supply information to American authorities:

“without a court order or other mandatory process,”

Also, American Telephone and Telegraph claims they only make some exceptions when a:

“person’s life is in danger and time is of the essence,”

This telecommunications company seems to turn over their private customer information for security purposes, without provocation. American Telephone and Telegraph have been willing partners with the Fairview spy program, dating back to at least nineteen eighties. As a matter of fact, in two thousand thirteen, some of their engineers were very first ones to test out new surveillance technology, for the National Spy Agency.

That same year this telecommunications providor deployed surveillance equipment on at least seventeen of their Internet hubs. Back in two thousand eleven American Telephone and Telegraph started releasing over one billion cell phone calling records, made domestically by Americans, to the National Spy Agency.

Currently, there are only seven tier one Internet backbone providors. Level 3 Communications, TeliaSonera International Carrier, CenturyLink, Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T Corporation. These seven organizations make up the entire Internet infrastructure in America.

Supposedly, these seven tier one Internet back bone providors connect to each other by a company named Equinix in Ashburn, Virginia. International backbone providors also cross connect at this location. This location is approximately fifty two miles from The National Spy Agency headquarters.

21715 Filigree Court
Ashburn VA 20147

National Security Agency
9800 Savage Rd
Fort Meade MD 20755

FBI Alert Lies About Threats Toward Military Families in Colorado

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which is a terrorist organization to me, released an alert on Tuesday August four two thousand fifteen, claiming some military families in Colorado and Wyoming, were receiving threats from Middle Eastern men. This was quickly contradicted on Thursday August six two thousand fifteen, when this same terror cell, claimed that an investigation performed found “No Credible Threats” towards military families by middle eastern men. This alphabet soup agency first alerted all law enforcement agencies in both Colorado and Wyoming, to look out for suspicious Middle Eastern men that had been approaching United States military families.

This is obvious perjury because an outcome of their investigation found no such activity two days later. This original alert claimed these men approached residents at their homes and tried to obtain information by intimidation. However, the Denver FBI division released a statement that they had not found any instances of any threats to any military families in Colorado and Wyoming by alleged Middle Eastern men.

What is also interesting is that I was not able to find any mention of these alerts of threats on the FBI.gov website. Neither under their news section or press releases. Perhaps they release some of this bullshit propaganda through militarized media instead.

This is nothing new, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency has a historical track record of lying or at a very least flip flopping on their alerts. A local media whore outlet sourced SIR document number SIR-00018733294 as basis for Federal Bureau of Insurgency concluding that their were “No Credible Threats”. However, I was able to find this document from a website PublicIntelligence.net.

This is an unclassified document that was actually allegedly released on July second two thousand fifteen. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency did not release an alert through what I consider the United States government military media until August four two thousand fifteen and yet two days later they did not find any credible threats. Perhaps the Federal Bureau of Insurgent terrorists knew all along that these threats did not exist but decided to release this alert for propaganda purposes?